Agatha Christie's Poirot Muder on the Orient Express 2010 Chapter 9

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No, no.
No, you behave like this,
and we become just savages in the street!
Where juries and executioners, they elect themselves!
No, it is medieval!
The rule of law, it must be held high!
And if it falls, you pick it up and hold it even higher!
For all society, all civilized people,
will have nothing to shelter them if it is destroyed!
There is a higher justice than the rule of law, monsieur.
Then you let God administer it, not you!
And when he doesn't,
when he creates a hell on earth for those wronged,
when priests who are supposed to act in his name
forgive what must never be forgiven?
Jesus said...
...let those without sin throw the first stone.
Well, we were without sin, monsieur.
I was without sin.
When we get to Brod... if we ever get to Brod...
let these good people go, monsieur.
Hand me over to the police.
My world has gone.
Let these people live.
The worst kind of murderer, Poirot!
- Monsieur. - The devil incarnate!
You can't stand here and defend him to us.
You're as bad as a crook in the courthouse, sir.
Lock the door.
It is true, monsieur.
You can tell these people are good people...
...that Cassetti...
that Cassetti, he deserved to be executed for what he did,
and the world knows it was a travesty that he was not!
Non! Lock the door!
We can present the conductor's uniform to the police in Brod
and let these people go free.
What are you doing?
I can't be seen here. I won't be seen here.
We have assigned one murder to the assassin.
- We can assign two more. - We are not murderers, Colonel.
Open the door!
- Killing Cassetti was God's law. - Open the door!
If you kill them, you're no better than Cassetti!
- Get out of my way! - No!
If we kill them, we will have become like gangsters,
just protecting ourselves.
God knows how hard it will be
to carry Cassetti's murder through our lives.
But how unconscionable will it be
to carry murders that are wrong?
I'm proud of you, John.
I'm proud of you for getting justice for your friend.
And I love you. I love you.
But we don't do what is wrong, my darling.
We don't do what is wrong.
- May I come through? Of course.
I have some tea.
- Can I take it to him? - Oh, yes. Yes.
Can I ask if there will be police arriving
with the snowplow?
Yes. They will be there, yes.
Princess Dragomiroff is making everyone tea on the stove.
One thing you didn't solve was where we hid the money
we were going to give back to the Armstrong trust.
But I think the princess
put on much weight from one day to the next.
To have been so well insulated
would have been useful last night.
You said of the woman in Istanbul
that she knew the rules of her culture
and knew what breaking them would mean.
So did Cassetti.
And so do you.
When you've been denied justice... are incomplete.
It feels that God has abandoned you in a stark place.
I asked God...
I think we all did... what we should do.
And he said do what is right.
And I thought if I did, it would make me complete again.
And are you?
But I did what was right.
The name of the captain is?
As you know...
I have here the uniform, Capitaine.
And in the committing of the murder,
he left behind a button.