Mission Main Street - Green Toys

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Green Toys
We're not on some radical mission to change the way kids play.
We're on a mission to change what goes in to the products they play with.
Using recycled material to make a toy seems really simple,
but there's a reason why not many companies do it.
It's like the perfect white shirt that you'll always look for that's so hard to find.
The perfect toy that's environmentally friendly and very simple is really hard to do.
Green Toys is really about a tangible product that has made a difference,
teaches children that, if I have a milk jug, and I stick it in the recycling bin
it can turn into something new.
I'm the guy that takes the napkin sketches all the way through to we've got a product.
My partner is the marketing genius. She's the one that knows how to tell the story.
There she is, hi!
I think we're a good balance for each other. Robert's a kid at heart, great ideas, very
passionate, and I'm probably a little bit more rational
and analytical.
I was a toy inventor, and one night, my wife said, "You should do environmental toys."
That one sentence set us off on this amazing journey, five years later,
selling U.S. made toys in 75 countries. We immediately got this vision of, this is
going to go global. We said, we think we can make this happen
if we had a good banking partner. And the phone rang, and a banker called who
was a customer!
We received a gift for my son, and I saw the box, I saw "Made in San Francisco,"
and loved the product.
Laurie Hyman: He understood our business, he had children himself.
He was pitching our business back to us, and really understood where we were coming
from. Our biggest expenditure is investment in the
tools that create our molds.
And that's when Chase Bank came in and said, "We'll help you."
It takes a lot of capital to have the inventory we need,
and Chase allows us to buy pretty expensive capital equipment
to be able to manufacture in the States to the scale we need to be a global company.
Equipment creates jobs, so the fact that we have a bank behind us
that's helping us build more capital equipment just drives more jobs.
Adam and Chase almost anticipate what we need before we need it.
If the banking doesn't work, your business doesn't work.
When someone walks up to you, and you ask what you do,
and you say, you own Green Toys, and they say, what you do is amazing,
that doesn't happen often in life... that what you do is actually appreciated.
We're just doing something that we feel passionate about.
We don't call this our company. We call this our mission.
With a little luck, with a little help from our partners like
Chase, and with a lot of hard work,
Green Toys could be the next great American brand.