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how much worse can this winter get and will it be a spring of high waters and flash
flooding plus getting out of egypt
and coming home
to the cities
in a moment we'll talk with the quad cities couple who saw the turmoil in cairo firsthand
their journey in the egypt and their flight from that politically-charged region but first
which human endure a blizzard packing strong winds
and more than a foot-and-a-half of snow plus
bone chilling temperatures
that make it seem like an icebox outside
the groundhog says
we should see an early spring
but what the forecasters say
let's find out
joining me now are two of the professionals with the national weather service in davenport
it's meteorologist donna berkeley and hydrologist
marion stoplet
welcome thank you what is going on i'll start will you donna a typical
winter because it seems like the last
or five winters
we seen real
large amounts of snow and really
cold days
now we've certainly been above normal and temperature wise this year we've banned
not too far from normal but snowfall as well above normal for this time of year and what
do you attribute that to this particular yaer is that the way the air is flowing out of
canada is their golf moisture of what's bringing all this and all this time
at this time around
were in what's called a strong running a pattern and the lining it relates to sea surface temperatures
over that the pacific ocean but that basically sets up are air patterns so that we are in
line for a lot of active storm so that's what we've seen a storm after storm after storm
this year let's talk about this last storm
you guys were predicting
basically what twelve to fifteen eighteen to twenty inches
pretty much nailing it right on the button
how you able to do that i think snowfalls a very difficult
i think the predict
snowfall is very difficult because the a slight shift in the track of the storm by
say twenty or thirty or forty miles can make a difference between getting eight inches
are getting twelve inches in there's a big difference in terms of impact there so
there's a lot of different based on storm track
so what in winter forecast is that sort of in uh... general past storm
track and then as we get closer say within a day
maybe thirty six hours is that really start to
fine tune those amounts kind of what we saw on this last one tell me about this last
storm to do you know it's right off the bat that made you think this is something
that's more serious than past snow storms well really looking for snow amounts
is how much moisture it's going to be able to pull and
the more moisture pull in and the more snow will get
and in this particular case it was pretty clear early on that it was going to be tapping
into the gulf of mexico
which is a huge rich moisture source so we knew it was going to be pretty significant but
you also knew the winds were coming i think a lot of people were more surprised by that
i have been in so many snowstorms where you get the heavy snow
and then maybe a couple hours later you get the cold temperatures in the winds this one
mix it altogether at once it was for a winter version a perfect storm almost it was everything
came together and exactly like you said sometimes the winds will be after
uh... or we won't get quite as snow so it doesn't go around but the fact that the
strong winds were coming
during the snowfall and because we had so much snow and it was just going to be a mess
was there anything in the storm that really impressed you
you know it was the most significant storm i've seen since i've been here and then
your more than a decade so it was definitely one i think people are gonna remember for
a very long time
and i assume that you're pretty proud of what your office did if you think of this
very very few people suffered any major injuries no real deaths that we know of people seem
to be
prepared i know we're all hearty midwesterners snow
but still this one was quite a challenging storm it was an a blizzard conditions because
we don't see them all the time it's really easy to underestimate how dangerous that can
be we think in the day in age you know you got a cell phone everything's fine
but and a storm like that truly a half-hour can can be a life threatening situation to
out of you know in trouble what interested marion before the storm hit
there came this morning about what this spring might be like even before this major snowfall
as a hydrologist that's what you're looking at is the snow this fallen right now not only
but to our north
and they've really depends on what part of the river system you're looking at
look at the main stem mississippi river
and also the area tributary rivers that that feed into the mississippi river
and so where the snow fell on how much snow fell plays a significant role in the spring
flood potential so what are you looking at right now because we got walloped but if we
get ah... sixteen eighteen inches
that has really had that big of a affect on the flooding it's what hit minnesota and wisconsin
uh... it's a little bit of both because it really depends on how much water is and that's
snow when and where that's no was laid out so socially weight when we talk about the
main mississippi river
we're looking at snowfall in snow water in that snow further to the north especially
across minnesota and wisconsin we're talking about the response on the tributary rivers
that we're looking at a little more local snowpack and how much waters and that's snow
i mean when you look at the rock river and look at the mississippi river and the veins that
come out of it from all the tributaries
it really is amazing
watershed in amazing region
uh... that feeds in goes through the quad city area that say we really have to
look at it as a whole system like you said on a watershed basis because you know there
so many different factors that can feed into
just the river response and you know possible flooding potential so the first of your alerts
i'll call them cuz i know you guys calm warnings and watches i was at that very confused on
alert the first time that you said and ladies and gentlemen put this on your radar screen
is there's the potential for
spring flood right
we um... looked at what information we have is at the end of january and it it to us look
like they would be a much above normal flood potential on the mississippi river and then
still in above normal flood potential an area tributary rivers
and we're talking about the flood potential mainly because of the snow pack in the snow
because uh... i was going to say log jams but ice jams that's a whole different creature that we cn get just
a moment what he's saying to the north that that that kind of put alert
in your mind but we cannot look at three main factors on one of them being the snow-covered
how much water that's withholding
another being the soil moisture how much water is in the soil so when things melt
uh... is that going to be all run off for some is the ground going to be able to absorb
some of that water they're also looking at the current conditions on the river how high
is the river into one of the trend been over the last couple of months
as that riverbed restating or
increased flow on the rivers of the kind of three main factors that we look at
for that potential so when you look at these three major factors he gives you a little
alert now
how does this compared to past years are more snowo i mean do you think that the uh...
the the dangers a little greater than let's say two thousand eight two thousand nine whatever
other years that you want to compare as far as the spring melt goes has far has the melt
goes we're looking at uh... and above normal potential for spring flooding
uh... but we have to keep in mind that that all depends on how the temperature
shape up and any precipitation that falls during that time of snow melt
so the out look numbers coming give us an idea of how the system looks like it would
respond but we still have to get a little bit closer and when we're actually in snow
melt season to see how things are shaping up is
uh... depending on how quickly temperatures warm up how quickly that snow
might melt in entering into the rivers let's go with the from their donna because the next
two weeks were expecting a bit of a warm up coming up with valentine's day makes my
heart so much yest above freezing this weekend that sounds so exciting
interesting though is that you know when you don't want a quick warm-up you'd rather see
something gradual ideal
melting conditions would be
um... above freezing during a day and then below freezing at night they really slows
down the process of that water getting into the system and really
draws it out and kind of eases it a little bit so it is a trend right now i know you
know the crystal ball the ouija board or whatever
um... a lot of people might want to know
is the worst of the snow done on a entering feb.
is the worst of the cold weather done
you know i wish i could say that but the reality is we are still in a moderate to strong lining
in pattern for us and that's part of the world
that means continued active through the end of the winter and into this spring
lining up breaks list perhaps the summer uh... that we're still going to be an active weather
pattern so that means continued high on the precipitation and
cooler than normal for the time being if your backers from shoveling now you may continue
think of it has exercise when winter i'm not quite sure when it went as winter
end here
well you know i can remember on mid april having snow and snow days
march in march is really known for those
heavy packed snows yes because of the gulf moisture
it just gets farther and farther north as they get in the spring so we can to get pretty
heavy snows and march and april not as many of them but we do tend to get those but we also
get the quick warm-up yes we can look for then it melts
let's talk about the other
uh... flooding concerns that
uh... because it's so there's two very different ones as we were talking about kind of the
uh... snowpack melts gonna gradually easy to predict but then again when you get these
warm-ups become real quick then you have problems particularly the rock a river the mississippi
is what will particularly the rock river
in the green river a number of the other is in regards to uh... the ice jams that's a
different componet one of only look at the outlook we're not taking into account
the ice jam flood potential because it just happened so quickly
uh... we monitor river conditions especially this time of year
when the ice jam potential
on the flooding from ice jams breaking off it can be especially great and we you know i
i think that as we've been talking about being hearty midwesterners and sometimes
we take for granted that there's gonna be a little bit of flooding or that there is going
to be an awful lot of snow and cold temperatures but
these flash floods can be particularly dangerous because of
the repeatedly
that's right and flash floods have been very quickly v may nature of what of what
that's a specially uh... time that we need to really kinda pay
attention to what the current conditions are
important to know exspecialy people living close to the rivers what the rivers currently
doing in and keeping an eye especially make it
heavy rainfall events or thunder storms developing repeatedly over areas a lot of
those that do tend to cause flash flooding of course in talking about the rock river and the mississippi
ithas such a great impact on the quad cities
let's talk about some of the other rivers though as well i mean the iowa
they all have major uh... uh... impacts in in their communities in their counties
is is it more difficult to estimate the flood levels on those river that it is
on a major river like the missisippi and the rock well actually river forecasting system
accounts well this tributary rivers
i mean really has to because in order to get a forecast for the main mississippi river
we have to know what all those tributary rivers are doing and then how much water than they're
going to feed into the mississippi river
so um... we're constantly watching
current conditions in able to uh...
make adjustments for the tributary rivers and ah... and most about a watershed basis
well doona talk about trends and as we head into the uh... and part of this winter
into the spring there's a harsh winter sometimes we need to be an equally harsh spring and
summer as far as the thunderstorm seasons are concerned a pattern as
long as were in that
we're definitely going to be expecting the active which means thunderstorms
and um... it means that a lot of continued repeated rounds storm so
i think out it's going to be we're going to be busy for spring
uses a personally strong rather different level
it's there are
elnina simply a a cooling of the sea surface temperatures off the pacific
ocean off the equator
and uh... right now it's very deep and that's very
strong and it's a relatively i'd always there's a new phenomenon but
i hadn't really heard of learning it fifteen years ago
right and it's something that
elnino been know this but how that type into the weather patterns it's just recently
becoming to be understood and how that affects whether in the midwest as a whole nother
a lot of people looking into those kinds of things to find out what does it mean
when we are in el nino for are area
well let me take it one step further than has long has we are talking about thunderstorms
the national weather service of course has a great program
for a trainer spotters education let's do that
pitch i mean a lot of people don't know that you have those free services and they think
well than all of the sudden national weather service spotter but
i've gone to a couple there's so many fun nominal things you learn about the thunderstorms
that when you look at your window you get better
i was a forecaster self it that would protect yourself you know if you look at
a lot of people come this strom spotter training
um... just because they have an interest in weather some people come because they're afraid
of storms and i just want understand it better i have scout groups that come
because they're out in about a knowing what you're looking at can make a big difference
there no obligation to be a spotter just for coming to the class and can come and learned
something if you want to be a spotter that's great marion talked about the flash flooding
and we have a lot of spotters to call in the ice jams are call in these other things its spotting
is really just about
telling us that and letting us know what's going on in your community when significant
things are happening and tell me about that because i i always for the national weather
service uh... website you do see
information it's from the public whether it's a storm
or any type of uh... weather phenomenon do you rely a lot on the public
it is a key component to us being able to do our job well
we have lots of instruments and computer models and things that could tell us a whole bunch information
that we really needed the the connections to people and what's actually going on in
their neighborhood on to be able to verify and really gasp what's going on so it
is a key component of the whole forecasting processed well thank you for joining us we're
really hoping for good news i understand
that you can always deliver
and not today so how do you have a good spring you get a good winter and once again
and i think for all the work you did on this last storm
i mean you really do almost feel good about the fact not that the storm hit
but that the impact wasn't as big as it could be
people were ready and they did the right things and that that really makes a difference
thanks again thank you
up next escaping egypt plus things to do when you go out and about in the quad cities
but first want to talk about a group that is focused on keeping kids in school in
how you can join them
it's called achieve quad cities
i didn't think people went to school
i thought things were handed to you
everything happens
because it just happened nobody made me go so i didn't
i didn't feel like a had to or needed to go to school my friends dropped out so i followed them 0:15:14.110,0:15:18.830 when a child drops out of school what are they doing
more often than not a child drops out of school with
no plan
so my question not only what are they doing tomorrow but
what are they doing next week
next year five-year from now ten years from now
we have broken yet cycle
more often than not wants that child is a drop out of school
they are not to be protected status
achive quad cities is to increase less drop out rates
how do we do that
creating mentoring partnerships
threw exploration and awareness through our students
every child will be encouraged will be encouraged to graduate from high school
create results and this will only help them
achieve their dream
every kid that graduates
this is out and about I'm lora adams
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the world has been watching is egyptian taken on the streets in an effort to force president
hosni mubarak from power
most of us in the tensions and the violence from the comfort of our homes
but quad cities couple saw history unfold right before their eyes joining me know is steve
and roxanne peterson from coal valley
from coal valley cairo quite the experience and roxanne said tell me how this all started
i mean this was just
vacation to get away and to see the sites
absolutely uh... we travel with som
other couples from the quad cities and we kinda make a plan
about year or two to see something really exciting in the world
and uh...
we had decided that we want to see the pyramids to see
the temples
and uh... make that journey so
our friends is that you need to
you need to have thirty days to do this so we actually left the quad cities
uh... new years eve
and traveled in arrived in cairo on new year's day so it's really kind of special
star for us
for the vacation so start me there then you arrive in cairo
new year's day right and what's cairo like
uh... was an active yet it was filled all the people were wonderful their
they're really sweet to us
uh... they kept saying welcome to cairo
and uh... we just deal to the musuem
to the coptic church area
exciting because
they just had the bombing there and sure that we would be able see it but we do
and and it was
uh... you just can't imagine the history since our country is so young
and is it's really mind-boggling to think how old all of these
its pre history
it's mindboggling and you have any any answer that you'd love to see the sites in the fears
but since nine eleven and since all the things that happen to americans abroad
did you have concerns when you when you left
one hundred percent
i don't mind my so much because
i feel like and sometimes in america
muslim community is always
looking at us or
wondering if we're gonna mix in correctly
I was so amazed when we got to egypt
how interest they were in us how welcoming
just likes
steve said
honestly through out
the country they would kind of
wanna know if you are european or american and when they found out your american
always daid welcome to egypt
welcome to our country and we love america
so we were just so unaware that this
was starting to take place about two weeks into our trip you had no clue steve its not like
for hiding the factor that you were americans
you're were wearing ugly hawaiian shirts
thats an editorail comment you were wearing hawaiin shirts did you have any fear about standing out
no actually you know we spent the first two weeks in the sinai peninsula
in a town called tiaba
snokling and layer rounded enjoying the sun
enjoying the people
and we can go back to cairo intell the third week into our journey and by then we were
totally relaxed
people were wonderful excuse me and now we are all in cairo for couple days before we
went on a cruise down the nile
to see all the temples and all the sights
and everything was fine
until we got back so let's start there
now you're in cairo
what had you heard
up until that moment the the last day we're
uh... they had they were a protesting there
so we knew there was stuff going on in cairo also
which at the overnight train back and we got off to ramsey station which is the
their big main street station in cairo in cairo there was gunfire
make a bigger tear gas canisters going on
some eygptians right there at this taxi area
display of this right away and took our bags and put it in the cabin got us out of there
thinking one of my heading yes it was pretty exciting
you know we don't know what was going on other than
they were protesting didn't you just want to turn back around
uh... it was so of it was just scary and you know
we were traveling in a group of six americans and so we have said since then that everybody
has different levels of comfort one of are traveling partners jimmy miller he
doesn't have the fears that we have he's been traveling for four
it's been in where there's revolutions that sort of thing
he knew and calm us all down that this was not an attack on america at this was something
they were doing
with their country and we just happen to be
kind sideline
when we got in the taxi that steve
is talking about it was very clear in a bit in aerobatic that this is a driver
was very fearful of having americans in his vehicle he
a knew what type of responsibility he had in this crisis is having us in the vehicle meaning
he felt more responsible to protect you were absolutely thought you might be a greater
target either
or we without language barriers we don't always have that
but we always felt that they were by far trying to protect it's like
that the guy that put us in the taxi was telling him don't go the way of the demonstrations
go around a different way and get them there he was driving frantically to get us to our
hotel and i've believe that it was just
not wanting to feel responsible for us now you're at the hotel
it's quiet it's peaceful
are not near any of the action ambrel how wrong i my for uh... we're about five blocks
away yeah
your actually going right into the heart of the problem
definitely that afternoon
uh... that's when the line of tanks and armored vehicles went right down the street so we're
outside watching that
so now what do you think i mean i i mean you're coming in and you're seeing
uh... tanks now
before your heard small arms fire
leaves didn't really have leads to know that i guess because they're just had an all watching
stuff go by
but it was in a parade and i thought you know i i i discussed this is really all i would
you start getting a little more nervous
and that's exactly it jim
there were within six of us
there was starting to be some tension amongs us because one couple would be
very fearful and another couple would be like
relax there like we're not going to relax this is tanks coming down
the streets and we had a lot of different things like that but all cell
was this strange feeling knowing you were apart of history that you were saying something
no other individuals for getting the see
so that was
kind of exciting in a way as long as you knew
you weren't in danger and we all had the feeling that none of our families
knew what was happening only seeing stuff on the news and very afraid for what
was happening to us thanks steve was that a major thing was trying to contact back here
in the state say that everything is fine yea for three days that we were back there there
was no phone no internet so
we did a lot of walk in trying to figure out how to get out of there we had tickets out
of town
and said get out so we had the foreign office and that that this coupled days
and we ended up at the hilton
and we had to want to uh...
barbed wire and you guys checker passports with machine guns don't like that
and we went into an n_b_c_ news crew they let us use their phone
called my sister back here in rock island sheep she let us know about the evacuation process at
the airport that is the only way we knew 0:25:30.900,0:25:35.800 now that uh... i was just a few moments what what what's the impact of this trip
he walked in thinking one thing you leave thinking another you see the images on t_v_
you've read about in the papers steve lets start with you i mean when you come away with this it
hopefully they get it resolved
uh... because they are wonderful people in fact we are invited to
uh... this muslim guy that we met muhamad we are invited to his wedding
in june
what you guys make an impact fast
that's one of the guys at the beach area than the very sweet
here that the fact that you can make friendships that quickly
i assume that you work on the same i mean you switch for the best i wish for the best
those people treated awesome with the uh... must kindness there were the most beautiful
people and what i see on the news now is people i don't recognize i don't understand that
they were so welcoming to us and so protective of us
i wouldn't have it
if things settle down and had no qualms about telling anybody in the united states to visit
that beautiful country because it's a wonderful is just
uprising that they have going on now but we're so happy that you could have saved that sounds
of thank you steve and roxanne
all we do want to tell you that wqpt is taking you to eygpt
this month on lost treasures of the ancient world we take you to the great pyramids those
amazing structures built between twenty six hundred and twenty five hundred b_c_
check your wqpt program guide to find out one it will be here next
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