World O' Hats Performance From Sketch Show

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I do Jim
on what grounds we will be examining
comedy is origins and is genesis what does it come from this thing no as
we found deep within the human psyche
that's what makes the contents
the within the this
tonight on our own
we will convict them seductive Jewish fighters the preeminent authority in the archaeology
of comity as well as the world's leading specialists the GOP Wednesday talks
his recent discovery
maybe to announce the of way
with this comedy the come
yeah thirty six bosnia's of discovered
well it was actually on the end of the meeting with my right
she left me a to death
and %uh after three days I realized both ends light was pouring in and I had stumbled out
and I looked up and I saw all these torn
do you like this one
this is the most remarkable one
that's in there
we see the most exciting thing in this a box
%uh we find that today a of wounded by some is attacking at must do the job ripping him
apart as you can see caring and in from them
how do we know that's funny
lines things in prison
we know that because of these
high in the details
all right and wrong things
of these men
pointing told that inman the offing this circle observing the behavior now is it
the crew
well better yes
miss definitely
except for that one
that would stop a funny too
but cokie
it's community this time
do this
Jackson and month and pointing didn't you
well perhaps
caved on has illustrated
the important point
to these active people
savage in half this village of was a form of entertainment
anything can be entertaining
depending on how it's presented
all who endorses it as out like I said this is paying off
who knows it might not have been the for all we know it could have been
like a stop sign to them
we found an example of this
in the air
in the mix flak coal
up to something called a promo for a liar shows about ninety minutes long cold performance
on thank you
and time that will be funny too
those six
and from the smithsonian institute bruce lindsey direct dollars more
that makes no sense at all
I am
jerry I would
with historical extravagance
man show
each few minutes to was that important moment in history
here's how one reviewer put it
now this review must confess that he's never been a fan of that's the answer
case in point
rupert from losses public funds for aid to the world at the end
the exclamation point
the musical
but on Gary coward masterful brown the world old pants is transformed into the realm all
when he starts a change in
I start a week
it's that taxed at your stage of that to this season
I am
well I'm at the salt air
that's all I
for now the news
our top story out