TICK TALK - with Dal★Shabet [PART 4] 맏며느리감 지율(Jiyul) - INSITE TV

Uploaded by insiteTV1 on 10.08.2012

Hi, everyone! We're Dal★shabet!
Hi, I'm Jiyul. Nice to meet you.
My dimple?
Hidden cuteness.
Can't you see it? Only nice people can see it.
I want to meet him.
I'd love to participate in an environmental campaign with him.
Our firm will.
Well... Oh, Kim Suro!
Still looking forward to it.
With Kim Suro... I know it's impossible.
I love all the guys.
'Why did I fall in love with you?'
'It hurts so much.'
'The cafe in the winter' by Jo Youngpil.
'No matter how I smile...' This part.
'Pick this up.' 'Pick this up.'
1 drink...
2 drinks, 3 drinks...
'I'll destroy you.'
Mimicing a pelican.
This is it.
We chat and chat eat and eat...
A few days ago, our hidden chicken box got found.
We got scolded.
Eating is the only joy for us so please allow it.
Until the day I find non-possession inside of me...
I'll do my best.
Monk Jiyul, let's meet up.
I love you.