Pro Tools® SE - Adding Loops to your Session - Win 7 & Mac OS X

Uploaded by avid on 16.09.2010

Pro Tools SE ships with an extensive collection of Audio Loops
that you can use to create your own compositions.
Using these Loops is a lot of fun.
Now here's a Session that I created earlier,
we've got a drum track, a piano, and a bass.
Each of these tracks have their own Mix controls.
Now I'll bring down the drums, and balance the piano, and the bass.
So I want to add an audio drum loop on the stereo track
that was already part of the session when I created it.
Now you can tell it's a stereo track, because it's got twin LED Meters.
and then click the meters
I can make them nice and wide. :-)
So two LED's for left and right, as opposed to one LED
for a mono track.
okay let's put a loop right here.
I'm going to come up to the top of the Edit Window and open the Loop Window by clicking this button. Then,
I'll come down and open up the Factory Content folder.
Here you'll find a nice variety of loops all under different Genres, and I'm
looking for some drums.
Now I'm going to use this one.
When you drag it out of the Loop Window, onto a mono track
nothing happens. As opposed to a stereo track, you can see an outline appear.
Just drop it where you want it,
and the Waveform Overview will calculate.
Let's take a listen.
That sounds good!
So I want to add a different loop, say just here.
And again, I'll use the Loop Window to audition the file...
I like this one, it's simple and laid back,
but I'm going to drop it into position anyway.
Let's take a listen from mid way through the last loop.
Now a couple of those drum hits are a little bit late, round about here,
but I'll fix that later.. For now
I just want to add a drum fill between these two loops
to add some dynamics to my session.
Now this is where the small waveform in the Loop Window comes in handy, It lets you
eyeball when something is about to happen...
like a drum fill. Now I'm going to drag it into the Timeline, just a little bit later
than where we need it.
I'm going to use this area to work
with that region.
Now you can do a couple of different things here,
you could select the portion of audio that you don't want
and then simply
delete it.
Let me Undo that.
Or, you can choose the portion you do want to keep
and then press CONTROL T, or COMMAND T on the Mac,
to Trim that region to the selection.
Very Nice!
Or you could select what you want, Right Click...
and choose Separate.
Now you've split the one regions, into two independent regions.
Now just delete the one you don't want.
I'm going to press Escape repeatedly to cycle
around the different Tools
until I get back to to the Hand Tool.
then, I'm going to pick up the drum fill,
and drop it right into a position..
and there it is!
But I can see a glitch, and let me just zoom in on thatи
There it is.
A Transient from the proceeding loop.
I'll cycle my Tools by pressing Escape
until I get to the Trim Tool, or Trimmer.
I'll turn off Snap to Grid,
and you can see how the Trim Tool changes
depending on which side of the edit you're on.
I want to Trim back
the transient..
like that.
And then fill the gap by trimming the front part of our drum fill.
Let's zoom back out all the way
Hit Return (Back to top of the song)
and then Play.
Now don't forget to explore all of the loop content that comes with Pro Tools SE because you're bound
to find something
to inspire you.