SF's Hammer Tutorials - Monitors & Cameras

Uploaded by Silwerfish on 16.03.2010

Hello and welcome, today you will learn how to create monitors and cameras that can
update in real time like,
this one here.
So, I will show you the map that I have
for this tutorial.
It's just a simple room.
And the first thing we're going to do is create the brush that we will
have the monitor on.
So I just...
Create a brush here.
And then I select the texture application tool and..
I select the front surface.
And press browse there.
And I filter for 'monitor' to get all these nice monitor textures here.
Now, any one of these will work, I just pick that one.
Don't forget to press the fit button to fit it so,
you can see the whole camera.
And then we select it and press ctrl - T, and tie it to the func_monitor entity.
We'll get back to that in a little while.
But right now we're going to create the camera itself.
The entity is called point_camera.
So I just place that there,
and press alt - enter.
I'm going to call this one 'cam'.
So now, I go back to the monitor.
Select the monitor, press alt - enter, and I give the the camera name property
the value 'cam'.
So now this should actually work, I just want to put a little barrel here, to
show you that it's actually working.
So let's compile this and see how it looks!
As you can see we have our camera, we have our barrel and it all works fine and dandy!
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