Aap Ke Saath

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Pareshan Singh!
Why are you bothering me? - Wake up or l will slap you.
Master, has the young master come back?
Pull, pull back. -Come, come.
Hold it tight.
Did you find someone special? You came so late.
Who is she? - Brother....?
He is sleeping. Come, come.
don't scratch your head. Answer your grandfather. Who was she?
Ashok, who was she means... - Not a girl.
Yes, yes. - It is our code language.
Grandpa,we were unfortunate not to get our father's love and care
... but we were also fortunate to get your love. Don't spoil him...
...with your love. Excess love is like poison.
Teach him to work in the office rather than your code language.
Good night.
You will go to office from tomorrow.
He's working so hard there and you're learning code language.
Office from tomorrow. 9 to 5.
What a way of getting angry. In our youth, ...
... your grandmother used to get angry in the same way.
But now l've heard that Sridevi gets angry in the same way.
Grandpa... - l said that only for his sake.
Go to office for 24 days, then we'll plan an idea.
Sure? - Yes, now tell me, who was she? -The one today?
Today...today there were 4 of them.
Four ...with all four ? - No, no, only with one.
One. How was she? Fantastic. Fantastic.
Right side was Mount Everest and left was Kanchenjunga.
Why are you going so far? Say one side is Pali Hills...
...and other side is Malabar Hills. What then...?
Then your formula... - The finger one?
Yes - That can never fail.
lt failed with her. - How?
When l reached her house, her door was jammed.
To show her my strength, l hit the door. It broke.
My finger got hurt. But she did'nt treat my finger.
What did she do ? - She told me to drop my pants.
Pants..? No, no, l don't want to hear this.
Listen to me. As soon as l removed my pants...
... she gave me an anti-tetanus injection. She was a doctor.
You were saved, son. She let you go after just one injection,...
...and not an operation. Good night.
Good morning. - Good morning.
Daddy, take these tablets. And no overtime today.
You have the doctor's appointment today.
l know, daughter.
Pracher, you know young master is coming today.
l came early so that l can introduce you all to him.
So when he comes, inform me.
Sir, Vimal sir has arrived.
Welcome, welcome Vimal sir. - Good morning, Dhingra saheb.
Good morning, sir. Let me introduce you to our staff.
This is our peon Raiu Duggle. Dorabji, P.C. Khanna, sir.
That is Mrs. Mahera... her brother-in-law.
She is Asha Chandra, she is Miss Kavita.
Now...he is our founder member Shri Surendra Kapoor.
Everyone is afraid of him, including your elder brother.
Please come, l will show you, your cabin.
Please come. This is your cabin, sir.
Ashok sir is busy with a meeting. l have the ...
...complete instructions. You'll be handling the export department...
...so please study these files carefully.
First l want to study the internal files.
Sure. Both files are here, please study them.
Mr Dhingra, please send Miss Kavita in.
Miss Kavita...? l will send her immediately.
You called for me, sir?
How are you sweety?
Sir, my name is Kavita, not Sweety.
That is even better than Sweety. 'Kavita' (Poem), God wrote it...
...with love, great love. If no one has read this 'Kavita' yet...
... then allow me to welcome you first.
l don't understand... - You will, very soon.
How long have you been working here?
Three years. - And your salary?
Rs. 700 - You've been working here...
...for three years and your pay is only 700 Rs.?
The cost of living is so high and you get only 700 Rs.
From today onwards your pay is 1400 Rs.
May l go now? -Hey, wait...
What are you doing after office hours?
l have to take my father to the doctor...
To hell with your daddy. - May l come in?
Come... - Have you seen the files?
Yes, l have. -Kavita, you go to your seat.
Are you a general manager or a general damager?
l was about to make a great program for this evening...
...and you have destroyed it. - l don't get you sir.
Seeing that girl, Kavita, lights a Iamp in my heart- What a girl!
l doubled her salary. l could do so many things,...
...but today she has to take her idiot father to the doctor's.
This kind of beautiful girl does'nt need a father.
Do you know where she lives? - Yes, she lives with me.
With you? -Yes, because she's my daughter.
Your daughter? No...
Why are you quiet? Speak up.
Then Dhingra said that she was his daughter.
What if brother comes to know? - Don't get scared.
Anyone can make a mistake. - Grandpa...
That office matter, he told me everything. It is'nt his fault.
Mr. Dhingra could have told him that she is his daughter.
l came here to tell you that he will not come to office tomorrow
l thought we needed to make a plan, but it's already worked.
Vimal, do you love someone else?
l'm always thinking about this, tell me, my darling.
The Moon sets, Sun rises, but in my heart, only the lamp...
...of your name is lit. Day and night, you are my life.
l am very sad without you.
Vimal darling, why do you change girls like you change your car?
Don't say that, my dream girl. My youth will end with you only.
Vimal, l gave everything to you. Please don't betray me.
Call a beautiful friend of yours. - But why?
Then surely you'll be the best as your magic takes over my heart.
Grandpa, are you marrying again? These flowers...
Shut up. Listen, today is a very Iucky day for us.
Why? - Today, Ashok is bringing your Bhabhi to the house
What? That means you gave his sanction to his village affair?
Yes. - Grandpa, you are great.
Pareshan uncle, before that girl no. 140 causes me trouble...
...call her up and tell her that today's appointment is cancelled.
Today, l will wait for my would be sister in law.
What happened, Ashok? Where is daughter-in-law,what is it, son?
Please forgive me, l couldnt fulfil my promise.
Wait, l'm asking you something.
Grandpa, l... how do l say it? l mistook poison for nectar.
The simple girl of the village was fooling me for money.
Just think It was a nightmare and forget it.
This isn't right- Brother told us to forget this...
...but can he himself forget it?
Sir, it is 7:30. The entire staff is waiting.
l did'nt ask them to wait. You all can go.
Thank you, sir.
Pareshan Singh is waiting for you with dinner.
Grandpa, l'm not hungry.
Driver, you started without asking me the address.
ls it written on my forehead, that l live in an Old Age Home?
You live in an Old Age Home, Uncle?
l'm not your uncle. l'm a kid Iost in this big city's crowd.
Please take me to the Old Age Home, l'll be grateful to you.
We are at the Old Age Home, sir. Old Age Home is here.
We have come to this home. After roaming around...
...l always land up here. How much money?
Whatever you wish to give, Seth.
lf you want to call me Seth, then call me Seth Kishorilal.
lt looks like someone stole my wallet.
That's all right, Seth. - May God give you a long life.
Name me in your blessing so God will know the correct person.
My name is Vimal.
l too had a name a long time ago. Take this card.
This is not who l am, but who l was...
And take this. Not as fare, but as blessing.
Wait, are'nt you ashamed of seeing your father here...
...making bamboo baskets & earning only 2.75 Rs. per day?
But, dear child.. - Please keep quiet.
See! on one hand is a pitiful father of a millionaire son...
...who is here only because he gets free food. And still...
...he protects you! And on the other hand, you, his sole...
...millionaire son.
Child, why are you venting your anger on this taxi driver?
Uncle, why do you drink so much that you can't recognise your son!
Today my stars are not right. He mistook me for a taxi driver,...
...and you as his son. l am not either of them.
Deepa dear, he did'nt even push his grandfather from his house.
l'm sorry. Please forgive me.
l don't have any to give today, else l would have given it you.
ls it evening, at 10 pm? - But it is evening for me.
Then why so early? -Today...
l understood... -No, not that.
Actually, a drunken old man came up and sat in my car...
...Taxi, take me to the Old Age Home! l had to take him.
That's why l'm late.
You make up good stories and you act well too. Now tell me...
Who was she? - But this is the truth, ...
..and l felt bad on knowing another truth.
Which truth? - Some people live in the...
...Old Age Home in spite of having children.
They are living like orphans. Shame on such children.
Every person has some problems.
Problems? What problems could the sole son of Kishorilal have?
He has good food, mills. Is his old father his only problem?
Kishorilal, his son, mills...how do you know all this?
From there. He asked me for forgivance and gave me...
...his visiting card. He said that was him earlier but not now.
l know this Kishorilal. We studied together.
We used to supply goods to his mills. He's in an Old Age Home?
See, another poor old man has been taken out of the house.
Oh! KK? -Kishori. -But how come you are here?
No, no. l have'nt come to stay. - At first, we too thought...
...the same thing, but then nobody came to call us.
l couldnt even think that your son...
Forget it. It's over. Come in. - l cannot understand this.
No one can, K.K. sir. Life cannot be understood.
But who gave you my address? - Your taxi driver of last night.
No! - Yes, he is my grandson.
Your grandson...may God give him a long life.
l forgot my son's cruelty after meeting him.
Here you are...l've been scanning around the entire Home...
...with your ginger tea and you're here. Greetings!
Why this ginger tea?
ln my childhood, when l caught a cold, my mother gave me...
...hot ginger tea. Now she does it. You must've been my mother
... in some earlier birth. -Okay, that is enough.
Ginger tea should be drunk while it is hot.
Who taught you to make ginger tea?
The Orphanage Manager's wife. What will you have?
Just a glass of cold water. - Is that all? l'll get it.
Amazing. Just today, my grandson told me that ...
...such girls do not exist any more. Who is she?
She is an orphan, who has come to serve us. She is amazing.
For me, she is Deepa Khan, for Ojha she is Deepa Ojha, ...
..for Kishori she is Deepa Malhotra.
Just like God, she answers for any name called.
This Home would have become hell without her.
lf your health does not permit, why do you smoke?
Uncle, l am going out. Please give Ojha Uncle his medicine..
...in 10 minutess. And uncle, please have lunch here.
But l... - Nothing doing, l've been working here for 2 years.
This is the first time anyone has come to visit me.
Uncle, don't let him go. l'll be right back.
What a girl! With such confidence she took out...
...the cigarette and also shouted at me. It made me hungry.
l'll eat a lot today.
Tina... l called thrice but you didn't answer.
You were bathing... Bathing? Alone, without me?
Oh, sorry, sorry. Okay, listen. Today's new year's night at Taj.
Why not Sea Rock? Sea Rock... Only film people go there.
l hate Sea Rock. Please, Tai. Ok? Tonight, 8 o'clock. Be ready
Will you pick up someone on the way? -This is very cruel.
You are always complaining. You must learn to trust people in life
l tell the truth. In my heart the Iamp of your name alone is lit.
And that too of pure ghee.
Grandpa, Good morning. You're Iooking really great...
...in the morning. - Who was she?
An Air hostess. - So you were flying &,...
...the dialogues were also great. But why this mixed language?
Today's generation is only like that.
Actually, her mother is an American, while father is Indian.
She speaks a mix of both those Ianguages,so l talk the same way
lt's a linguistic compromise. - Compromise?
Yes, so hand over 2000 Rs. - 2000 Rs. for what?
You think l have a money farm? Just said, Give me 2000 Rs.?
You know l'm a heart patient but still give me shock upon shock.
Okay, then. From now on l will tell you anything.
This is cheating. l can give you 5000 Rs.
Grandpa... - Very good. You are rehearsing by kissing Grandpa.
Grandpa...you are the greatest. - But l have a condition.
The party will be here and we must invite all the ...
...Old Age Home people to it.
What are you saying! It's a total generation gap!
The party will be ruined.
lf you think this way, then what am l doing here with you...
l too will ioin them. - Grandpa! Never say that again!
Mom and Dad left us, if you too go then brother and l cant live.
My dear, what is this? - You'll never leave us, never.
l was ioking and you started crying. You and your brother....
...are my life. Where can l go if l leave you?
The people at the Home are very lonely.
They will be happy for a day at your house.
As you wish, Grandpa.
Then let us arrange a grand party. Call all your girlfriends.
A Salute to the passing year.
The first drink of this new year is to you. Happy New Year!
There is an unknown mask on everyone's face...
Now who will recognise anybody. Who knows what's in their heart
Oh, look at his state. This style at this age!
Everybody is enioying. Every kind of person is present here.
So what was l saying? You were telling a story.
Oh yes... The birds said to each other, what a lovely year this is!
Have you dropped them back home? Were they all right?
Yes, Grandpa.
This is the good thing about a party at home.
There was so much closeness in it. Everyone was dancing with joy
Except one, Grandpa. Brother is becoming duller day by day.
Today there was happiness and light everywhere, ...
...but brother was in darkness all alone.
Today there was a party at home, l called brother...
...so many times, but he... why does'nt he forget that incident?
Please Grandpa, do something, or tell me something.
l cannot bear to see him like this.
Don't lose heart. Time heals everything.
Grandpa, every relation is important but in today's world...
....who gets such a good and caring brother!
lf anything happens to him then l...
No, no. don't think like that. l promise you that very soon...
...you'll see your brother happy and smiling. Yes, dear...
l didnt know that this young and naughty boy has a heart...
...of gold. l am so proud of you, my boy.
Ashok, dear, Happy New Year. Do you think this light...
...and party is for my happiness? My happiness was over...
...the day your parents died in an air crash. From that day on...
...l hide my tears and live for you children. l kept smiling.
But if you're not happy, what's the use of this fake smile?
Grandpa... - l cannot bear to see you pain, son.
l kept quiet thinking that time will heal you, but...
...you are losing yourself each day.
Do you know how much Vimal cried for you today?
l cannot see the tears of my children.
l don't want such a life. l'll die. l am telling the truth.
Grandpa, don't say such things. - Just think, dear.
One incident came and went. Get over it. Get married.
No. l have no faith in women. - Every woman is not the same.
Your mother and grandmother were also women.
They were...but now there are no such goddesses.
Uncle, please have lunch with us.
But... - Nothing more.
Dear, if l find you a girl like your mother and grandmother...
...will you agree for marriage? If she comes into this house...
...she will remind me of your grandmother.
Very good. Keep smiling like this. Take New Year sweets.
Brothers...l've called you here for a special reason.
l couldnt say it in front of Deepa, so l sent her to make tea
The matter is that l want to get my elder grandson Ashok...
...married to Deepa. - This is very good news.
...is our only support. - Daughters have to get married
...some day and if she gets married it will be our great joy.
But before agreeing to anything, Iet us talk to the boy at least.
Yes, yes. Iet us go. - You all talk to Ashok, ...
...while l talk to Deepa. - Suppose Deepa refuses?
How can she refuse? You all make some plan if she refuses.
Where did they all go?
To see the room. - But l have made 4 cups of tea
Ah! If l could get such tea every day, my life would be blessed!
Then l'll come and make it for you every day.
No, dear, l was thinking of something else.
What is your salary here? - 500 Rs.
See, l'm also an old man. Come home to take care of me.
l'll pay you 1 ,500 Rs. -No, Uncle
God has given you everything. If you want, you can have ...
...10-15 trained nurses, but these people will become very lonely.
l ask you, where is my watch? - Don't shout!
Then what should l do? l'm ruined and you're telling me...
...not to shout. You liked that watch. You used to praise it.
Does that mean l stole the watch?
How should l know? - What happened Kishorilal?
Why are you shouting? You must have misplaced it.
Who would steal your watch here?
Or you must have sold it to buy a drink.
lf you say anything more, l'll kill you.
You can't kill me that easily. If you don't behave yourself, then l..
Shame on you. Why are you fighting like vagrants?
He started it. - He did.
Now that Kishori suspects us, each person should show him...
...their bags. - Yes, he is right.
Now go and get your bags. - l'm going. Go, dear,...
...you get yours too. But he wont find anything.
He'll embarrass himself. - Okay, we'll get it.
See it yourself! - Check properly.
Here, inspect this too. - What is this?
Kishori Uncle, l have'nt touched your things.
Then did my watch walk into this bag?
See, she is so selfish & greedy. We gave you love, respect...
And you stole our things.
lt's no use saying all this. Call the police.
No, no. - What is this?
Uncle... - No, no, dear.
l did'nt expect this from you.
Uncle, l swear l did'nt steal anything.
Let him call the police. - Why police, Kishorilal?
For this rascal. - Uncle, l did'nt steal anything.
Have you gone mad? Deepa cannot steal.
Why would a girl, who refused thrice her salary...
...to work at my house, iust because there was no one to...
...take care of you all, steal your things?
This is how you repay her for her work?
You are not worth her love and affection. Come, come with me.
Not to my house, to your house! - Uncle...
Come, don't cry.
She will be happy. This is what we wanted.
Brother, in today's world, every task is done by computers.
Why not we open a computer factory?
Great! So even you have started taking an interest in business.
Ashok...Ashok dear. - Grandpa, whom did you bring?
Brother, she scolds very loudly. l've had one shouting.
That day you scolded me and asked for forgivance...
...which l did'nt have, should l give it today?
Stop blabbering or l'll slap you. Daughter, don't mind him,...
...he is always like that. Son, you are busy with you work....
...and l'm left alone here. So l got Deepa to take care of me.
lt's a superb idea! - You go away, you monkey!
Remember my computer idea... - Grandpa, you did the right thing.
Whenever l needed to stay out, l would worry about you, but now..
Give all your worries to me and stay calm.
Very good, daughter. l expected this from you. Come with me.
Pareshan Singh! - Coming.
Get me some more tea. - Yes sir.
Pareshan Uncle! - Yes madam.
Come here quick. -No, first get me some tea.
l'm tired of doing this call for first
Shut up, you were born from troubles only.
Son of Hairan (confused) Singh,
Pareshan Singh! Where is my tea? Bring it fast!
l will. - First get my tea.
Uncle, how long will l have to shout for tea?
Everybody is shouting. Shut up!
lf you don't bring my tea then...
Uncle what is all this about, l've already served tea to everyone.
Daughter, one cup is not enough here.
From now on, everyone will get only one cup of tea.
This is too much. - Excess tea is not good for health.
Uncle, you come with me. Clean the storeroom, ...
...l will turn it into a Puia room.
You have stopped my tea. l'll see to you.
Quietly get 1 cup without telling her, go, Deepa is waiting, hurry.
l am going.
These newspapers... -What is written there, Grandpa?
They say that the Prime Minister has almost solved the problem...
..of poverty. - Grandpa, l am going to the library.
And after that...? - Forgot...?
No, after that, the exhibition. - To see the exhibits?
Oh, no, paintings.
Oh, that... OK, go.
No, please wait. You can't go out in this buttonless shirt!
Wait. l'll be back soon.
Grandpa, she is giving orders. - Let her, let her.
Anyway, she is right. You should'nt wear buttonless shirt.
This way. don't stand stiff. - Grandpa!
See this! She is showing off her authority.
Daughter, has Vimal gone? Give me that paper.
Pareshan Singh! -Coming,
Yes, master. - Look!
Not a single shirt has a button on it. Now what should l wear?
Go Daughter, sew a button in his shirt.
Are you wearing so many shirts at one time? Give me whichever..
...shirt you want to wear.
lt does'nt seem to be broken, it looks cut.
Who would cut it? - How would l know? Take this.
And listen, before going to work, pray for a while, ...
...and your day will be good.
Remove the weeds carefully, that is why the flowers don't bloom...
...and put some fertilizer in the coconut tree.
Oh! what a nice kurta! - Deepa got it stitched for me.
May l say something? - Yes?
Our house was so big but it didn't seem like home.
Deepa made it a home.
Yes. The true wealth and happi- ness of a house is a woman.
Once my daugher-in-law takes over the house and the children...
...l can die in peace. - don't say that, master.
These children need your blessings, and l do too.
K.K., don't worry, you are fine.
Are you getting worried, Baldy? Do one thing, come early...
...and give me the whole month's medicine so that l don't...
...have to see your face. - K.K.!
l suggest you go out of the city for sometime. You need fresh air.
Why don't you go to a hill station?
That is right. You too come with me. You need rest.
We'll take Deepa as well. She'll take care of us.
l cant come, Grandpa. That Japanese Collaborator has come.
Take Vimal with you. l'll go to office and arrange for your trip.
Come, Uncle
That bald doctor was right, l'm enjoying the fresh air here.
After many days, l slept like a Iog. l had a beautiful dream.
l don't know about the dream but you really slept like a log...
...and l could not sleep at all. - Why?
Your snores didnt let me sleep.
Grandpa, with your forceful, Ioud snores,...
...how could grandmother have slept?
When your grandmother was alive, we never used to sleep
Naughty boy! Teasing me... - Grandpa...
l'm telling the truth. In two days, l feel ten years younger.
ln two months, l'll become younger than Vimal and Ashok.
Grandpa, there's one problem. If you become younger than me...
...then you'll start flirting too. - Naughty boy, calling me a flirt!
What if your grandmother hears it?
That's good... -Hey Vimal!
Come here! -l'm Vimal.
Take this and watch grandmother above.
Hi! -Come on.
Quiet. l've come with my grandpa and you...
So what. Tell me when did you come?
Two days ago, and you all?
We've been here a week. Who's that girl? Even she...
She's for taking care of Grandpa. She's not my class and standard.
So darling, we'll wait for you in the club tonight.
And we heard that Salma Aga has also come..
She's come!! -She's come for a film shooting.
We don't know whether she comes daily or not.
lf she's come then the lamp of her name is already lit.
Did they know now that you've come? Why were they shouting?
They're happy to see me. Tonight they've called me to the club.
Take Deepa too. She'll also have a change.
Our watchman Tukaram Bhosle will be the best for her.
She'll get bored at the club. Bye!
Hi Sunny! - Hi! Come on to the floor.
Hi Deepa, what are you doing here?
Drinking coffee. By the way, l'm Salma from London.Any objection?
No. But you look very familiar. So familiar that when l look...
...at you a lamp of your name is lit in my heart.
Looks like this happens with every girl you see.
lt's a good technique to hook girls. But it's outdated.
Light some bulbs instead. - May l ask you something?
Where are you staying? - Not so fast, mister.
My name is Salma. God knows who my lover will be.
l will love him, trust him, wait for him, he who loves me...
...day and night!
Love is everything, love is God...
Very good, the song is very nice. God is love.
By the way, what are you doing in London?
Waiting. - For whom?
For the true lover, who will understand me.
l don't know where and when l will meet my true love.
London is a very cold place, you will get nothing there.
Why don't you come over here? Here you'll meet your true love...
..who'll make you feel better. - Really?
Come with us, we will drop you home.
lf you don't want to get down, why did you come with us?
No...leave me...no...
Leave her alone!
Vimal, please save me, help me.
Did'nt you hear, leave her alone.
Have you forgotten that she is your sister?
Shut up and get lost, if you want to stay alive.
Write your address on a paper and keep it in your pocket,...
..so that your dead body can be identified easily.
Come Salma, l will leave you at your hotel.
l am not Salma, l'm Deepa. -Then why this drama?
Because of envy. -Envy?
Yes, l'm not of your class, so should l go out with watchmen?
You don't have time for me because l'm poor and orphaned.
Those half naked girls...they love your money and not you.
l am sorry. - Sorry for what?
For my foolishness. l forgot my social status.
OK, l will think over it. Now shall we move?
Grandpa must be waiting, come.
Are you going to wear so many shirts at one time?
And listen, pray before going to office, your day will be good.
How are you, Grandpa, how was your vacation?
Grandpa, please come back. l miss you.
l asked you to go for a vacation, now l ask you to return
Where were you last night? -With you.
And where were you? - With you.
And l decided to stay with you for my entire life.
Really? - Believe me, Deepa...
l'm speaking the truth for the first time ever.
Until now l was crazy about beautiful bodies.
For every girl l used to say that you are the lamp of my heart.
But at the time, l did'nt understand what a lamp is...
..and what heart is. But now that l know both, l know how...
...when lamp is really lit, this life is full of light.
Greetings, Uncle. -Live long.
Master, what have you brought for me?
Some cold...want it? -No...
l am going to office. l have an appointment with the Japanese.
ls the agreement ready? Perhaps l have to go to Tokyo to sign it.
lf you go to Japan, please bring me one small Video TV.
What will you do with it?
Master, people secretly watch foreign films on that TV.
Shut up! Go and get the luggage.
Who is this? -lt's me.
How many times have l told you to go to sleep at 10 o'clock.
But you don't listen...go to sleep.
lt's a dictatorship! Eat this, drink this, sleep at this time...
l knew you were going to say that.
Why, then, impose on me alone, every time?
You have given me this power.
lf you feel bad, l will leave everything and...
No. This power is nothing. l want to give you even more.
More? -Yes, this house needs a girl...
...like you so much. Now l will tell you that you havent stolen...
...anything. They did that drama on my request.
A drama? - So that you will become...
...a daughter-in-law of this house. Will you accept this?
How wonderful this feeling... This first love ...
...and this virgin night, with you and you alone.
The Moon and stars have seen us.
Blossoms made you a flower from a bud.
With you and you alone.
Something happened, now l am spellbound by magic.
A spark will burn us both.
This rain is showering a fire...
With you and you alone.
When you become a bridegroom and l become a bride for you.
Everything is possible in this game of love.
Night of fulfilling wishes...
With you and you alone.
Did you call me, Grandpa?
Yes...with the presence of Deepa, this house feels like a home...
..with everything in order. - l agree.
You had said that nowadays God doesnt make this kind of girls.
But this Deepa? Is'nt she like your mother or grandmother?
l agree... - And this girl is good.
Yes! - l should say she is very good.
Now l decided that l will give her a promotion so she doesnt...
...go anywhere else. - l agree.
Yes, yes, speak something. - You have already decided...
..what can l say? - Will you marry Deepa?
Yes... - No, tell me you agree...
Yes, l agree. -That is the spirit!
May l go now? -Yes, you may.
You? and in this mischievous mood? Is everything all right?
Today Grandpa asked me something l couldnt refuse.
Don't ioke with me! - No, l'm not joking.
When will it take place? -Whenever Grandpa says.
But who is the lucky one? -Deepa.
Call for you, sir. -l'm coming, ask him to hold.
What do you think about her? -My Opinion? For this? Congrats!
One more thing... - Yes.
l am not expert at this, you tell me what l should gift her.
You yourself are a big surprise gift for her!
And whoever gets you doesnt need any surprise gift.
l know how you like me to be happy. Oh, that phone...!
Vimal, listen. Vimal!
Very strange, he iust came and went.
Don't worry, he will dance to your tune.
He does'nt even listen, and he'll dance to my tune?
Once you become my daughter- in-law, then see.
He respects his brother highly. & can't disobey daughter-in-law
Please come, Kishori sir.
Let me partake of your wine now, it overflows with desires.
Bravo...you recite very rarely, but when you do it's a great couplet
What else is left in our lives, faded memories and poetry.
l did'nt know that you also drink! This time, l'll get taxi from ...
...here itself! Smile... what is this sadness?
Cheers! To Deepa's future! You don't know?
What? - To arrange for Deepa's marriage...
...we played an interesting drama. -Drama?
To make her leave our Home and come to you home, we accused...
...her of being a thief. So that Ashok and Deepa come closer.
And that did happen! Oh, you finished it, l'll get another.
Look, it's an accident. Who is he?
l don't know, perhaps he has injured his head or chest.
Stop a taxi, we will take him to the hospital.
Taxi... stop. - A man is unconscious, ...
... he had an accident, please take him to a hospital.
Ask my passenger.
Please do us a favour, take him to the hospital.
When he regains consiousness, give him this tablet every 4 hrs.
He's not serious, but has becomes unconscious because of...
...too much alcohol and shock.
Thank you doctor. It's OK.
My dear, you don't have to live in a house of bricks.
You have to live in my Grandpa's and Vimal's and my heart.
And these three hearts aren't made of bricks
What are you looking for? This third one is waiting..
...for you with open heart.
How adorable your brother is! - Yes, my brother and...
...your to-be brother-in-law is the life of our home.
But Grandpa's love has spoilt him.
Now you should give him the Iove of a mother also.
Do one thing, get ready quickly and we will proceed to the city.
l forgot to ask you one important thing.
lmportant? -Yes, and if you answer is no...
...my Grandpa will also reiect you! -l knew it...this is about dowry?
Oh, no, no...about ginger tea. Do you know how to make it?
Yes, l know. l make it very well.
Then Grandpa will also accept you, like me.
Master... - You've taken a loan ...
...of thousands of Rupees from me, you had given your word...
...for that girl, and made her run away with that city boy.
l swear l dont know about any city boy.
Liar, l've seen him myself. Your niece is enjoying with that boy.
ls this true? Master...l will kill that bastard.
By then your men will kill your entire family.
Please don't do that, l'm not disloyal to you.
Show me that guy, l will cut him up.. -l'll do that job myself.
That Romeo will know the result of stealing Parsha's belongings.
Ashok babu, save me!
What happened, Ganga? Is your uncle OK?
Dont take his name. l respected him as a father, ...
..but he was a devil. He sold me to the village landlord.
What are you saying?
Yes, he has seen us together. He threatened to kill us both.
He'll be here any time now. - Dont panic.
l've seen many like him. Let him come.
You dont know how cruel he is. He has killed many people...
...and ruined so many girls' lives. - Dont worry, come to my home.
My young brother is in school. - We'll pick him up on the way.
Ganga rani, save these tears. They'll come handy when you're...
...in my home after marriage. -Let me go!
Listen carefully, say whatever l tell you, at the police station.
Oh. These eyes are like a wine glass.
See, if you don't obey, your Romeo won't reach the city.
And your brother...lovely boy. You want to receive his dead body?
No..! - No? then listen, what you...
...have to tell the police.
l was going with some 'Roti'. This sir called me ...
...and asked for water. - What are you saying, Ganga?
He was trying to rape me! -Ganga, what kind of behaviour,
...is this? l did'nt know that what l thought of as sacred...
...is poison. Why are you doing this to me. Why this fraud?
All your questions will be answered in court.
No, Inspector, l dont want to keep relation with these people.
We also want the same. How can we fight in court ...
...against rich people like you? Out of court settlement is better.
Whatever he gives, we will accept.
So, this was your plan. Take this money in return for ...
...your show of love. Take it.
lt is better that l found out your true colours before you...
...entered our home. Shame on you!
This time you are saved. Dont ask any other village girl...
... for water, or we will cut you to pieces.
Drink it from my hand. -Oh? -take it.
First give me from your lips. -No, first this.
lt will taste better if you give me.
Now from your lips. -That's later.
Promise? Yes...promise.
Now one for you...one for me.
Please come here. Why are you standing there, come.
Now give me from your lips.
Wake up, wake up!
Drink as much as you want.
Bring her here. -Go!
This place looks strange, l am leaving.
Let me go, you fraud!
Hey you, no girl can escape from here.Come or l'll break ur bones.
Help...someone help!
Give him Rs. 5000. -What are you saying, Pannabai?
Do you get such a thing in 5000?
Speak, Pannabai, do we have a deal or do l look elsewhere?
Don't act smart! You know that your private businesses...
...have ruined our business. Can't give you more than 5000 Rs.
l'll give 10,OOO Rs. Get her here.
Take her. Your 500 Rs. is fixed.
Why do you come in the morning to ruin my day, you rascals!
Take 10,OOO Rs. and leave immediately.
Wait, Ganga. -You? Here?
After l was ruined, l wanted to die, but being a mother,...
..l had to survive. To keep my son alive, l came here. But you?
Sister, l too was ruined by the same person.
Persha? -Yes. He threatened...
...to kill my brother and Ashok.
He forced me to marry him, but somehow l escaped from there.
l know Ashok very well. After all this suffering, ...
...why didnt you go to Ashok? - No Sister
After marrying a devil, l cannot go to his holy home. l couldnt.
You are stuck in a swamp, stupid. But your purity...
...blooms like a lotus. l will protect you, l swear.
You are daughter of the village of which l was daughter-in-law.
This house is your own, however it may be.
What is this place? -lt is a brothel.
Brothel? How did l come here? -You met with an accident.
There was a large crowd collected, but nobody helped you.
l thought you were a decent boy and brought you here.
The iniection you were given. made you sleep.
Now, how are you feeling, Brother?
Brother? l had heard that the women here had only one relation
...with men, of money. - That's right.
But tell me, what is my fault if destiny brought me here?
Yes, even if the prostitute cannot be someone's mother, bhabhi
...daughter-in-law, they are women only.
Anyway, forgive me for calling you brother.
Now will you embarrass me further?
Even if you called me Brother, you nurtured me like a sister.
But l wish you would'nt have saved me.
What are you saying? -My brother is my life.
l cannot bear his troubles. -What troubles?
First a deceitful village girl cheated him.
Then when he came out of that, his marriage was arranged ...
...somewhere else. But there is a hurdle for that, too.
What hurdle? -lf you help me, this hurdle can be overcome.
What can l do for you?
ls this Vimal Babu's house? -Yes. Who is speaking?
l am Ganga. -Where are you speaking from?
l am speaking from my brothel. l called to say that ...
...Vimal babu will be staying here tonight, with me.
So you are Ganga. -No.
Where is Vimal? -With Ganga.
And where is Ganga? -Which Ganga are you talking of
..the one in Kashi-Haridwar, or our Ganga?
l'm asking about the Ganga who has my Vimal.
Your Vimal? Everybody who comes here is somebody's.
Mira... -Come.
You are iust like a kid. -Remember my childhood,
...sitting in your lap. -So she is your Ganga?
Yes, she is my Ganga. But whom do you belong?
l'm nobody's now. Arent you ashamed to be here?
l forgive you this time, but don't do this again.
And who are you to ask me where and when l go?
You are brought here for taking care of Grandpa
Go home and take care of him. Go, just go.
This is the problem with these girls. Smile and they start...
...ordering you about.
Vimal, as you said, l called Deepa, but now l know that...
...she loves you so much and you too love her. You cant hide it.
Then why all this? Why?
Didi, for my brother's happiness, l can sacrifice a thousand lives.
You dont know Didi, after betrayal in love....
...he was totally broken.
Now he is fine. l only want him to be happy.
And l will never forget about how you helped me.
Beti, l am grateful that you told me everythin.g
Today, l feel that l was wrong.
Ashok was right. My love has spoiled Vimal.
Today, the pride of my house is wandering at brothels.
l will show him a path.
Leave it to me.
Vimal! Come here. Where are you coming from?
l am coming from a friends place.
Friend!! or Prostitute friend.
Two Brothers are talking, who are you to talk in between.
Dont forget your position Miss Deepa.
Shameless-Where are you going?
Let him go, he will come to his senses after some time.
Whatever you have done is not right, Ganga.
Even after knowing that they Iove each other,...
... why did you come between them?
What else could l do?
You could have told everything about Ashok and yourself.
l told everything about myself but not about Ashok.
Why? Knowingly. Because he's getting married.
There are many ways from a house to a brothel...
... but no way back.
Master. What happened?
l had gone to Mumbai. -So what?
Ganga and Kamla are living in Brothels.
What are you saying? -lt is true.
Son Ashok, where are you going Ieaving your food?
Are you all right?
l don't feel good about Vimal. How could l have slapped him?
What must he be thinking? Don't know whether he's eaten or not.
l'll get him.
Didi, Brother is coming, take care.
Vimal, come out from the bazaar and come home.
Home? l've seen so many films, where son is seeing 'mujra',...
...father enters and says Come out of bazaar and come home.
But you are modern, educated, tell me something new.
This place is not for you. You are from a well-to-do family...
...this place is for these inferior type of women's destiny.
This girl is an eclipse on our lives.
Break off relations with her and come home.
Come on, move from here.
Keep off your hand. l say, keep your hand off him.
You go home.
l will go but l will take you out of this cheap girl's trap.
l know nothing is free here. Take it, l will pay you more...
...please release my brother. Come, come home.
l gave her what she wanted. l ask for forgivance...
...in front of a prostitute for slapping you.
You go home, l will come soon.
My soul is gone, along with my lover.
l have become lifeless.
The guest is gone, leaving this empty house behind.
Fate is like a picture on water. There is no colour behind him.
l have become lifeless.
Nobody knew about that storm, Only my heart broke...
...the whole world remains as it WaS.
l have become lifeless.
l am so ashamed of my deeds What's the reason that l'm alive
lt seems some test is left.
l have becomes lifeless.
Sister, wait, one can't suffer so sadly without suffering in life
My brother insulted you so badly and you...
One feels insulted if one is respectable.
Tell me the truth, did you already know my brother?
No, no. -Then why did he say...
This girl is an eclipse on our life ?
What relation did you have with him? - No....
Please tell me, didi, what is the relation between your tears....
...and his hatred, tell me! -Nothing like that.
Dont question her, what do you want to know?
Who is Ganga, & what relation she has with your brother?
No...please, no! -You keep quiet.
l will tell you. This is the girl who accepted this dirty life...
...for the sake of your brother's life.
She is pure even after staying here.
But why did she do all this for him?
Because they loved each other. -Love?
Yes...And the day your brother was going to take her...
...to your home to meet Grandpa, the village chief Persha...
...threatened to kill her, her brother and your brother.
To save their lives, she did what Persha wanted.
So you are the village girl who was going to be sister-in-law
Now l understand. l wont rest in peace until l turn you from 'Didi'
...into my Bhabhi. Come home, Sister
Go, Ganga, don't think any more. Leave this low life and go home.
To your home. Go, go.
You took care of her. l will always be grateful to you.
All l want is Ganga's happiness.
Where is Ganga? Where is Ganga?
l will not leave her alive, she has snatched away my love.
Try to believe me. It will be good for everyone.
Your suspicion is useless. Ganga and Vimal treat each other as...
..brother and sister. - Brother and sister?
What you saw was an act, that Vimal did for his brother's...
...happiness. - What?
Yes, sister. Vimal has taken Ganga to his house.
You too go there. What a memorable moment it'll be...
...when Vimal gets his Deepa and Ashok gets his Ganga.
Ganga is Persha's and will remain Persha's.
Persha... - Get the girl in front.
No! - No...? Take her.
Leave me! -We are taking this beauty along
Persha... - If you want her alive,
...give back my Ganga first. -No...no!
Bhaiya, l can't say it's your fault because you were unaware
But l will say that sister was at fault. And her fault was that...
...she fell in love with you and to save your life...
...iumped into the fires of hell. And it is my fault too that...
...to get away from you and Deepa, l took her help.
l have got her here with the promise to make her my...
...sister-in-law. will you help me?
l know you love me very much, you sacrificed your love for me.
You gav Deepa so much pain and trouble. That was not right.
You did so to show that l am small and you are big.
When we become one in life, why suffer the pains alone?
Had l died? - No, Ashok, l was not alone.
Your love supported me in every trouble. l couldnt come to you.
To say the truth, with such a shameful face, l didnt want to.
Gold never turns black in fire. It sparkles even more.
The river Ganga can never become unpure.
Gita never becomes vulgar in a brothel.
You are the same Ganga as yesterday.
Grandpa, l am not that Ganga now. l'm already married.
Marriage is a union of 2 souls. It cant be forced onto someone.
People say that there are many ways from home to brothel,
...but no way back. We will break this rule.
There is one way back to my home thru which you have come.
l accept you as my elder daughter-in-law.
Ganga... -Sister...what happened?
Persha had come searching for you. Deepa was there too.
Not finding you there, he took Deepa with him.
He went away threatening that if we want Deepa back...
...we must give him his Ganga.
Because of me, Deepa... l know his hideouts. Come with me.
Please forgive me. What harm have l caused to you?
You have'nt, but that Ganga has, who cheated us and ran away.
She is taking too long to come. For the moment...
...you remove your clothes. - No!
No, no, don't get scared. Remove your clothes and wrap this towel
l won't even look at you, but each cloth you remove should...
...fall in front of me.
Till now not a single cloth has fallen, are you doing it yourself...
...or should l remove them?
Good. You are a very nice girl. Now you rest here.
The bride is here, master. -Where is Deepa?
Ganga Rani...my love.
Where is Deepa? - Here itself.
But before you see her, see her clothes.
l couldnt remove yours, that's why you could flee.
l've removed hers, she won't go anywhere. She's fine so far.
Deepa... -What are you doing?
Save me! - Somebody save me!
No, Vimal, no...
Wait, this marriage cannot take place. My grandsons say that...
the dowry should be fixed first.
What can we poor, helpless people give you?
You are lying, Uncle. You have lots to give.
Either you give us all you have or the procession will go back.
What has happened to you? -You keep quiet.
This marriage is impossible without dowry.
The auspicious time is running out.
Then hold it tightly. The dowry is being fixed.
So what do you want to do?
Please, K.K., we don't have anything, not a single penny.
Uncle, your treasure of love and blessings is our dowry.
We want that treasure with you. Now you will not stay...
...at the Home, but with us.
These children should be worshipped.
Later, not now. Come here, children.
Live long happily.