aetbaar part 5 w/eng subs

Uploaded by Sha0allyss on 06.04.2009

Okay, Ria... what is it?
Nothing, Papa
l'm not just your Papa, l'm your friend too
You can even tell me things you don't even tell your friends
And you know, l have the solution to each of your problems
So what is it? - There's nothing of the sort, Papa
That's not the way! Look at me in the eye...
and say that everything's all right
Everything's all right, Papa
Remember how we used to play the piano together...?
With your hand in mine? Let's see if you remember. C'mon!
You take me to be a two-penny lover...
who will shed tears, waiting for you?
l wanted to phone you, Aryan
You had promised not to phone. You promised to meet me
But Papa made this programme without even telling me
l didn't want to break his heart
So you broke my heart and came away?
Whom do you love? Me? Or your Papa?
Aryan... - ls it Aryan or Dr Ranveer?
Believe me, l don't like it here either
You don't know what state my Papa is in
After the accident, this is the first time he has ever planned something
Accident? - Yes
15 years ago, we were out on a vacation
Papa, Mummy, l and my elder brother Rohit
Rohit insisted on having an ice-cream, and l wanted to sleep
Mama stayed back with me at the hotel...
and Papa went out to the market with Rohit
Papa returned home after spending six months in the hospital
But Rohit...
Rohit never came back
You could say that it wasn't about leaving you and coming away, Aryan
lt was to bring my father away from those memories that l came here...
memories that have been hounding him all these years
Do what you want to for your Papa. But l want my share of your time
Remember one thing, Ria. Your Papa belongs only in your heart
But l possess you even in your breath
Separate me from yourself and you will have to do away with your breath
You have begun to give me a scare, Aryan!
l must leave now. Papa...
Papa? Or Aryan?