STUCK.The Chronicles of David Rea "Men don't change" (Episode 1x06)

Uploaded by stuckwebseries on 27.06.2012

my fiancee insulted me
- where is she? - she's probably with my lawyer right now
what if she wants to go back to him?
let's get away from these people
where are we having dinner tonight?
don't go there, I'm your regular patient today
- you don't wanna do this please - oh I wanna do this
'cause I know you too well I know what you're doing here
I'm not going back to Sadists Anonymous
I beat my dependance
and you know what?
I think I don't need a sponsor anymore
especially someone whose main goal is to make me fall
you didn't come to dinner
maybe we should quit dinners too
no way David, you can't live without me
where did you get stuck?
Lisa, you could have anyone!
and you keep having platonic dinners with me almost everyday
we're too alike to work as a couple
you need someone who makes you feel equal and truth is: we're not anymore
soon you'll want a husband, children and you'll be like anyone else
and you don't wanna be there when it happens
so, where did you get stuck?
my man...
he's never going to leave his wife
why should he?
well, because he loves me?
have you two been carnal?
what do you think?
then he already got everything he wanted
are you implying he doesn't wanna be with be?
does he say so?
I'm just saying
men are basically animals
and they lie
you don't care about me, do you?
"no" meaning you do?
you think I can't tell when a man gives me bullshit?
I'm sure you usually can
but you don't wanna grow old on your own
and that makes you less accurate in judging
should I leave him?
you're not a couple
come on Emma!
it doesn't matter where
as long as we're together my love
you never talked like that
I've changed
men don't change
you can't expect anything from a man who dominates you
but he has changed over time
it's true! he's much more gentle
feels guilty
gives me presents
so guilty
a man can truly change only if he feels dominated
and you wouldn't like someone like that
you've never been close to me you always took me for granted
you took everything for granted even my decision to marry you!
you would have married me, you know that!
you're so fuckin' egocentric
don't say things like that!
get off you asshole
you don't know what you're saying
I'm never coming back to you
we were happy
you were happy, I was your servant!
but we were happy Emma!
we've looked foolish enough
you gotta do better than that
so I should expect nothing from him?
Lisa, you make it look like you never played this game!
I'm pathetic, uh?
I mean yes!
my advice is to disappear, change your number
just enjoy your life
you'll still be young for a long time
the right man will come when you're not so beautiful anymore
we need to have sex I'm not getting any younger here
God, I hate the sun
do you find me attractive David?
would you do something crazy for me?
you're really something
you haven't listened to a word I said
no, no I got it, I feel much better
Lisa, this is not gonna help
if you are so easy, no man is gonna be
I know how you treat your clients David Rea
and it was you to say:
men don't change
why didn't you step in?
I wasn't sure he was so wrong for you
but you showed self determinantion I'm very proud of you Emma
I'm mad at you!
why? you grew up today
my intervention would have only proved you have no power over your life
David we should go
we'll talk about this tomorrow
I feel much better
I'll do what you said
I'll enjoy life the right man will come along
as for you...
I've proven you haven't changed a bit
you took advantage of a client in a moment of frailty
you took advantage of your trainer in a moment of frailty!
ah-ah! we're going back to the meetings!
why me?
shall I walk you to the door?
no thanks, I know my way
there is no married man, right?