Samsung VP-D364W repair part 1

Uploaded by Watt25 on 10.01.2010

Repair of a Samsung VP-D364W's broken FPC of it's TFT
The TFT shows only a big white nothing
In the past there was clear picture in this position of the display
But now it's totaly broken
I'll try to show you how to change the broken flexible printed circuit (FPC)
The result will be a surprise for me too because as you can see I didn't fixed it yet
I have already disassembed the camcorder the day before yesterday to see is there any chance I can repair it but the new FPC is arrived only yesterday
The FPC is broken totaly on this disassemble-reassemble process...
I have bought this new FPC at
You should Google this: AD97-10690A
There's a Polish site: They send it for anywhere across EC for 6€
Let's start with the front panel
Unscrew this 4 screw
Take care of the screws! They are in different sizes!
You'll have to place them to their original location when you reassemble the camcorder
Pull of the front panel. Look at my finger, how to do it! :)
Watch out for the cord of the mic! Don't rip it off!
Pull it out gently
Unscrew this 5 screws
Take it into two pieces Start at the bottom. Watch out for the cable inside!
At the top pull it upward and to the right
This is the broken flexible printed circuit (FPC) This should be replaced
Unscrew this screw
Unscrew this 2 screws too
Remove that metal thingy
Disconnect the FPC
Pull those dark-brown fasteners
Unscrew this 2 screws
Do it something like this Separate the front from the back
Don't break the fasteners inside!
To disconnect the FPC:
Open that lock by rotating the brown cap upward
Disconnect the FPC as you see here
GENTLY open the cover of the hinge There are 2 fasters outside. Use a screwdriver there
If you break the cover the camcorder will not recognize the closed positon of TFT, making the EVF useless
Again: be careful with these fasteners They're very weak