Gönülçelen )) Episode 12 - Part 1/9 [English Subtitles]

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You both act as if you're born in HIDIRELLEZ
You are both successfull at this jumping thing
Why don’t you jump too? Try it..
You have chance to have fun without loosing yourself
Levent. Enough...
This is what I've been trying to tell you. It's really hard
To be yourself while trying to do something new
Of course you can't jump
Are you sure?
Without a doubt
Don’t be so sure
Have you ever jumped over a fire before? Of course not..
There is a first time to everything... Ehh Teacher?
I can't believe my eyes
Thank you..
Hello everyone...Ok listen up
I'm playing this song for Hasret who has opened the ceremony by jumping over the fire
Play one for Nazar too..
She managed to make the teacher jump over the fire
Oh just listen and pretend the whole song is for you
So it was my fate to jump over the fire with your teacher
Yeah if you grab his arm he'll jump
I didn't grab his arm
As if I didn't notice Couldn’t you find someone else to jump with?
No...The person I wanted to jump with jumped with someone else
You tell her girl..
Shut up!
Why are you so stressed about this?
Are they arguing?
You don't even know how to speak to a teacher
And you jump over the fire with him..
Who do you think you are? When did you become so decent
You look at yourself first. You forgot where you came from?
We all came from the same place!!
See...she shut you up!!
Oh she is such a lousy girl..
Gülnaz nevermind.. leave her..
She needs a lesson
She gave up.. she's not like she used to be
She is still what she is..
but she refrained herself and controlled her feelings?
So you're saying she's herself but
She found a way to live outside her surroundings?
Not exactly but she'll adapt very soon
(Ethem and nesrin have dinner. She thanks him for the nice surprise he prepared for her and tells him that he should go...)
What did you wish for?
As always.. Happiness for Cihan
They've grown up. Every year they jump over the fire and nothing..
They need to get married
Let's go and ask Burhan for his blessing. Then make a wedding for 3 days and nights
Oh! thank you..
What are you doing here?
Just sitting
It looks like you're beating someone up
Who me? Who should I beat up?
I don’t know people in your mind
You're angry.. you're debating why they acted the way they acted...
Is it so obvious?
Yes. It's called body language
It gives you away as if you're speaking
For example if someone looked at me he would say Look at the man he's having so much fun
Are you?
Of course. I never jumped over a fire before
Especially not with a beautiful girl. It was my first..
Do you know what it means then?
The basics of jumping over the fire
Whoever you jump with it means your heart is set on them
You'll be telling everyone, we're a suitable couple This is what it means
I didn't know that
Now you know
So this is why you jumped with Cihan then..
Whose heart is set on whom? Yours? Or his?
We're from the same neighbourhood
It doesn't count
We've been jumping over the fire for the last 15 years
You're contradicting yourself. You know that don’t you?
The fire is dying. I'll pick few sticks and twigs
No I'll do it... Or Kadir can... Kadir!
I'll do it
Are you taking the violin with you??
(Nakiye goes after Burhan....)
(Kadir explains how he went back to school so he can enter a music competition but his keyboard doesn't work....)
(His step father hears this)
(Berrin hears about the school too)
(Nesrin ask Saime to tell Koray to prepare the car for Ethem)
(But Ethem have something else on his mind!)