Run Multiple Apps, All At Once on Android-Powered Phones

Uploaded by androiddevelopers on 22.09.2008

>> Android allows devices to run several applications simultaneously, switch between them, and at
the same time, notify you when something new occurs in one of them. Let's see an example
of this on the world’s first Android phone, the T-Mobile G1. When browsing interesting
photos, a friend pings me on Yahoo Messenger. A notification appears on the status bar.
I can click right on it to switch to the IM and chat with my friend, letting him know
that I've almost found the perfect photo. To switch between any of the applications
that are running on the Android, simply long press the device’s “Home” button. You
can have several applications running simultaneously in the background. I'm currently using a few
Apps my self: IM, the Browser, Settings, Contacts, and Music. Let’s return to the browser.
Say, I found some interesting pictures, using “Long Press,” I can easily share the pics
with my friend. On the Menu, click, “Go to URL,” to see the current location. Then,
simply long press the URL you’d like to copy and select “Copy.” Then, switch back
to IM by long pressing the “Home” button, and paste the copied URL right into the IM
conversation. The Seamus Integration between your apps on Android makes multi-tasking effortless.