Dark Horse Comics Founder Mike Richardson Interviewed About Debut Motion Comic "The Secret"

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Apr 6, 2012

So I wrote The Secret because I wanted to write a very
frightening tale, and I find the things that could be real
much scarier than big monsters and ghouls in the dark.
Human monsters are much more frightening.
So The Secret is a story about a boy who meets a girl just
for a brief time, and then she vanishes.
And his parents vanished on him, too,
when he was very young.
They were killed in a car accident, so as a result, he
lives with his aunt and his uncle.
And they just disappeared on him one day.
He was too young to understand why they vanished.
So that was left unresolved for him, even later on, when
he was a little older and found out what
really happened to them.
So for this, later in his life, in this particular
story, the same thing happens again.
He meets this girl on a weekend, and she vanishes.
Of course, he was the last one to be seen with her, so
everyone suspects that he did something, but that's really
not the case.
In the course of the story, he comes to believe that she's in
a house, and he needs to get help.
But for a variety of reasons that are outlined in the
story, he can't find that help.
So he has to go to the kids, her friends, that think he had
something to do with it and get them to help him go look
into the house.
So at first, it's just the horrible, dreadful anxiety of
losing someone close to you.
Even though he met her only briefly and knew her only
briefly, they connected.
And then there's that loss together with his past and
just a sense of dread hanging over him after she vanishes.
Then there's the whole idea of going into the house, where
the house becomes a major character in the story.
The house is frightening in and of itself, and what he
finds inside there.
So I think these kinds of stories are very--
they're terrifying.
And Jason Alexander's artwork is just amazing.
I mean, I thought he was pulling it
right out of my head.
He created scenes that really fit the mood of the story.
And Jason's an amazing artist anyway.
So in the end, I hope that people enjoy this, if you
enjoy to get scared, because there's a lot of creepy
moments in it.
I think that Eric, who did the motion on the graphic novel,
did a brilliant job, and it shows the potential of motion
comics like nothing that's come before it.
So there's a lot of work behind this
and a lot of effort.
And we hope you enjoy it.
It's a very scary piece, so don't watch it in the dark.
Or maybe watch it in the dark.