Tattoo Age: Season 2 (Trailer)

Uploaded by vice on Sep 6, 2012


ED HARDY: I know it would be hard to imagine what it's like
to be around this racket so many fucking years.
Because I always have to check myself when I make statements
or assumptions, like am I predicating this on the way
things were 30 or 50 or more years ago?
It becomes overwhelming.
I go to the conventions and it's insane, the quality level
and the intelligence of a lot of the people.
And it's just so phenomenal--
it just took off.

NICK BUBASH: Thom deVita, what set him apart was that he was
doing tattoos, because nobody else was doing tattoos.
ED HARDY: Of course it was completely underground.
And if anybody said anything, you said we're going to see
The Tattoo Man.
He was so thoroughly integrated in being a denizen
in Manhattan.
NICK BUBASH: Thom was reflecting his environment
through his tattoos.
MALE SPEAKER (OFFSCREEN): Were you known for your designs?
THOM DEVITA: No, I was known for $30 tattoos.
VALERIE VARGAS: I was heavily into comic books and stuff
when I was younger, so there was a lot of
that kind of influence.
If somebody asked me for a woman or a figure, I'd just go
crazy with it.
STEWART ROBSON: Valerie can characterize a mood and a
feeling in a tattoo.
She understands that stuff.
I think she understood that stuff before
she understood tattooing.
DANTE DIMASSA: I hadn't planned on
giving Valerie a job.
It was almost by mistake, to be quite honest.
STEWART ROBSON: She can tattoo circles around most of the
tattooers that work around her.
Now everyone knows Valerie Vargas.

ED HARDY: We never dreamed that it would get like this.
In terms of just art, like the imagery and tattooers working
on stuff that doesn't
necessarily have to be tattooed.
And I don't know anything else in the world that
happened like that.