Scheiße, die FRAUEN machen!!!

Uploaded by HerrTutorial on 16.06.2012

Hi it's me Sami and today I wanted to talk about things that irritate me on the female gender
where I don't know what to do.
Women do things I can't understand sometimes,
starting with going to the toilet like pack animals.
I've never understood this aspect, is it a safety aspect why women go to the toilet together
because it would be strange if a boy goes to the toilet and takes all his dudes with him.
I can't go to the toilet when I'm talking with somebody.
Well we all know that Hermine has been attacked by a troll when she was alone at the toilet,
but that's a fantasy movie, I don't understand that!!
I can't imagine, you wanna explain me that?
It distracts me.
Women with too much makeup are a mystery for me too.
So you daub a whole bottle of *** into your face with makeup
where people can see at close range that you have a grumbly face.
that doesn't mean that it's good.
It doesn't mean wearing makeup as a mask, I still wanna see the face!
Less is more and every boy can confirm that.
I don't understand that because nobody needs to walk around like having a cake on the face,
just to hide the true face.
Makeup is not a mask, makeup is something that underlines your beauty,
I give you my word once again that it's the truth =)
Another thing that is a mystery for me that you have to worm everything out of women.
Never trust a woman when she says "It's okay Baby!"
She has a playing Hollywood movie in her head and says that it's okay!
Nothing is okay when a woman says "It's okay"!
A woman speaks more than 1000 words with one word, believe me =)
Women: Make the life much easier for us and simply show your feelings to us!
And the last thing I don't understand and maybe I'll talk about this subject in another video...
When girls and women take pictures
and they want to look seductive on them like staring into the camera like this...
I don't understand it! It doesn't look nice or erotic - I don't know why!
You know what I mean. Just be yourself and that's it.
Believe me, we men don't need so much makeup and posing and so on.
However guys, this has been my video and I hope you've enjoyed watching it.
Just see the video from the funny side and not too serious like
"Women are crap!"
No! I wouldn't say so.
Guys, if you agree to the video and wanna watch more of this kind of videos
then thumbs up and see you later.
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See you next time, your Sami <3
really charming and ... what was the word? Seductive =D!
... but don't cover your face.
I'm sweating!
... women use to do.
One thing that...
Simply confused!
I've already said that! =D
She has a whole hollywood movie in her head play...
Where you just...
If you've liked the videos and have more of these word...