Берегись автомобиля

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The spectator likes detective stories.
It's pleasant to watch a film knowing beforehand how it will end.
And it's also flattering to think that you are smarter than the author.
The Muscovites affirm that this extraordinary story
happened in Moscow.
Inhabitants of Odessa insist that it took place in their city.
Leningrad and Rostov-on-the-Don don't quite agree with that.
Seven cities contest it just like
Seven cities call themselves Homer's homeland.
We have to admit that it is unknown where this story happened
And whether it ever happened at all.
So, as you might have noticed, it was dark night.
The stranger did his best to pass unnoticed
And he managed to do so.
It was so dark, quiet and deserted here
That involuntarily one would want to commit a crime.
- Contact post number 2-06/B - Yes, sir!
- Block up all the roads. - Yes, sir!
Bring me the photos at once.
- The prints of the tread. - Yes, sir!
Tanya! You find out about the fingerprints.
So this is a third car stolen in this district.
It is performed by the hands of the same person, experienced and skilled!
Those hands are wearing cotton gloves made in factory number 8.
Then it can't be Fed'ka the Golden tooth. And what about the oil
which the criminal uses to lubricate the bolts of the garage?
It turned out to be refined.
Have you noticed that in the courtyard where the crime took place
and along the opposite street there are a lot of “garageless” cars left overnight?
And it's much easier to steal a car left in the street than from inside a garage.
You got it absolutely right.
If we apply Stanislavsky's study of a super mission to this case,
an interesting thought arises:
the criminal follows the line of most resistance. But why?
When we reveal his super mission, we will catch the criminal.
It's brilliant!
Inspector, I forgot to mention one little thing,
- ... It may help. - I'm listening, thieved.
There was a swear-word scratched on my bumper by a metal nail ...
Wait a second ....which?
Hello, Lyuba. I am back.
Comrades! Get in the vehicle quicker. Don't stop in the back aisle.
Yuriy Ivanovoch, we get on the trolleybus through the other door.
I'm coming.
- Hello, Yakov Mikhailovich. - Hello, Detochkin.
- How is your uncle from Dushanbe doing? - My uncle? He's bad.
Last time it was an aunty from Moldovia....
My cousin!
- No, but you said... - She passed away.
Oh yes, we are all mortal, Detochkin, we are all mortal...
And if people didn't die,
We wouldn't be able to sell life insurance.
You can't deny that I'm being sympathetic towards you, Detochkin.
Every time one of your relatives becomes ill or dies,
I offer you an unpaid leave.
You are an exceptionally sensitive manager.
That's right, Detochkin, but you've got too many relatives....
And I've got too few staff.
You have to understand that your absences ruin our plan.
I will catch up!
Try to understand that I can't
put your family interests above social ones.
-I will...will catch up with it! -All right, then go catch up.
Yesterday I was pulled over by a miliceman. The letter of attorney is invalid.
You have to stop at a notary's office and certify it.
- Sign here, please. - Dima, signature!
To tell you the truth, I am not very sure why I should insure my property.
What if there is a fire!
It's a shame if such property will burn without compensation.
Maybe we should insure our car?
Oh! You bought a car?
A car can be insured against death
or accidents caused by collision or natural disasters.
- How about against hijacking? - No, not against hijacking.
I am not so rich
to pay for natural disasters.
- Where do you keep it? - Come over here.
Beige...not a bright colour... Haven't you got a garage?
Not yet.
I am soliciting, but it's a difficult task.
I was promised a spot... but no garage for the moment.
Despite that, I've already found a lock... a Japanese one. Impossible to find a matching key.
Yes, hard to match...And a pick lock won't crack it.
An oscillator is necessary here, but cutting with an oscillator is such a mess...
You're my brilliant boy!
- Do you need a lift? - We take opposite directions.
As you wish.
Anyone without a car dreams of buying one.
And anyone who's got a car dreams of selling it.
but doesn't do it just because once it's sold, you are left without a car.
A human being, more than any other living creature,
likes to create himself as many problems as possible.
That's the only reason to wish to have a car of your own.
The idea of leaving 5 and a half thousand just like that in the street
can poison even the happiest life.
- Mama! - He's arrived!
I don't understand what kind of work trips a travel agent might have?
What are you waiting for, the dinner is ready, go wash your hands.
What's in your bag that makes it so heavy?
There are things necessary for work.
You look terrible – you became skinny and drawn in the face...
Korchnoy won the chess tournament... and I was supporting Talle.
He was half a point behind... don't laugh at your mother.
Those work trips seem suspicious not only to me...
And who else?
You are eating the onion soup by the recipe of the great writer Dumas, the father.
Those work trips of yours seem suspicious to Lyuba. Ans she is right.
She doesn't want to marry a blunderer. - Did she tell you that?
No, not now. He has just arrived.
That evening Maxim Podberezovikov was heading in an unknown direction.
From the other end of the city Yuriy Detochkin was heading
in an even more unknown direction. They were approaching their fate.
They were getting closer.
Any inspector always has a hobby,
to which he devotes his free time, left from catching the criminals.
Sherlock Holmes, for example, played the violin,
Maxim Podberezovikov was involved in the amateur theatricals.
...Popular amateur art is developing with an unimaginable speed.
Modern tendencies finally reached us, amateur initiative groups
They make us bigger, creating popular theatres
just like, let's say,a national team is formed from local clubs. 123 00:16:50,440 --> 00:16:52,715 Today is a special day for us
We are opening today a new popular theatre.
I hope it will be a strong team, solidary and united.
Comrade Detochkin, stop bustling around. Take your seat.
Our hospitable House of Culture offers the best conditions
for people of different trades and professions to greet Melpomene,
who was, as you all know, a muse...
Our popular theatre in particular is formed with two, how to put it?
friendly team. Well...the militia and err ... drivers.
- I recognized you! - It wasn't me!
That was you saying: “Who are the judges?”
I didn't say anything bad about the judges.
Yes, you did! You were the one who played Chatskiy, weren't you?
Yes, me ...I completely forgot!
And now we are both going to be in the same play.
- I am very glad! - Me too!
Some people think that popular theatres will soon replace...! Finally!
professional theatres! And that's how it should be!
An actor who doesn't get paid performs with a greater enthusiasm.
Because, besides the theatre, the actor has to work somewhere...
It's not good for somebody to hang around the theatre all day!
Just imagine how much better Ermolova could play in the evening,
if in the morning ... she worked ... on the grinding machine.
Bearing the title of a popular theatre is a great commitment.
Whom only haven't we played in our amateur groups!
Isn't it high time for us, my friends
we endeavored to stage our William, I mean Shakespeare.
We will endeavor!
Here is a transistor radio “Alpinist”. Be gentle, please.
Excuse me, who is Dima here? I am from Oleg Nikolaevich.
- What Oleg Nikolaevich? - A friend of Leonid Ossipovich.
I need an imported tape-recorder, American or German.
Here we've got a very good one, Soviet.
No, a Soviet one will not suit me.
- An imported one will require a bit of a search - I understand. How much?
- What's the matter, mister? - I'm looking.
You are not in a zoo, are you? Go look at the TV.
- Fifty. - Fifty?
- Try to pull yourself together. - I have to find out and bring it. Italy?
You have to put it aside...
- ...leave your phone number... - All right.
- A pack of “Belomore”, please. - Run out of “Belomore”.
Ok... then what do you have? Give me a pack of “Drug”.
Taxi! Taxi! Taxi!
Be so kind! I am begging you! I'm so late. Is this your car?
- No. - But you are the driver?
No, no.
- What are you doing here then? - I want to drive the car away and you are disturbing.
Well, then, please, drive it away with me, I am late for the train.
All right! Get in. Only now you are an accomplice in crime.
Here we go! I warned you!
Stop him! There he is! We got you! Stop him, stop the criminal!
Hold him, don't let him go! You, burglar.
I am not a burglar! I am late for the train. You can see, this is my ticket.
He took precautions! How preventive is it?
At last! Quicker! The thief is caught. He was trying to steal my car.
- Who is the owner? - I am, I mean, we are.
I am not a criminal. I am late for the train, and this one took my ticket away.
- Your ID, please? - Here it is. And here is the ticket.
- And yours. - What?
- We are not going to sort it out here. Is there a witness? - Yes, me. And what happened?
I am not the thief. The thief disappeared. Unfortunately, I didn't remember his face.
I am late for the train! Actually, I already missed it.
- Yours? - Good Lord! How could you think!
Yes, I am the witness. The witness. I am. I look much better half face.
So, let me start from the very beginning.
“Belomor” cigarettes were not delivered today. It wasn't...nothing we can do about it.
Make it brief.
Young man, you shouldn't be in a rush in your job.
“Belomore” is a little clue in the investigation! So this very man,
who got into your car, at first asked for “Belomore”,
but then bought the “Drug” cigarettes,
30 kopecks a pack, with a dog on the label.
That's when I thought: "Why is he nervous? Why?"
Stop! Stop, stop! What is that you are always thinking about?
Every player must know his part by heart.
and stop running around the stage without purpose.
You have to act with your mind!
And stop your insults, otherwise I will dismiss you from the field...eh...rehearsal!
- I am not insulting you, I am.... - In-ter-mi-ssion!
Evgeniy Alexandrovich, this bit: “Leave it, for God's sake!”
Ah... leave it! Intermission!
- Who is he to treat me as if I were a silly boy? - Don't get upset! Don't...
- What are you smoking? - The “Grug” cigarettes.
Yes... the “Drug” cigarettes... a dog on the label ... 30 kopecks...
Actually I smoke “Belomore”, but they didn't have it.
They didn't have it, you're right, that's why he bought the “Drug” cigarettes.
- Who him? - The criminal.
What criminal?
A modern one, I would even say, a criminal of a new type.
What did the criminals use to forget at the site of the crime? - What?
Caps, cigarette stubs, and now this... Shakespeare!
Don't be so afraid, there are no blood prints!
- Does that mean that you are an inspector? - Yes, I work on car hijacking cases.
There are no fingerprints. The criminal operates in gloves.
- You must be bored? - On the opposite... very interesting!
You see, not even a library stamp, not even..
I was saying: there is neither library stamp, nor the owner's name.
You know, some people sign their books.
I know, but I don't.
There is a gang operating in the city. They steal citizens' cars.
Over the year four cars were stolen from the same district.
Here we go, even you heard about that. Yes, three.
The fourth crime failed. But we will soon put an end to it.
- But how? - We've arrested one of the gang members.
Looks like a decent man – an engineer. His wife is a doctor. Two kids.
- And what does he look like? - A little guy.
- Rather chubby? - Yes...
- So... you've arrested him? - It would be a too severe measure.
He was going to escape to a sea resort, but I made him sign a commitment to stay in town.
And what if it's not an accomplice? A respectable citizen, and you deprived him of his holiday?
My instinct is telling me that he is not guilty.
But the final investigation is a matter of a few days.
I already know the features of the leader of the gang.
Tall...he wears a rain-coat, a hat and a brief case.
His main mark is that he is stooping...
And how are you going to catch the leader?
Comrades! Let's start the second time.
Give us, please, a trap for a large animal.
- Are you aiming a fox or a wolf? - A bear. - He's just kidding.
Tell us ... how does it work?
Put a lure here.
- Have you got any lure? - Oh yes, we do.
The beast smells the bait...sneaks toward it, sneaking, sneaking...and it's trapped!
- Beautiful! - Write out an order!
- I think, everything is going fine. - Wonderful! Serve the ice-cream...
Simochka! You are not in the wild! Guys, don't sit aside! Join us!
Semitsvetov! Dima!
- You've got a blond! - A beige!
Guys, I don't get behind the wheel, if I had been drinking.
Give us a ride, Dima! Give us a ride, Dima... A ride, Di-ma!
Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!
Nowadays the militia has invented such a test-tube, in which you .... yuck!
Breathe, and it shows at once, whether the person has been drinking or not.
If you have, they suspend your licence.
- I want a ride anyway! - Simochka, you are not at the beach!
- Stop leaning on it! It's polished! - If you mind!
- Listen, I am really pissed! - Yes!
I have to rearrange myself into a horizontal position.
- Who is there? - Lyuba, it's me!
What is it?
What happened?
You see, Lyuba, there are traps hidden everywhere! - Oh my God!
I am very unfortunate, I had a very bad luck.
The criminal attempted twice to steal the same car.
It's not a coincidence. I reckon, he wanted to drive away your particular car.
That's reasonable. I guessed that much myself.
And you shouldn't have installed a trap for a live person.
You didn't manage to secure us from the bandit, we had to consider self-defense.
Why did he get so hooked on your particular car?
Do you suspect any of your acquaintances?
Our friends are rather decent people.
Maybe, you can think of anyone who envies you?
Envies what? You are asking weird questions.
Send a request to the hospitals to report if anyone showed up with
a typical foot injury?
Let's set up surveillance after your car!
No, thank you... Tomorrow we are installing a garage.
What do you mean you are not coming? Be careful, the director will give you a penalty!
Oh, your leg hurts! Well, then stay in bed... of course, i will tell him ... get better!
- Whose leg? - This leg! It's a fine leg!
- Well, give us a ring. - When?
When your car is stolen.
Dima, they are seizing Toptunov's datcha!
- Who is seizing it? - Are you a complete idiot?
Daddy, they are confiscating Toptunov's datcha.
And they are right, it's high time! We must fight the swindlers!
Why do you think he is a swindler? This person just knows how to live well.
You'd better explain to me how could a deputy director of a knitting factory
have the money to build a two-storey villa?
- It's his business! - No, it's ours!
We will combat without mercy the people living on the funds they hadn't earned!
- Be quiet, Daddy! - Ah, you fear something!
I can now kick your arse with my knee, and you will dart out of my land!
Papa, I am sick of your soldier-like humour! Why with a knee? What for?
Who are you pretending to be, sonny? You know who you are?
This is my dacha!
Let everybody know, this is my dacha!
Registered on your name! But it's being built with my money!
Try to prove it first! Stop it at once!
Your own life does not belong to you!
Your car is in your wife's name, dacha – in mine, you haven't got a thing! You are a ragamuffin!
But why! Why do I have to stand it? Goodness, what did I do wrong? Why?
I am a man with a university degree who has to hide, adjust myself,
wiggle out! Why can't I just lead an open, free life?
Oh, when will be an end to it? Never! What are you trying to say here?
Do you know what I can do to you,
just like that, for this?
- I know...I do... - Afraid!
Be kind to him, Daddy!
This guy must always remember who I am! And he is an ordinary swindler!
It's still worth to give you a kick!
- Who is there? - Lyuba! It's me!
- What happened? Another trap? - No, this time I was spared.
Are you leaving? On a work trip?
Right now? At night?
It's not my fault...I have to... because, try to understand,
a work trip is a rather complicated thing.
Lyuba! You shouldn't be so upset.
I am coming back in a few days. I will send you a letter from there. You hear me?
Lyuba! Me too, I am very sad. You see?
Hello! You know, our right indicator gets stuck sometimes.
And when changing gears, there is such a sound...
I will listen.
Another thing: two days ago it smelt like petrol in the car.
I will smell.
And where is the car?
- Officer... - Good day!
As I can see, you are alone in the car. Help me, please, to start this nuisance.
- Start the motorbike? - Yes, I can't manage it on my own.
No. The battery has gone flat.
I asked my commander a million times to put me on a new motorbike.
Yeah... It's not much fun with an old battery.
- Shall we? One-two-lift? - Let's try.
Common, let's send it to a run! Run, run.
- Ok ... stop! I can see you are exhausted. - A bit.
- Ok, let me give you a lift this time. - What's the point?
Listen, mate. Let's hook it to your Volga. Have you got a rope?
Who knows, what there is in there...
I don't remember. I'll have a look.
There is a tow-rope!
That's fine! Thanks, mate, for the rescue.
- People must help each other. - O! That's correct.
I had an accident – you helped me out.
If anything happens to you, I will help.
Together we are pursuing a common cause: each of us in our own way.
Tell me, mate, is there a telegraph anywhere around?
Not far away, jump in, I'll show the way.
I request 5-day unpaid leave relation my favorite nephew's...
grave condition ... sudden grave condition.
Ok, Ok ... I see! I am sending... Done!
- Having a break? - Yep...
- Something happened? - No, no, nothing.
- Who is the owner? - I am.
Show me the papers.
Excuse me.
A chase! No detective story exists without it.
One is running away, the other is pursuing him ...it's a law of the genre.
A crime movie without a chase is like a life without love.
Detochkin loved kids. He couldn't have done otherwise.
Detochkin realised it was the end.
He suddenly wanted to close his eyes but was afraid to run over the scout.
But the officer was also fond of kids and was as courteous as Detochkin.
- I got ya, bro! - That's it, you got me!
Nobody can escape the poli.... What the hell! Hey, hold on!
- Wait...wait, don't leave! - What's up, bro?
What? Here again...this battery, as you see.
Remember I warned you! It's not much good with an old battery.
That's exactly what I always feared. It fails when there is an urgent mission.
Here we go! If only I had been given a new motorbike.
I feel sorry for you.
- You had bad luck. - You are lucky instead!
Luck had to be on the side of one of us.
So what shall we do, mate?
Why were you running away from me?
A habit. You are following, I'm escaping.
That's my habit too. You are escaping, I am following. Get out and help.
We could hook me to your Volga, like the last time.
No, thank you! I've already experienced how you pay back for good deeds. Sorry!
Don't be in the way! Look, police!
Lock the garage! Start working!
Lift it!
Lower it!
I've always known that it's a smart criminal.
Maybe, he is even... smarter that me
Damn it, all the money is one-ruble notes!
Don't disturb me, or I'll have to start all over again.
Five thousand five hundred! Finished!
Why is all you money in one-ruble notes? It looks suspicious. It's not good!
And who are you? A public prosecutor?
I'm not asking where the car is from and why you haven't got papers for it.
I can tell you honestly. I stole this car.
I can tell you honestly too. I am a priest.
These rubles are offerings to Him! Common! A tiny bit left!
And do you believe in God?
Everybody is a believer: some believe that God exists, others – that he doesn't
One and the other are unprovable! Will you double-check?
I will!
Here! As promised... A Grundig tape-recorder.
It's new, isn't it?
- Brand new. I checked it myself - Ok, write it out. I remember the price.
- Eighty! - Why? Last time you said fifty?
- Personal circumstances have changed. - You know what? this is just a rip-off!
I don't insist. The gadget will find a buyer in a second. A very elegant appliance...
- ...4 decks... stereo sound. - Write it out!
Mister, the appliance is sold, don't touch it with your hands, it's sold.
So why anyway did he want to steal your very car?
- What's wrong with you? - I've been revealed...
I am toast... An inspector came to talk to me.
You'll go to jail! Shouldn't have cheated!
Semyon Vassilievich! You are in my home!
Prison is your home!
Inka! Inka! What shall we do? What? Inka, what do we do?
Make provisions!
Dima, don't worry! We must bribe the inspector!
Are you crazy!? Bribe! You are insane!
- We should give a lot! Then he will accept! - Silence! Attention!
I'll not allow that! What a shame!
Papa, you should proclaim your moralistic ideas at the market place.
I sell strawberries which I grew with my own hands.
And I will destroy my own daughter, let alone a son-in-law!, for bribing!
Don't worry! They'll re-educate you in prison.
You will return a different man 10 years later!
Leave the bird alone!
Only marry an orphan!
Don't have any doubts, I've got all that money,right here... a brief case full.
Do you really want to transfer
- ...this amount to an orphanage? - Yes.
We you raised in that children's home? Are these your personal savings?
Well, how to put it,... actually... I took part in it too.
Hello! I would like to speak to Yuriy Ivanovich Detochkin.
- I am Yura's Mom. - Nice to meet you.
I come from the theatrical group.
I am very pleased that Yura plays in the theatre.
- In my opinion, he is very capable. - He's just got a talent.
- He didn't show up at the rehearsal... - Gentleman, he is on a work trip.
I can't stand his work trips. He takes off in the middle of the night and disappears.
Lyuba is right. Something smells fishy. Lyuba is Yura's fiancee.
His manners are not very modern. He's been making court for a long time.
They got acquainted when he came to insure her.
Say, what kind of work trips can an insurance agent have?
- What are you? - Inspector.
Then go ahead and find out!
When I was young, an inspector was wooing me.
But I married a Red Army officer.
We used to sing: “Our steam train is taking us to a communist future!”
- When did he leave and for how long? - Three days ago, at night.
And the most amazing thing is that he came in a Volga to say goodbye to Lyuba.
- Ah! He must have taken a taxi! - No, he was driving himself.
- Does Yuriy Ivanovich drive? - Yura? He worked 10 years as a driver.
Then he had an accident. It caused a concussion of the brain.
Doctors warned him from driving,
And he got a job of an insurance agent.
What's wrong with you?
To which city did you send your employee Detochkin
for a work trip?
I didn't send him anywhere.
Detochkin has too many different sick relatives,
in numerous cities of the Soviet Union.
I've received a telegram from him recently. Here it is.
Another nephew of his has fallen ill. A beloved one. He took an unpaid leave.
Maxim was furious. Memories were burning his heart.
How skillfully Detochkin managed to conceal his interest in the search of the gang!
Hypocrite! How he excelled in stealing the car with a crane!
Mean cheater, robber!
He betrayed the most precious – their friendship! No mercy for such a person.
Mom? It's me. I've just arrived... I feel well... is everything fine at home?
Did anybody come?
You played nice tricks in your popular theatre!
An inspector came to see you.
- Defend yourself, sir! - I am at your service...
I am honoured to attack you...
- Where have you been hiding? - What the hell, I was on a work trip!
How is your nephew's health?
- What nephew? - The beloved one!
What about the wolf trap? The leg in pain? And the “Friend” cigarettes?
Stop this wheeze! In Shakespeare's times there weren't any “Friend” cigarettes!
And then, why did you switch to prose?
- Podberyozovikov! - Yes?
What are you thinking?!
Stop it! Stop swinging the sword!
That's a blow! No panic!
- Where is he? - He regained consciousness!
- Safe and sound! - Intermission!
- How many cars have you sold? - Four.
Let's say, four. It's very much money, a real fortune.
How can you be so low: your mother is a nice person, singing about a steam train.
- I'm sorry, maybe you are a psycho? - No, I even have got a doctor's certificate.
Great actor!
I've always stated that a real swindler is usually a great actor!
You robbed only those whom you considered swindlers. I guessed that straight away!
Do you think the court will shorten your sentence for that?
Where are you hiding your capital?
- Right here. - Let's see! All right!
Hello! Why didn't you tell me everything from the start?
Can I ask you and your friend to move to a separate room.
Raechka! Lyudochka!
They will now bring fresh beer, it's just been delivered, and they'll serve dried fish ...
- And the fish has just been caught! - Your friend has quite a sense of humour!
Is there any news about the car?
There will be soon.
- Let's leave this place. - Let's stay a little bit longer, if possible.
I doubt that I will be fed like that in prison.
- What is it? - Clean underwear just in case.
- And this? - Certificates, receipts, papers...
- What papers? Where is the money? - This is the money.
What? Have you been transferring money to children's homes?
- Ok, and how much did you keep? - I didn't keep anything.
Only travel fare and trip expenses.
Yes, dear audience, Detochkin did not keep money for himself.
Even though he is a robber, he is an honest generous man.
They have laid out the accounting books on the table.
It's an inspection... serve our “house beer” to them.
I didn't sell the first car. I left it opposite a police station in Kursk.
I stuck a detailed explanatory letter to the windscreen.
Then I went to the railway station and returned to Moscow.
Though... an injustice happened with the second car.
I drove it to a police station as well,
And left a note too that its owner is a cheater!
But it was returned to the owner... That's when I decided to sell!
I love you!
Take it! Your arrest order! And now give it back!
Take it!
- I am going to tear it now! - Maxim! Maxim! Don't you dare!
- Yura! - Don't you dare! You'll be told off!
Maxim! Guys! We are friends! Guys!
Fellow! It's all right! Fellow! It's all right! Fellow!
Take it as a present! I am giving it to you!
Come in! Good-bye! Good-bye!
Mate! Mate!
If I fall ill, I will not go to doctors.
I will go to my friends, don't consider me delirious...
Listen, mate! Don't put me to prison before the premiere, I beg you!
I am not going to imprison you at all. Live free!
Such a part! It happens once in a lifetime, understand?
Perform at the premiere and all the following days.
- ...the following are unnecessary. - Very necessary!
- You are a pal! - I am going to Lyuba's!
Don't get run over by a car!
Why did you do it? Why asked you for it? Why made you do it?
Look at yourself. You are ... an idiot!
You are reasoning like a 3-year-old child.
Why are you sitting here? Get up!
What should we do? My God! Did you think about me? No? No.
You've always thought only about yourself. They will put you to jail, Yura.
- And they will be right. - They will be wrong.
Zip up. I will be waiting for you, Yura. 5 years, 8 years, 10 years.
Thank you... 10... 10, it means I will be 46 then.
Well, of course, that's... - My goodness!
- Whom did I get involved with! - So whom did you get involved with? Well?
No, you just look at yourself, what you look like...
What do I look like?
Oh my god, you spoiled my whole life, Yurochka!
- Good morning! It's me! - Hi!
Tell me, have you heard already that another car was stolen today?
Did you look in your window today?
Hello? Hello! Why are you silent? You are looking in the window, aren't you?
What do you say?
Why did you do it? When did you start driving away
cars of respectable people? Where are your principles?
Oh, no! This is Stelkin's car, and he is a bribe-taker!
What Stelkin are you talking about! This is a car of a famous scientist!
Just a minute! I am going to double-check in the database.
He's even got a database! Database! Petty bureaucrat!
This is Stelkin's car and and he is a bribe-taker.
It's not possible...how could I get it wrong!
You are going to drive the car back to its owner, at once. And I recommend you...
To come to my office with your personal luggage.
What about the play?
There will be no play!
Come in!
Here is a report about my work.
The order ... for my arrest.
Good evening!
- Good luck at the premiere! - To you too!
I was given such a funny wig!
What do you need a wig for? You spent your whole life in disguise.
Why are you talking about my life in a past tense?
The trial is tomorrow. You risk a 5-year imprisonment.
I have extenuating circumstances. I am an honest man.
Which circumstances? That you stole cars from one swindler and sold them to another?
There were a few mistakes in my work, of course. But who doesn't make them?
You, for instance, couldn't manage to catch me for quite a while.
It's difficult to catch a man who leads a double life!
I always suffered and felt very oppressed by it.
Errr.. Tie my ribbon.
No good deed can rely on lying and cheating.
Look at him! He solely administered justice and carried out punishment!
To tell you honestly, all that is nonsense and a violation of the law.
Suspect, where are you going?
So you also think,
- ...that I'm guilty? - Yes!
Comrades, the stadium is full of spectators. Please, proceed to the stage.
Yes, and don't forget to say:“To be or not to be?” You are still not ready?
Here, Hamlet, take my napkin, rub thy brows! 603 01:21:58,600 --> 01:22:01,353 The Queen carouses to thy fortune, Hamlet. 604 01:22:03,560 --> 01:22:06,996 Come for the third, Laertes! You but dally. pray You Pass with your best violence; 605 01:22:07,240 --> 01:22:11,916 - I am afeard You make a wanton of me. - Say you so? Come on.
Exchange forgiveness with me, noble Hamlet. 607 01:22:39,680 --> 01:22:45,152 Heaven make thee free of it! I follow thee. I am dead, Horatio. 608 01:22:46,760 --> 01:22:52,760 - Wretched queen, adieu! - Yura, I'm here! 609 01:24:02,040 --> 01:24:02,840 Stand up! The court! Let's continue the sitting of the court.
Detochkin broke the law. And the law, as you know, must be taken seriously.
In his whole career the judge has never seen such a paradoxical case.
According to the law, Detochkin could be sentenced to 5 years of prison.
Detochkin is not just a robber. He is worse! He is a bandit!
He must be judged for gansterism and breaking in.
This person has endangered the most sacred thing we have – our constitution!
It states: “Every man has a right to private property.
It is secured be the law”. Every man has the right to have a car,
a dacha, books ... money! Comerades, money hasn't been abolished yet.
We should use each one's abilities, and give them cash for their labour.
A legal action has been taken against the witness Semitsvetov.
Papa! - That's all right, you'll find another man, an honest one!
If Dima Semitsvetov's future became rather obvious,
Yuriy Detochkin's destiny was still very misty.
Finally the court called the most important witness – Maxim Podberezovikov.
Your Honesties.
At first I worked on this case as an inspector.
But when it became disclosed that the suspect is my friend,
I resigned to continue the investigation.
And now I am speaking only as a witness.
I understand, dear judges, you have a difficult task before you:
Detochkin broke the law, but he did it for noble intentions.
He sold the cars, but he gave the money to children.
He is definitely guilty, but he is ... not guilty.
Have pity for him, dear judges: he is a good person.
And a wonderful worker!
Don't speak up, when you don't know.
Free Yuriy Detochkin! Yura!
Quiet! I require silence, otherwise you'll all leave the room at once!
Accused, you can now make your final speech.
Your Honesties, I may not have acted in accordance with the law,
but with an pure heart. I couldn't ... stand that any more.
Because there is a lot of stealing, cheating... I only wanted to help.
Please, let me go, comrades!
I won't do it again... You have my word!
As you already know, spectators are fond of detective stories.
It's pleasing to watch a film, knowing beforehand how it will end.
This extraordinary story, which no one knows where happened,
and whether it ever happened at all, is coming to its end.
Hello, Lyuba. I am back.