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Eun Soo...
You were wary of her?
Then I'll explain it to you.
Eun Soo and me
Oppa... Oppa~~
Why isn't it me?
Tae- Hoon look out of her.
Im asking you why it can't be me?
Im younger and prettier than her.
And I am the only one that loves you more.
KAe-in sshi...
Why am I not the one?.. and she is?
In my eyes, there is only her. No one else.
Are you contented?
If...If I forgive him right away..
Park Kae-in, you will not have ethics!.
Come here!.
Oppa!! It hurts.!
I want to talk it out with that woman right now.
You have nothing to talk things over with.
And Tae-Hoon .. You..
What are you doing?
Why did you let Hye-mi get here?..
When she started drinking, she wasn't saying anything.
She just kept crying.
Then she started running here like a wrathful girl all of a sudden.
That's right I'm foolish now.
I said I'm foolish..
I'm really going mad because of you.
She fell asleep,
She's too young to have issues that can't be resolved easily.
Short-term is better than long-term hurt.
Do you know how much Tae-Hoon likes her?
I will never treat her like that.
Don't worry.
Not coming back are you??
I'm going.
You are going to continue staying there?
Even if you were both planning to get married.
You musn't be like this.
Ahh.. This.?
I am continuing a project with Kae-in.
That's why if we are both staying together..
It will be more convinient.
Is she an architect too?
She is.. a Furniture designer.
This project I'm doing, she is in charge of designing a very important furniture.
But still..
But still this isn't right.
Hye-mi isn't letting me go easily too..
I will feel awkward staying with her now.
So i'll be going.
Jin ho.!
You better be thinking twice.huh.
How you treat other women.
Letting them giggle at you.
You bad man.! huh..
What are you doing now?
And why is this doll "JIN HO"?
After hitting it.. you feel better.?
You might as well hit me then.'
Im a total jerk.
So hit me then.
ahh.. ahh. You really.
Let Go!.
Hye-mi, what's your relationship with her.?
err.. No..
Hye-mi sshi said that she was your fiance..
Im sure there are feelings for her.
From 7 years old, she was already like that.Hye-Mi.
She liked you from 7 years old?
You have really made a lot of women cry..
Jealous much.?
Jea..jea.. who's jealous?
heh.. you are obviously jealous.
Jealous my foot..
I really can't understand you..
I thought you were a very easy going man.
Hye mi has liked you since she was 7..
How could you treat her like that?
It's none of my business.
So do whatever you want.
What a nasty person.
That's right.
I have a cruel side to me.
i don't care what other people think.
Neither do I have the time to.
That's why.. Kae-in sshi.. you are hurt..
You treated Eun-Soo this cruelly too??
Before she went abroad, she told me..
If I didn't want her to go,
She'd stay.
I didn't let her stay.
Didn't you said, she was like a soulmate to you?..
I didn't know if I have the confidence that..
She was the one ment for me in my life.
Then I..Jin Ho sshi,..
What do you think I am?
Even if we were to be reborn,
I will not want to be separated from you in my life.
Excuse me..
Aren't you hungry.??
I'll cook ramen for you.
When you ask if I want to eat,
That means you are feeling embarassed.
I love you.
Here comes the coffee.!
2 teaspoons for you!(sugar)
You drank alcohol yesterday.!
here, black coffee.
Hyung, 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 teaspoons milk right?
Hyung, what's the matter with you.?
Treating us to coffee.
Anything.. to cheer about?
Is this poison?
Do you have anything hiding from us?
You gonna announce something explosive to us?
This is brunch.[breakfast+lunch]
For you guys that hasn't had breakfast yet.
This difficult period,
You guys have worked hard.
Love you all..
Aren't you being disrespectful?
But i'm taller than you.!
Wanna die.??
Jin- Ho sshi, isn't gay..
Jin-ho sshi treats me like a woman.
Did you take wrong medicine.??
Or you saw something you aren't supposed to see between him and Director Choi?
Kae-in are you feeling ..too lonely..?
You are living in an imaginary world!!
I too.
suspected that he wasn't gay at the start.
It was just a big mistake.
What mistake?
Jin-ho sshi might have been lying in front of his mother,
Didn;t you think of that.??
Treating you like fart..
Jin ho sshi.
In front of Chang Ryul's face,
Kissed me.
want to love Park Kae-in wholely.
In front of In-hee and Chang Ryul,
He said those things.
And ran towards me to grab my hand too.
My heart beats real fast.
My legs felt like jelly.
If you were dreaming and you told me a lie..
You're dead.
It's real..
I have good taste.
I said it..
I knew it when I wanted Jin-ho to stay here!
Wait a minute.
Then Sang Jun that jerk too..
Came early?
So you aren't gay?
What do you mean?
How did you know?
I'll talk after I smack you good once.
Ahh really..
What I couldn't tell Kae-in
I told you ..arrghh.. how embarrasing.
How embarrasing..
Unnie, You can't think of it that way.
I was worried about you tried to understand you.
Didn't you know??
Shut Up!
We won't ever meet again..
Even if we wanted to, we cant!
But how did you know?
Ahh.. is it because even when I was acting gay,
You felt my male attractiveness??
You must be kidding..
I really feel like punching you right now..
Kae-in and Jin ho are starting to date.
Who.??Who is dating who now.??
Hey you!!
What is it.??
You and KAe-in sshi..
News does spread fast!
So its true.??
How do we handle this.
Then Director Choi.
He thinks you're gay.
That's why he has been supporting you all the time.
I will be honest with him..
Don't be hasty!
This is very complicated.
If Director Choi gets mad at you,
You will not be the forerunner anymore.
What will you do?
Can't be helped then.
You love Kae-in sshi that much?