G3ict/OCAD DEEP Conference on Digital Inclusion, Toronto; Kelly MacDonald

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ANNOUNCER: From our region to yours, this is...

I'm Kelly MacDonald for Accessible Media
attending the Design Enabling
Economies and Policies conference
hosted by OCAD and G3ict.
This two-day think tank will examine new strategies
in digital inclusion beyond current approaches.
Axel Leblois, President and Executive Director
of the Global Initiative for Inclusive Information
and Communication Technologies. Or G3ict for short.
AXEL: As you know, there was a significant milestone
back in 2006,
when the United Nations General Assembly
actually passed the text of the
Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.
Which today, has been signed by 153 countries
and ratified by 104.
Which means, in the short part of time, that Convention
has established itself worldwide as the global legal framework
to protect the rights of persons with disabilities.
KELLY: The conference had guest speakers
that addressed the crowd.
Jutta Treviranus,
Director of the Inclusive Design Research Centre
at OCAD University.
So the Inclusive Design Institute
is a regional research hub with many postsecondary partners;
Eight, in fact, all in the greater Toronto area.
And partnerships with collaborating
private sector organizations and community organizations,
all working together to try to ensure that
the emerging technologies that we all depend upon
become accessible to the full diversity
That is the users within our community.
KELLY: A joystick plugged into an interface
allows the user to move the cursor around on a mobile phone.

Three press-buttons connected to an interface
allow the user to perform the same functions on a tablet.

So there's a central facility here at OCAD University
that includes actually 9 labs,
with various functions.
And it's spread over 3 buildings.
But, in additions to that, there are satellite facilities
at the 8 other academic institutions as well.
KELLY: Attending the first DEEP conference
I'm Kelly MacDonald for Accessible Media.