Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1998) Épisode 1

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Do you think I like being the Count of Monte Cristo?
He's a terrifying man - ruthless and cold.
I didn't want to become that man. I was happy just being Edmond Dantes.
I expected nothing more from life But they ruined it.
Villefort, Morcef, Danglars...
...and even that worm Caderousse. Who knew all but said nothing.
By killing the sailor who asked for nothing...
...they created the avenger who's back for his dues. Too bad for them.
I don't want your soup. Don't bring me any.
I don't want to eat any more. I want to die.
Don't be afraid. Help me.
- Who are you? - Father Faria
And you?
I'm Number 34
But my name used to be Dantes. Edmond Dantes
How long have you been here?
I don't know any more. In the beginning. I counted the days.
But I don't know any more.
Today is 11th February
11th February?
Yes, It's February. That's why I'm cold
February, but what year?
I've been here for 18 years
They robbed me of the sunlight
They stole my love...
...my youth...
...my future
Edmond Dantes?
Edmond Dantes?
I have a warrant for your arrest by Mr. De Villefort, Crown Prosecutor.
in the name of the law...
...follow me
My friends, carry on enjoying yourselves. I'll be right back.
This letter denouncing you is anonymous.
Any idea what you're accused of?
None at all Prosecutor. I can't see what harm I could have done.
I'm just back from a long trip to the East Indies on Morrel's Pharaon.
Where you served as first mate?
How did you come to take command?
As I said in my last report. The captain died of fever off Gibraltar
Surely I'm not accused of killing him
No, of disembarking on Elba
Did you?
Yes Where's the harm?
The ex-emperor Napoleon's aide gave you a letter?
Didn't you know contact with the former tyrant is forbidden?
I acted on my captain's orders
Before he died, he made me swear to fetch the letter. I didn't want to...
You're not a Bonapartist?
I'm a sailor. - I'm never in France long enough to care about politics
How could I deny a dying man his last wish?
He was the sole master, after God of the ship on witch I served
Maritime law demands strict obedience
Good defence
I'm not defending myself. The truth does
I believe you, young man
It's settled. We know what to think of anonymous letters I get a dozen a day
Unchain him
- Am I free? - Better, you're innocent
Justice can't reproach your compassion for a dying man...
I'm returning you to your fiancee
I'm going back to my own engagement party
What a strange coincidence. All my best wishes
Our fiancees may become friends
They'll ruin us at the same dressmaker's
One more thing, Captain. This letter from Elba do you still have it?
Do you remember the name and address on it?
Of course. I intended to deliver it myself
A certain Mr. Noirtier, 13 rue du Coq-Heron. I think
I intend to flee and reclaim power
Eliminate Condenance my most dangerous adversary.
You have my complete trust, Napoleon
Edmond Dantes. I must arrest you
What? But you just said.
Take him to the Chateau d'If. Isolate him
You have no right
Quiet Very serious accusations hang over you
Damn you, Villefort. One day I'll kill you
Villefort's reaction and sudden change of mind was caused by.
The name of the man to whom I was to deliver the letter
Noirtier, rue du Coq-Heron, Paris
The name isn't familiar?
No, I sailed off the coasts of Africa...
...rounded the Cape of Good Hope, put into Colombo and Bombay
I've never been to Paris. I don't know anyone
Noirtier's full name...
...is Noirtier de Villefort, the Crown Prosecutor's father
He's reputed...
...for his Bonapartist sympathies
The letter...
...must have been compromising for Villefort's father
That makes sense
That explains why they let me rot here without so much as a trial
But Napoleon is dead
Bonapartist conspiracies are meaningless
For Villefort, danger is everywhere
If you're tried. You'll talk about the letter
For his father and career, Villefort didnít hesitate to sacrifice me...
...and bury me alive
Remember the other letter
The anonymous letter denouncing me as the Emperor's courier
Since I've been in this hole I haven't stopped turning things over in my mind
I find it hard to accept the truth
But for me today,
...that letter...
isn't anonymous
Don't be ashamed Jesus cried when he was betrayed
People think they were tears of fear
The fear of torture
Maybe he cried because Judas betrayed him
Judas was his friend. Look what he did
Jesus didn't take revenge
He was God and had duties. But you're a man and you have rights
We'll report his death after our shift
The night round can take him to the cemetery
We'll put him in a bag or the animals will start eating him
I sought and found Faria
The most beautiful treasure
Freedom, Faria
I found it
He's heavy for an old man who was just skin and bones
It's the ball
We should have weighed him down at the cemetery
Are they after you? I can hide you
We could have some fun
I've no money
They say I smell like the sea and move like a mermaid. How about it. Sailor?
I'm not expensive
I've a woman waiting for me
Father, open up please It's Edmond. I'm in danger
Excuse me, isn't Mr. Dantes here?
Not for a long time
Has he gone elsewhere?
Yes, elsewhere
Far away?
Very far away. He's dead, They arrested his son.
...and threw him in jail so the old man died. Of hunger
When his son was taken away he stopped eating He just wanted to die
- it can't be - To be with his dear Edmond
with God
Edmond wasn't dead
He must have been
Many people enquired about him. No one seemed to know anything
It was so long ago What's the point of digging it all up?
You look like a sailor
Show us your papers
- Of course - Hurry up
I've had to show them three times. I can't remember where I put them
What do you want with my grandson? He's never hurt anyone
Your grandson?
Without him. I'd have died long ago. Maybe I should have done...
You mustn't talk like that. Forgive us. We weren't to know
We're after a escapee.
You won't find him here. All we hide is our misery
Why did you do that?
I don't know who you are. I'd rather not
But I did that because earlier,
you defended the memory of old Dantes
I'm looking for SeÒorita Mercedes. I knocked on her door but she's not in
You must know her
Mercedes Igualada
She's Catalan
Where have you been? She's been gone for almost 20 years
Gone where?
They talked of Paris at the time, I think
She never came back
What about Fernand Mondego, her cousin? Maybe he knows where she is
He's gone too. He joined the army
Well, my friend you're eating like a rat
What ship are you on?
No ship
I was on a sailing ship in Malta but it was wrecked
It happens. The Jeune Amelie is a strong ship and I'm a good boss
An offer?
One of my men was arrested...
...and I've a meeting off the coast tonight
With this wind and a small crew, I could use a hand
- Contraband? - Mind your business...
...and I'll mind mine
Will you do it?
- Where are you going? - Italy
That's all you need to know
The wind is astern, Captain. We need a square sail
Yes. And slacken the jibs There's not enough belly
Sea bass stuffed with minced langoustine and sea urchins...
...grilled over fennel and flanbe with aniseed liqueur
Covered with a tomato veloute spiced with saffron
Bertuccio is a hopeless sailor, but a wonderful chef
Before joining us...
...he was chef to Count Fariatti
A rich Tuscan
You know them. Always imagining they're being robbed...
...or tricked
Your chef's a thief?
And you? Who are you?
- There's a beacon to starboard - Steady?.
No. Here one secunde, gone the next
That's the signal. All on deck. I smell Turkish tobacco
Monte Cristo Island?
An island? That's a big name for a piece of rock
Can you leave me there?
On Monte Cristo?
It won't be much of a detour
I don't want to lose a good sailor like you
You'd be mad to leave now. Until I sell the tabacco we loaded tonight
I can't pay you
Ali I want is to be left on the island for a week until you return from Italy
What can a man like you do on that rock?
When Lazarus rose from his grave, no one asked questions
The silence of the dead must be respected
May God forgive me for turning His son into a knife
- This will give you strength - It's too late
Before I go, I want to give you something
To reveal a secret no one ever believed
But you will.
as you believe in God
- Do I believe in God? - It's like my secret
Until you see it, you have doubts. But when you do, you'll be dazzled
A treasure Because I'm rich. My child
Immensely rich
Over there. An island
An island? What island?
Monte Cristo. The island of Monte Cristo
It's surrounded by reefs. I can't risk getting closer
I'm a good swimmer
See you in a week, You'll miss my cooking
That's not all. Don't you know who he is?
- Remember the Chateau d'If cannon? - So?
That's why I wanted to keep him on board
But he could have fled in Italy
He can't escape from Monte Cristo
in Italy I'm wanted by the police
Don't worry. You're not worth a noose
He's different
Chateau d'If prisoners aren't lowly scum. They're the cream
A cave
Faria. Give me a sign
I'll do the rest
Don't abandon me
Show me
The treasure belonged to Count Spada who was poisoned by Cesare Borgia
Help me
I'm a descendent of the Spadas
The treasure was too well hidden. ... eve for a Borgia
Poor old man
He didn't know what he was saying
It's only natural
I was delirious too
...What would I have done with that treasure?
Faria, what would I have done with that treasure?
A cave with gems buried in the night
But you Iíll release them from the night
You Iíll make them shine brighter than the sun
They will be yours, All yours
Are you really sure?
It's that one
You're sure that's Monte Cristo Island?
Sir, it's Bertuccio
Sir. Don't hide
Don't hide. I've come to save your life
Save me?
What's all this?
I swear it's true. The captain wanted...
...to turn you in to the French for the reward
So you want that reward. How many are you?
You're wrong
Stay away
I'm alone apart from Jeppe, the fisherman who brought me here
Tell him to disembark, I'll take his boat ad you'll be my sailor
He earns his living with his boat. He's a poor man
He's rich now
Why didn't you want old Jeppe?
You two could have got rid of me. I know you
Who am I? A cook who doesn't even have a knife
A thief who looted his master. But you wont get me
You're obsessed by being attacked. Why? Do you have a fortune in there?
Don't try to be mysterious. It's clear
...if not to collect the loot he hid before his arrest?
It's not loot. It's an inheritance
You just gave yourself away. You came back out of greed. Not charity
You don't have a knife. But I do Back to the sails
You're mistaken
Even if your chest is full of diamonds as big as the one you gave Jeppe...
...I'm not interested in the least
Bertuccio's word
Ali I ask is for you to take me as your servant
I don't need anyone
We're not headed for France
Well spotted. We're going to Italy
Forgive me but I'm not sure I understand
Who do you work for?
I have the honour of being my own master and living off my fortune
And you claim to be in a position to acquire...
51% of the capital of your bank, Why 51%?
To have the freedom to act as I please wherever inspiration leads me
Do you see?
No. He doesn't see
This joke has gone on long enough. Listen. May friend...
"My friend" isn't offensive but you should say "Count"
Yes, Count of Monte Cristo
- That's you? - Yes
If you don't wish to deal with me. Say so now
- I'II go elsewhere - Elsewhere?
To buy another bank? Please excuse me
Before our meeting, I left a chest in your strong-room
- You may have it opened - I already have
Have you examined the contents of the chest?
Yes, but...
But what?
There's a lot of silver, gold. Jewellery...
Thank you. Leave us
What I've just heard is incredible
Quite simply stupefying
Why have we never heard of...
Monte Cristo? That's because I've hardly ever left my castle
Your castle?
Of course. It must be splendid. Where is it?
On an island. Far away in the East
Might I know, Count...
what great honour made you choose us?
Doesn't Morrel. The shipowner from Marseille, bank with you?
For me, that's a reference
It seems Mr Morrel...
has been the victim of unfortunate circumstances lately
He has lost a lot of ships
He only has one left the Pharaon...
The future or. More realistically, the survival.
Of Morrel and Son depends entirely on the success of this voyage
A long voyage which will take a year
During which you'll suspend Morrel's debt repayments
That seems imprudent
The greatest imprudence, dear sir...
is to question my orders
is to question my orders
Quickly, to Marseille
Please. Father.
What can Father Busoni do for you?
I let you settle in first Restoring this house can't have been easy
With GoÔs help you can do anything
My poor old legs won't carry me to the church to confess
You absolve me?
And my sins?
"That which you do to the least among you is done unto me" The LorÔs words
it's God who owes you
It works, Bertuccio The old woman was fooled
She wanted to confess to me. It may be the last time I say "I forgive you"
Father Busoni...
...requires more work. The nose is fine and the voice good enough
But there's something missing in the eyes
You see I tell you everything. Maybe too much
I hope I'm right to trust you
After all, you're a chicken thief punishable by jail or even hard labour
So don't betray me or my vengeance will be,
Terrifying I know
Let me tell you something
To live among free men again. You must learn to give your trust
To me at least. Who is heartedly I'll confess something
To prove your trust is well-founded and to place myself at your mercy...
...I'll tell you my name
The man the police want is called Viscoli
My real name is Benedetto Francesco Viscoli
I suppose you expect the same from me
I'm a chef who hides his recipes so you don't have to divulge your secrets
I'll give you some sort of credit
When you ask, I'll tell you who the Count of Monte Cristo is
God bless you
How far is the Pont du Gard inn?
A league, Father. But I wouldn't stay there
Why not?
They say the innkeeper and his maid are scoundrels
You look flustered
Someone important is coming
In Father Busoni, You're Caderousse. Aren't you?
You know me?
By reputation. You ran La Posada Inn...
...near the Catalan village?
Yes. But I chose to leave Marseille
Yes, its a dangerous town isn't it?
Where its easy to fall into bad company
Carconte. Canít you see heís starving
Would you like some excellent wine from Beaucaire?
With pleasure. Take a seat
But I didnít come here
...for your food or wine
- hat for, then? - For your memory, Mr. Caderousse
Do you remember a certain Edmond Dantes?
Edmond Dantes?
Do I know Edmond Dantes?
Yes. A little. He used to come to La Posada for a glass of Bamdol
I havenít seen him for ages
You wont again now heís dead
Heís dead?
I gave him the last rites and heard his final confession
De Profundis as you people say
But he cant have had much to confess
A better man never walked the earth
I see you liked him. He liked you too
Just before he died he begged me to find the only true friends he had
whom heíd always loved
Fernand Mondego Eugene Danglars and you...
...my dear Caderousse
Why find us if heís dead
What do you mean?
Donít ask me...
...how he came by this diamond. It's a confessional secret
But the fact is this gem is valued at 50.000 francs
Dantes asked me to distribute the proceeds from its sale...
...among his friends such as you
Even divided between three it's a considerable sum
Undoubtedly. Father
But maybe we should think twice before sharing it
Of course he couldnít have known
Known what?
Fernand Mondego. Eugene Danglars whom Dantes thought his friends...
Youíll accuse me...
of slander
Speak up. My friend. You can speak
They wrote the letter that put him in jail
Well. You seem to know a great deal
You know When you serve people. You can't help hearing what they say
But I had nothing to do with their dirty plot
You can see for yourself I'm still poor
- And them? - Them?
It seems thereís no justice here below
I hey didnít hang around after Dantes was arrested
Danglars went to Paris and made millions. He founded a bank
- Heís now a baron - Him?
Fernand did better. He joined the army and served under Ali Pasha.
who made him a rich general
He too lives in Paris now as Count of Morcerf
Heís a peer of France
I see
I hope you see...
...it would be wrong to share the diamond with them
I hey donít deserve it
Itís not like me and my poor maid
Arenít you well?
Yes lm fine
But III be on my way What do I owe you?
Nothing. You bring me a diamond worth 50.000 francs I won't ask you to pay
Itís Father Busoni who had your wine
- And your chicken - That's 2.40
Hereís 3
Keep the change
Dantes had friends. Or so he thought
But le also had a sweetheart. Mercedes Igualada
A beautiful girl
T heard shed left Marseille
Sheís now Countess of Morcerf
Bolt the door in case he regrets leaving me the gem
Leaving us the gem
lm not a traitor to man or God so I'm warning You
You didnít see fit to exercise divine justice, so I'll do it my way
I shall be ruthless and devastating
Iím Brother Barnabe.
...of the Order of Saint Francis
lm surprised a priest with such a fine horse should stop...
...in such a wretched place to seek God
I don't seek God I cane to vain Him I'm taking His place
For repairs to your door. Pray for me
I was starting to worry and not just because I almost burned the dinner
It would have been a pity. It's a fine meal
Tomatoes with anchovies. Spaghetti.
Earlier. I spent 50,003 francs on a meal that ruined my appetite for days
Have no time
Were leaving
- Where to? - The East
I need to learn. Faria didnít teach me everything. He was too good
What will you learn?
Refinement, Bertuccio All aspects of it
Especially refinement in revenge
Marseille. One year later
What is it. Maximilien?
It could be the Pharaon
It could be. But were not certain
It must be It has to be
May God hear you
If the Pharao and its cargo have sunk, bankruptcy is inevitable
I o think you made me wear that 'cake on my head all this time
You too must be in a hurry to change
Yes I have an appointment
Who do you want to be now? Monte Cristo, Father Busoni?
- Doctor Malzenstein, Lord Wilmore? - Lord Wilmore
Will that pass for an English nose?
I learnt about the English on the Pharaon
Their ships are better than ours and their Empire "bigger" than our kingdom
Why not their loses?
- And your Turks? - What about them?
Who am I? Aladdin? How do I keep your caravanserai in this tiny place?
Buy a house for them moneys no object, It must be big and sumptuous
Sumptuous? These men are only slaves
No. I bought them my employees must be treated as well as I treat myself
- Cone in - The Pharaon must be arriving
Mr Morrel, a Lord Wilmore is here to see you
He says he's from the bank
Yes its Thomson & French. That was inevitable. Show him in
I his meeting promises to be trick y
I have several loans with that bank which are now due It's a lot of money
Unfortunately our coffers are empty
Father donít despair. If it is the Pharaon coming in...
Mr Morrel the Thomson & French bank with whom you do business...
I donít wish to be discourteous by interrupting.
But this meeting must be as painful for you as for me
- With your permission. Lets be brief - As you wish
Here is a statement of our accounts
Firstly you have loans for 200,000 francs
I hey were suspended for a year but are now due
We must add 32.500 francs at the end of this month
And for the end of next month. About 55000 francs
I hats it. Exactly
Youíre not questioning the amount due
So how do you intend to pay it? I must say the bank is worried
Iíve always honoured my signature
I know it's rumoured that Morrel and Son is incapable of meeting its debts
But as soon as the Pharaon's arrival...
is announced.
I came to Marseille on the Louqsor which carried the Pharaon's survivors
I he Pharaon is no more
Maximilien. Run to the harbour. Go and comfort our poor sailors
Bring them here. I'll see them once I'm done
How many survivors
All the crew of the Pharaon were saved
T hank you I hats the main thing
Rumour has it youíve never lost a crew member. Is it true?
No it's not
I lost a captain a long time ago. I never got over it
Which ship was he on?
He wasnít aboard a ship. He was taken by something unspeakable
I never understood
To honour his memory. I can tell you his name
It was Edmond Dantes
Dantes. You say?
I he young man whose father you generously helped...
...until his death?
Generously. My lord?
So they say
lm sorry about the Pharaon
hats it to you? What's a ship to bankers?
Figures. The value of the cargo? You can't understand
I he Pharaon was out finest and oldest ship Now Morrel and Son will sink too
I know what you want. What do you do with all the money?
We turn it into ships. Voyages, free men, curry, vanilla. Silk and dreams
Our money flies on the wind
It travels the seas
What you say is rather lovely
- Go on laugh at me - We have just given your father,
another three months.
to honour his loans
After that period. I will have the pleasure of meeting you here...
...at midday on the dot
I he situation will be the same. If not worse, save a miracle
But thank you for that small reprieve
Most consider it a privilege to know the day and the hour of their death
Nice carriage, Bertuccio
But once in Italy. Buy matching horses
- Refinement. Bertuccio - We're going back to Italy?
Tomorrow at dawn We'll travel day and night
Arenít the best shipbuilders in your country?
Yes. But the best police too
I hope you're not having a boat built. What for?
I o go back in time and triumph over it
I his is exactly what I want
Except for a few details
I he poop deck is too high It spoils the line, The deck houses are too big
As for this ridiculous banister rail...
Now to essentials What wood will you use for the deck?
The usual pine
I want white beech
Lets use pine to plank the hull on an oak frame fined with copper
I think it will need about 100,000 rivets
It seems you've spent your whole life.
...building ships
I here was one I loved I knew her by heart
From the keel to the top of the masts
Some nights I have rebuilt her. Rib after rib
It's a mental exercise like any other to stop yourself going mad
Three months is much too short to...
If you start running out of time. Double, triple or quadruple your teams
Iíll pay the cost
Count. A fortune gives rights...
My rights donít cone from my fortune. But my misfortune
...hite beech, an oak frame lined with copper...
- Are you the Count of Monte Cristo? - At your service
My dear architect. Iím counting on you
- At your service - Viscount Albert
...of Morcerf
It is I who an at your service.
What name?
I'm the son of General Fernand. Count of Morcerf
Peer of France
So your mother is.
Countess of Morcerf
Mercedes of Morcerf?
Do you know her?
You seem troubled
It's the Italian sun
This terrible torpor
The heat is unbearable. Would you like a drink?
I wanted to ask you a favour. You're not drinking?
Here it is. Have you heard about am execution?
- Pardon? - There's an execution in two days
Rocca Priori. Or Peppino. Will die for being in Luigi Vampa's gang
One of Italyís most famous bandits
Why does that concern you?
I he Italians have strange executions
lm learning about Italy and its customs
I must see this
Alas T left it too Tate to get seats
Mr. Pastrini. Who runs this place.
...said you wouldnít have been so careless
And youíd invite me to the balcony you rented.
...for the show
Show? You call a man's death a show?
Its punishing a bandit
Punishment is a terrifying word. Don't use it as if talking about opera
I donít understand Isnít justice.
It can be mistaken and when it is, it becomes the most vile. Repugnant thing
It shames those who dispense it
I have no balcony
- Who is it? - Me
- Is the house on fire? - Worse. It's terrible
Pastrini just lit a candle to St Rita, saint of desperate causes
Only she can save the boy Her or you
What do you mean?
T he Viscount of Morcerf was kidnapped
Kidnapped? How?
Luigi Vampa did it for an exorbitant ransom
If its not paid he'll have the boy's throat cut
You want to know how much?
Heís greedy, this Vampa But no need to panic
Let Pastrini advance the money. The Morcerfís will pay him back
Pastrini doesnít have that sum
You could help. You have the money
You came for that?
I thought youíd agree
I he Count of Monte Cristo says 'no
I wont spend a farthing on a Morcerf
I'd love to ask you for ink. A pen and paper...
,. To give myself the satisfaction of informing Morcerf he just lost his son.
How can you say something so dreadful?
I cant believe youíd do that
I here were things I couldnít believe either. But they were true
Fernand will see what it is to lose a son
T he suffering that caused my father's death. He too must suffer
Bring me wine I'll drink to Luigi Vampa's health
Iím rejoicing over Gods justice
I he boy is innocent. What if they cut his throat?
He wanted to see torture He'll have a font seat
You dont understand
And his mother?
Don t worry about her, She recovers quickly
She overcame her first misfortune in a few months
So you know this unfortunate lady?
Yes. Sir. You do know her
And she made you suffer
T hats why youíre rejoicing that she will suffer now
I cant deny it
So thatís it. You want revenge. Take it. Then
But not on an innocent who wasnít born at the time of your tragedy
I was innocent too
All the more reason
If you remember all you suffered...
donít let injustice strike another innocent
You want me to save Albert
I do. I demand it even
You demand? You dare to? In the name of what?
In the name of the debt you owe me
Youíve forgotten that one. I havenít
You said I had credit with you
I hat was to tell you my story, my name
I donít care who you are
What matters s what you are You're a good man
What makes you say that?
I have a bran. I think
You know why youíre spending a fortune on a ship?
Because I was a sailor and I love boats
No, you'll never set foot on that boat
I know what and who its for
You're a fearsome creditor. Very well you win
I will settle my debt
Youíll pay the ransom?
No, I wonít
Since I cant have revenge, let me at least have some fun
Run and drag Pastrini from his prayers
I ell him I want to meet Luigi Vampa before dawn
- I hats more like it - One more thing
Find out everything about the judge who sentenced Vampa's man
Good evening, Mr Vampa. Thank you for meeting me
Get your men away
Do it yourself
It's all right. You have the money?
No. I came empty-handed
Then Albert of Morcerf will be killed
I think not
Who's going to stop me?
Rocca Priori, known as Peppino, your friend
Why does his death concern you?
I can stop it
By snatching him from the executioner? It's impossible
I'll get him pardoned in exchange for Morcerf's life. One life for another
I hat's fair, isnít it?
Do we have a deal?
Are you sure?
Before an execution, the judge always goes to the opera
His way of salving his conscience
He has a rather strange night in gallant company
His Excellency Judge Simonetti?
My dear child
Iím not asking for much
If I begged you to make love to me, I'd understand, but all I ask is.
To kiss my feet?
To lick them and bathe them slowly and adoringly
I wouldnít mind you punishing me with a whip
You disgust me
I donít understand you
Only I shall be humiliated, punished and condemned...
...and happy to be so
Little fool
May I speak to you. Judge
No Iím sorry. Not tonight
Tonight everything is atrocious. The orchestra. The soprano...
Especially that little goose
When one asks a young lady for strange and fascinating pleasure.
one must offer another form of fascination in return
What fascinates young ladies today...
...is this
Its a beautiful gem
Iím glad you like it. Its yours
Mine? Why? Who are you?
Come with me Iíll explain
In fact, this is a deal
A deal?
It will earn you the gratitude...
of the charming child with the delicate feet
What do you take me for?
- An easily corrupted judge? - I don't want to corrupt you
Just help you to satisfy...
a very innocent desire compared to so many others
Whatís to stop me arresting you?
Passion is stopping you. You love young women to hurt and humiliate you.
Why not, even if I don t share your taste?
One woman made me suffer and men humiliated me
All this has left me with an immense feeling of helplessness
But each to his own dreams. I certainly won't judge yours
I'd mount this diamond as a pendant
A diamond looks so pure on a young breast
As for the ruby and emerald, the young lady will use them well
Geese arenít as stupid as they look
I his form of torture is a mazzolata It's uniquely Italian
See that club? I he executioner will use it to crush Peppino's skull
I hen hell cut his throat with the knife
I hen he'll trample his belly to expel the blood
How barbaric
Don't worry. This is the last mazzolata
After that, the Italians will be civilised and only cut off heads
Free Peppino!
I have a message for the officer
By order of his Excellency Judge Simonetti...
...a pardon has been granted for Rocca Priori known as Peppino
My dear Viscount, after all that you couldn't attend your mazzolata
Not too disappointed. I hope?
My father...
...my dear mother and especially I.
Youíre alive, the weathers fine and Italy is a charming country. Enjoy it
Until next time, Viscount
Calm down
We must talk
Your restlessness wont change a thing
Hell be here at midday and I...
No, you cant kill a man over money
I wonít harm
...Lord Wilmore
Itís you...
Give me that. Who cares what we owe him?
One doesnít die for a bank
What I owe Thomson & French won't ruin them
For them, my debt is probably a drop in the ocean
You see? Think of me
Iím only thinking of you
Of your future
Of your chances of gaining the trust of investors...
...who will help you found a new firm
Thereís one thing I donít want said about you
See that young Maximilien?
His father couldnít even honour his signature. Beware...
of him'
I wont be a shipowner. So what? I'll be a sailor
And sign the muster?
Iíve disgraced your name
Do you know what a signature is?
Do you know what it is
Its the extension of a hand
My hand is me And I am you
Off you go
Leave me alone
Let me do what I must
How can I leave you?
- I'll only return to find you... - Asleep
Gone to sleep a little suddenly. But just asleep
Sleep is good for you
You'll see when youíre old
Every night I think that
Ah, to close my eyes...
Öat last
To close my eyes
I love you, my little boy
I love you
Off you go Leave me alone
Its nearly midday
Go on
To Lord I Wilmore. 5th March
I am putting an end to my days
If you are the man, think you are. You will understand
But by committing this act...
...which people other than you will call evasion or cowardice...
...Am paying myself
am settling the account with myself
a buying back my honour
Are you the Morrel boy?
Maximilien Morrel
I was told to give you this before midday
- Who gave you this - A saintly man. Father Busoni
Father. Don t do it. Look
Enough to cover our debt. And more
I know this purse
It belongs to a Father Busoni
No, youíre mistaken. It belonged to old Dantes
Sometimes a few notes They're less noisy
He was a proud man
Come in
Here I am as agreed
I've something extraordinary to tell you
It's a miracle
- You can... - Honour my signature and more
I thought as much. The Pharaon is back
Thatíll change things for you
Forgive me. But you must be mistaken
Mistaken? What about?
The Pharaon
You know very well my ship sank
You told me yourself three months ago
Iím a man of finance - used to hard numbers and cold facts
I really was aboard the ship which rescued the Pharaons survivors
I was on the deck of the Louqsor
I saw those men swim with the strength born of despair
I saw the wild sea smash and swallow up...
...what was left of your unfortunate ship
If you have a Bible, give it to me
III swear right hand on the sacred Book...
...that I saw the Pharaon disappear into the depths of the sea
But Iíll also swear before God.
...that as I came along the quays a crowd cheered
I he same Pharaon flying your colours was sailing majestically
...into Marseille on its return from Italy
Its holds are full of olive oil, wheat...
...citrus fruit, wine, Chianti...
It would be...
But if the word miracle exists in our language...
...it must describe a fact. At least from time to time
A miracle
So, you had fun?
Its perfect. Our Pharaon is so like the old one even Morrel was taken in
It still smells of fresh Italian wood
But to notice such a detail. Only a sailor like...
Edmond Dantes
Whoís Dantes? You know him?
No, its just a name that came to mind
Make sure it goes away just as quickly
Iíve forgotten already. What was it? Valdes? Bourges?
It's awful having such a bad memory. Talking of which I forgot this
A lunch invitation from young Morcerf for 21st June the first day of summer
- Youíre unwell? - It's nothing
It must be the shock
Iím so happy
...itís proof that God really exists
And so do we
Let's go to Paris