UW-Stout's B.S. Degree in Graphic Communications Management

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>> UW-Stout Graphic Communications Management Program.
It's the premier graphics program in the Midwest, preparing students for a variety of exciting careers in the graphics, printing, imaging, and associated industries.
The broad coverage of the program from design to delivery, produces graduates that are high in demand by employers.
Students are prepared to be leaders, motivators, and communicators, who can manage graphic workflows, business issues, and production efficiency.
>> With the emphasis on hands-on learning experiences at UW-Stout, you've got the Communications Management major really puts students into an environment where they're not going to just read about things and talk about things, but actually get a chance to experience them.
>> When you get into the industry, those are the types of things that they're looking at you know, and I think that's why our majors placement rating is like so off the charts.
>> All of the students in the major are going to have an opportunity for some work experience out in the field.
They're paid experiences.
They're competitive, so students have an opportunity to interview and compete with their peers, but they also are a little more comfortable when it comes time to graduation, because they've been through that process.
>> I had plenty of time to get my roots really grown into there, and as with many employers in a co-op experience, I actually did receive a job offer out of it, so it was really positive for me.
I learned a lot from it, and having some industry experience is just a great thing to have under your belt before you graduate.
>> Whatever I asked them to do, they gave me the opportunity to do, so it was very informational, it was a really good learning experience.
>> There's so much variety in terms of types of employers, types of processes used, that whether a student is a creative person or an analytical person or a real methodical type of thinker, they're going to find opportunities that would really fit their personality.
>> I think one of the most positive aspects about the Graphic Communications Program her at UW-Stout is the high job placement rate.
For years and years it's been almost 100 percent, which is great, especially in this job market.
You're going to walk out of here with a potential job right off the bat.
That's a huge positive for me.
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