Nineteen Eighty Bore

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Matt requests that Mrs. Johnson tell him her opinion of the novel "1984"
Mrs. Johnson recounts to Matt that she thinks that the society in which we live is remarkably similar to that depicted in the novel
Mrs. Johnson makes a hyperbole to get her point across
The title appears

Matt and Ethan recount what they did in English class
Matt complains about English class
Matt engages in shameless flattery in an attempt to receive a higher grade in English class
Ethan joins him

Matt iterates his opinion of English class
Matt and Ethan claim that "1984" has no parallels to modern society
Ethan insults those who think otherwise
Matt compare "1984" to the children's book "Hop on Pop" and claims that the former is a worse piece of literature than the latter
Ethan expresses interest in reading "Hop on Pop"
Matt and Ethan declare their agreement with the theory of Freedom of Speech

Matt has his hand raised with the intention of getting the attention of Mrs. Brunelle
Mrs. Brunelle lets Matt know that she doesn't want to hear his thoughts right now
Hs confidence broken, Matt lowers his hand and places his head on his desk
Matt and Ethan express their disagreement with the novel's claim that ingestible substances control the population, citing Victory Gin and chocolate rations as specific examples
Matt calls George Orwell an ass
Ian requests Ben's attention
Ben responds
Ian alerts Ben to the absence of hot chocolate

Ben has an existential breakdown
Matt and Ethan discuss the individuality present at their school
Matt and Ethan are wrong
Matt and Ethan compare their society's tendencies towards idol worship with that of the society depicted in "1984," agreeing that their society does not participate in such an activity
Matt engages in shameless flattery once more
Matt and Ethan summarize their feelings
Becca expresses her affection toward dreamy teen heartthrob Robert Pattinson
Matt and Ethan finish their discussion
Matt and Ethan express confusion over the pieces of paper strewn about the floor
Ethan turns around to see--
Matt unzips his sweater to reveal that he has had a poster of the Bulldog taped to his chest for the entire discussion
Matt expresses his desire to have the Bulldog remove him from his current location

Ethan subtly conveys his need of an inhaler

Matt wants to be the Bulldog
Ethan delivers what is, in hindsight, a rather unsettling line of dialogue

Matt briefly suffers from the delusion that he is the Bulldog

Ethan sobs uncontrollably
Queen's single "I Want to Break Free," originally released in 1984, plays as the end credits roll up the screen
Matt just wants a big fat lobster
Matt, Ethan, Ian and Mrs. Johnson laugh