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Brother Vindu, I've already told you. You will get..
..the consignment from my factory on time.
You can.. come in. No, no, I didn't tell you. You can rest assured.
Sir, it's a promise of a Thakur.
I see.
Daddy! - Yes, child?
Dear.. - Enough, daddy. My whole day will pass ..
..and I won't get a chance to talk to you.
Dear, I remember now; there's a letter from your granny.
She writes it's been many days since she saw you..
.. she's eager to meet you.
That's good. I still have a long holiday; call her here.
Don't you know your granny?
Has she ever come here leaving her village?
So? - She wants you to go to the village. - To the village?
Yes, spend your holidays with her over there..
No, daddy, I can't stay in a village.
I don't know anyone; I have never been there.
I will be bored there.
That's right.
But you can do this as a better option..
..take your friends with you.
My hat! My hat flew away!
Raja Babu! The car's in a pit. My hat!
Hey girls! Give me my hat.
It's my hat; give me. - Here.
Hey, it got stuck there.
Oh no! How will it come down now? - Just the way it went up.
How will it come? - As the breeze comes, it will fall down..
..sit here and wait till then.
Sit here? How can I sit down? There are..
..many people seated in the car.
And the car is seated in a pit. What do I do now?
I think I'll have to climb up.
Go, go. Yes, go. Climb up. - Oh my God.
Come on, go up.
You'll fall down.
Raja Babu! Raja Babu! - What happened?
Welcome, welcome, Raja Babu!
Raja Babu! - Hey, why have you climbed up there? - To get my hat.
These girls threw my hat on the tree.
I climbed up, but can't get the reverse gear..
..I mean I can't get down.
If you can climb up, why can't you come down?
This is not a motorcar where you can open the door..
..and get in and out any time.
Am I talking to you? - I wasn't talking to you either..
..I was talking to Champa.
Got it, Champa? It's a tree, not a car. - Yes.
Come. - I will fall, Raja Babu. - Come on. Come.
I fell down. Oh my God.
O God!
Raja Babu, this car cannot go further. - Why?
The tyre is stuck in the pit.
We will have to call 8 to 10 men from the village to pull it out.
How far is the village from here? - 1 and 1/2 mile.
Did I ask you? - I wasn't telling you either. I was telling Champa.
Champa, our village, Phoolpur, is 1and 1/2 mile from here, right? - Yes.
Raja Babu, the village is 3 miles away..
..but we will have to walk all the way.
3 miles? Oh dear! I am already hungry.
Please, see there's some food available nearby.
Yes, there are thorns on the acacia trees!
Oh no! We will have to walk on this dirty road.
It's no use discussing that now..
Take your bags and move. Come on. - Ok, come.
Is she a girl or bundle of troubles?
Come on, brothers. Move on.
Consider the rays of the sun the rays of the moon and go on.
Yes, go on considering your legs the tyres of Impala.
I can't walk even a step now. Hold this..
Listen, for some time..
..why don't you carry this, too? - Ok.
Then take this, too. - Ok. - Take this, too.
Where do I put it? Put it around my neck.
Do they consider you a donkey? - What did you say?
They are all healthy; can't they carry even a bag?
Oh I see.
Champa, isn't this Phoolpur?
What happened? - A thorn.
As soon as you entered the village?
I hope it didn't hurt too much. - No, it's ok. Let’s go.
I can't walk anymore. - Don't say that.
The mansion is just over there.
Just there? - Come.
Granny! Granny! - Buntu?! Buntu, my child!..
My dear! My prince! How are you?
You've grown up, Buntu? What took you so long?
I'd been waiting since the morning.
I have some friends with me, granny.
They are standing outside. - Call them in.
Chandu! Vikas! Come in. - Come in, children. Come.
Granny, he is Sunder. - Greetings, granny. - He is Gullu. - Greetings.
He is Chandu and he is Vikas. - Greetings. - I see. Come on.
Come on, you all must be tired. I'd been waiting since the morning.
The meal is ready. Freshen up and come for the meal.
Come on in. You must be hungry.
I feel better after hearing what granny said..
..come on, let's eat something.
Eating, drinking and sleeping. You have nothing else to do.
You had left since the morning. Where had you been?
Have you forgotten, auntie?
You sent me to the flourmill to get the flour.
I've walked all the way carrying that burden.
Now the 5 kg of flour is a burden to you, eh?
Your delicate feet must have been scratched!
Fine; let your uncle return..
..I will tell him to get a big car for you.
As if your father had left a fortune for you!
Why are you staring now? Go and wash the dishes. - Ok, aunt.
Idler! Rupa! Rupa!
Rekha! Rekha! I had told him, we already have 2 daughters.
No need to bring this extra trouble in our family.
What is it, mother? - Have you both eaten the meal?
How would we eat? You didn't give us. - How would I give you?
Gauri has made me angry since the morning.
That girl won't rest until she takes our lives.
What happened? Who are you so angry with?
Angry? I am praising your dear niece. - What has she done?
My daughters have been hungry because of her.
And Gauri? Has she eaten? - What about her?
She might have eaten somewhere.
You think she would remain hungry till now?
Where is Gauri? - Must be somewhere around.
She might be dancing at the backyard or might be sleeping.
Does she tell before doing anything?
This is what encourages her.
He asks as soon as he come, has Gauri eaten?
Uncle! - Gauri! - Uncle!
Here, take this.
Eat it. - You also eat with me, uncle. - No, you have it.
Really, uncle, I was very hungry. - I knew it..
..that's why I brought this for you.
O God! I am dying! - Who told you to eat like a monster?
Wasn't I hungry?
Besides, there were fried rolled breads made from pure ghee.
Now that ghee is melting in you. Why are you screaming?
If lightening would strike non-stop in the sky..
..if the sound of cuckoo came non-stop..
..eyes would bulge and ears would crack.
Listen, brave Hanuman. Don't put 10 kg food in a vessel for 1 kg.
I am dying, and you feel like telling poems!
Oh, mother! - What happened? - Sunder ate a bit too much, granny.
So, his stomach is aching now. - I see; ..
.. don't worry. I will make it ok.
Govardhan! Govardhan! - Yes, madam?
Get that Churan (medicine) from my room.
How will Churan help, granny?
It's a medicine for digestion, child..
Just one spoonful will cure your pain.
If there was space for the Churan in my stomach..
..wouldn't I eat 1 spoon ghee instead?
Churan is also a sort of food. Hungry man! - Here. - Give me.
Slowly.. be careful.
What will you guys have for dinner? - Dinner?
..I won't be able to eat at all.
Keep a liter or two of milk over here..
..If I feel hungry at midnight, I will drink it.
Shut up! Don't you dare talk about food now!
We won't have anything now, granny. We will go to sleep.
How can you go to sleep hungry? Have something, children.
Granny, give us a slap. We can have that..
..but don't ask us to eat anymore.
Alright, as you wish. Go to bed now.
Wake up early next morning and go around the village.
Chandu! Wake up, Chandu!
Sunder! Wake up, Sunder!
Gullu! Vikas! Don't you want to roam around the village?
They will take long to get up, Raja Babu.
Let them sleep; I will show them around later.
Let us go, or it will become too hot then.
Ok, come. - Okay, let’s go.
Wake up, dear!
Salutations, junior master. - Greetings.
Salutations, sir. - Greetings. Govardhan!
What is all this? - What, sir?
Why are they saluting me? They are elder to me.
But you are senior to them by post..
They are your old subjects. - Subjects?
Yes. This entire village belonged to your family earlier.
You see this land from here to there is still yours.
That is why they are saluting you.
Govardhan! Come and have tobacco with me. - No, brother. I can't come now.
Please, go. - Alright, Raja Babu..
Roam around for a while; I'll be here. - Ok.
Some go to the fields and some to the orchards.
There is an innocent smile on every face.
Innocent smile.. innocent smile.. nice bananas.. nice bananas..
O traveler, take us along. - I will also have bananas.
Will you? - Yes. - Come.
You were stealing, weren't you? - No, no.
What happened, brother Balram? - What can happen?
You carry your goods on the streets, but don't pay attention.
If I hadn't noticed, these thieves..
..would have eaten all your bananas.
Run! - Hey, where are you running?
Aren't you ashamed to steal a poor..
..woman's goods? - Why do you beat me?
Do you expect me to worship you?
So dirty!
If I ever see you here again, I will thrash you all.
Run! - Run! - Run !
Why did you throw the stone? - It isn't a stone; it's a pebble.
Ok, a pebble. But why did you hit me with it?
If we don't know the name of someone in our village..
..he is called this way.
My name is Buntu.
Why are you laughing?
Your name suits you. You are fat, and your name is Motu.
Not Motu, it's Buntu. - Ok, ok..
What a name! It squeezed my tongue.
Who told you to say my name?
Then should I call you with a pebble?
Hey, don't you have anything else to do?
My name is not 'hey', it's Gauri.
It should’ve been mischievous. - Not mischievous, but Gauri.
Gauri! As if it were a nice name! - Isn't it nice?
It is the other name of Goddess Parvati.
Parvati? - Oh, don't you know Goddess Parvati?
Have you come from abroad?
Parvati! Parvati!
The one whom Lord Shankar married. - Might be that.
Have you come to visit this village for the first time?
Oh no! Is this a place to visit?
No? As if your city was very good!
Of course! The city is much better than this place.
What do you see here? It's bore. - Bhor (dawn)? Is this Bhor?
It's afternoon, and you call it dawn? - I said bore, not Bhor.
It's English; you won't get it. - As if you know everything. - I do.
Ok, tell me, what is that?
What? I can see he's fetching water.
Can you run it? - What's the big deal? It's very easy. - What?
Easy. I mean it's simple. - Fine; run it. - Come.
Listen! - Yes? - Move aside. - Ok.
Bore! Bore! Easy! Easy! English. - Hey!
Bore! Bore! Easy! Easy! English.
Bore! Bore!
What happened? Why don't you guys tell me?
How did you hurt yourself this way? - Nothing, granny.
Yes! A bull had got mad. - Yes.
A mad bull? In this village? - Yes.
I've never seen one before.
There is, granny. Perhaps you don't know.
You won't believe until you see it. - Granny!
Do you have Iodex balm? My shoulder is also..
What happened, Buntu?
Was that mad bull after you too?
A bull? - Yes, yes, a bull!
What happened? Let me see. - No, granny, it's nothing serious.
Granny, who is this Gauri? - Gauri? Did you meet her?
She is the niece of our teacher at the village school.
She's a very good girl.
She's good? - Why? What happened?
Look! He's finished it all! Sunder, are you a human or a goat?
Not a goat, I'm a bull.
I heard too much about the tail of the elephant.
When I saw, it turned out to be like a piece of rope.
We're wasting our time here.
People praised everything of this village.. even the lake was a Niagara Fall.
But it's only a canal here; and that, too, dirty.
Buntu! It's that same girl. - I know. Let's go away.
Hey sister Gauri! Won’t you play with us?
I feel so thirsty over here. - Funny!
I haven't drunk water ever since I came here.
It's so dirty. - There's so much water here..
..anyone can drink as much as he likes. - Again?
Did I say anything to you? You know, Champa..
..there's no water here at all.
What's the matter, Gauri? - Nothing, aunt.
These city people don't drink the water of the village.
Come, child. Come. - Let’s go.
What's the matter, child? - The matter is..
..there are rivers, lakes, ponds, water everywhere.
But how does a parrot satisfy his thirst without his partner?
Got it. You all are thirsty, right?
Wait; I'll get sweet water for you.
Balram! Balram!
Please, get coconuts for them.
Run! - Run!
What's the matter, child? Why did they run away? - I don't know.
Hey, I didn't recognize you.
Aunt, he is the grandson of the granny who lives at the mansion.
He's come from the city. - I see.
Who asked you? - Am I right, Champa? - Yes.
So you are Raja Babu. You've come to meet your granny.
That's very nice of you. You should keep visiting her.
Poor woman lives here all alone.
As the saying goes, don't give birth to one son.
Give to two; one of them will go away abroad.
Balram, give Raja Babu the coconut.
Here, child. - Here. - What's this? - The price of the coconut.
How can I take that? This coconut is not for selling.
I gave you because you were thirsty.
Balram, send the rest of the coconuts to the mansion.
The poor guys went away thirsty. - But aunt, in our city..
You know, everything is unique about our city.
There are roads in our city, but we can't walk on them.
There are cars in our city..
.. but we can't get them out if they fall in a pit.
Yet, my city.. my city.. my city..
What sort of a girl you are! - Shut up!
Was I talking to you? Right, Champa? - Yes.
Come on, Champa.
Buntu? Come, sit down.
Granny, we will be leaving next morning. - What? You will go away?
Yes. My friends didn't like this village. - And you?
Me? I too didn't like it.
Me, too? - No.. I mean I didn't like the village.
The people here.. - Which people?
Who are you talking about?
Take that Gauri for example, she follows me wherever I go.
And she bores me so much, I can't even tell you.
You don't know Gauri, my child..
The poor girl is aggrieved herself.
Aggrieved? - Yes.
God has given her too much sorrow at this young age.
Her parents died when she was only a year and a half.
Her uncle is a good man; so he brought her here to bring her up.
But her auntie is very wicked.
She aggrieves her all the time.
But the poor girl bears it all with a smile.
She doesn't feel bad about anything.
But she pesters me too much, granny.
That's why I don't like here.
That's her habit. She clings to the person she likes.
Take me; I am so old. Yet, when she comes here..
..she doesn't spare me either.
To each his own.
If your friends don't like this place, let them go.
You don't go, please. Stay with me a few days.
But.. - But what? You are under my oath.
Agree to this small request, child.
I have become old now. Anything can happen to me anytime.
Now that you've come, fulfill my wish.
I'd been hoping that if my Buntu would come.. would be so nice. I'd be happy.
Yet, if you want to go.. - No, granny..
..I will stay back. I will stay with you.
Are you happy now?
My Buntu! My prince!
Bye. - Bye, Buntu. - Bye, Buntu. - Bye, Buntu.
Gauri? - Didn't you go with them?
No, I stayed back on granny's request.
Will you come with me to a place? - Where?
You see that hill over there?
There are very good singhade (fruit) in the lake over there.
Singhade? - Yes, they're very tasty. Will you come? - Ok.
Gauri, don't you have a father? - No. He died long back.
And mother? - She? She died even before him.
You know, I don't have a mother either.
You have granny. - Yes, I have her.
She's really very good. - I don't have a granny either.
Gauri! Gauri!
Gauri, can I ask you something?
Your aunt is very bad, isn't she?
Don't you dare say anything about my aunt!
Look there! See the pond? We'll find the Singhade there. Come.
Hey, they are not eaten that way. Peel them, like this.
And then? - Then..
How is it? - It's really good. I'd never eaten this before. - Never?
Have more.
There are many good places in our village. I've seen them all.
If you come with me, I'll show you all of them. Will you?
Uncle? Uncle! Uncle!
Uncle! - What are you doing here?
I had taken Buntu to eat Singhade.
Buntu? - Yes. Don't you know him? - No.
He's come from the city.
He is the grandson of the granny who lives in the mansion.
So, you are Mr. Brijmohan’s son?
You've grown up. - He is my uncle.
Greetings. - Greetings. - Glad to meet you.
You've lived in the city ever since you were a kid.
You've come to the village for the 1st time. How would you recognize us?
How's your father? Is he ok? - Yes.
You know, uncle, he had never eaten Singhada. He didn't know about it.
Do you know everything about the city?
Bye, Buntu. Do visit us some day. - Ok.
Hey Buntu!
Here, take this. - What about you? - You take them. Take it.
Greetings, Raja Babu. Where are you headed to?
Just like that.. Greetings, aunt.
God bless you. - Where are you going?
I remember God at this old age; what else would I do?
There's Ramkatha going on in the temple. - I'll be off. - Come.
Hare Ram Hare Ram! Hare Krishna Hare Krishna!
‘As soon as mother Kaushalya comes to call him..
..he leaves all his friends..
..and comes into mother’s..
..lap immediately. O Lord..’
Raja Babu, there's much wealth in the city, right? - Yes. Why?
Well, I wish to visit the city once in my life.
I've heard that a person can earn a lot there..
..even if he labors. Right?
What's going on there? - A drama.
They don't engage in any work and pass time in dramas.
You roamed around all day today. - Yes, granny.
I liked the village very much today.
Really? Yesterday you said that..
There's much difference between yesterday and today, granny.
Just wait and watch.
You will find more difference tomorrow than today.
Buntu, come here quickly. - Coming, granny.
Gauri, hasn't your aunt given you some task today?
You're fooling around.
You think there's still some work?
I've come here after finishing all work.
I am not lazy as you. - Ok, dear. Eat this. You take one, too.
What is Buntu doing? Hasn't come yet. - I'm here.
Ok, let's go. Bye, granny.
My uncle said this jungle was so dense earlier..
..that they spotted lions and cheetahs sometimes. - Really? - Yes.
Champa! - What happened?
Wait. Isn't it nice, Champa?
Why are you looking at it? It's just a Boeing.
What? - Boeing. - No, it's an airplane.
There are many types of planes.
One is warplanes. - What? - It means planes for the war.
Like Meg, Mit and Mirage.
There are passenger aircrafts, too. Like Boeing, Avro, Caravan..
Oh.. - How would you understand? You live in a village.
So what? Do you know what we know?
Can you answer if we ask you something? - Ask.
Shall we ask him, Champa? Ok, ready? - Ready.
"Riddle. Ask the riddle."
"O city guy, solve the riddle. - Ask."
"The tusk of an elephant looks white."
“It is farce.”
"Any clues?
"It doesn't grow in a garden."
"Not everyone can get it."
“It falls when you shave your head off.. elders say so.”
"Got it? - You didn't?"
"Candy. Ice candy."
"Candy. Ice candy."
"I really didn't get it."
"It comes from over the 7 seas."
"It meets us all with love."
"Really? What else?
"It sways the world."
"It makes us happy."
"No one has seen it coming or going or thought about it."
"Got it? - You didn't?"
"A gush of wind."
"What? - A gush of wind."
“When it flies, it roams in the sky.”
"It flies as it wants. - Boeing?"
"It sails like a boat."
"It flows like a river."
"It tells us whether it's day or night."
"Got it? - He didn't."
"Eyes. Our eyes.'
"Eyes. Our eyes. - Very good."
"It stays with us like a companion."
"It is sold, but we can't buy it."
"What is this thing? - There is."
"You cannot cut it."
"It does not climb up your head."
"No one can move it from its path. - Got it!"
"Shadow. Our own shadow."
"Yes, a shadow. Our own shadow."
Sister Gauri! - What is it, Raghu?
Please, pluck a mango for me.
That's it? I'll get it.
Gauri! Don't climb up the tree; you will fall.
Shall I give you more? - Yes, sister.
Oh mother.. - What happened? - I sprained my ankle.
Didn't I refuse you to climb up?
Did you need to behave so heroically?
Can't we fall the mangoes from down here?
Doesn't listen to anyone; just climbed up there.
I can't even get up. - Champa, help her get up.
See? You can.
Sister, you can keep this mango.
Go away with your mango! You keep it.
O God!
Ok, I'll be off.
Champa! Listen.. Champa! - No. Aunt is here.
Greetings. I am Buntu.
I see. So you are Buntu?
Welcome, welcome.
Why are you standing here?
Go and get him a chair. Make him sit. - No, thank you.
Gauri could not walk, so.. - What? She could not walk? What happened?
Why don't you answer? Are you dumb?
She fell down from a tree. - I see.
So you had climbed up a tree again?
I am tired of this girl.
I wish your legs would break up so..
..that you wouldn't go out at all. Go in.
Look, it's not Gauri's fault.
Actually, I wished to eat the mangoes, so..
I see. So, you told her to climb up.
It's ok. But you don't know this girl.
She is not a girl; she's the enemy of my life.
Your life is too strong, aunt. Nothing can happen to it.
There comes the devil! - Raja Babu? What made you come here?
I came to drop Gauri home, and on the way.. - What happened?
What can happen? Fell down from a tree again.
That's it? You were scolding her for such a trifle matter?
Tell me, aunt; I can get you medicine from the physician.
Shall I come with you, brother Balram? - Come.
But.. we will have to walk till the next village. - It's ok. - Come.
Come on in.
You? - No, my ghost! You see me standing before you; yet you ask, you?
Look who's with me. He is the grandson of the old granny of our village.
Greetings. - Greetings. - Please, come in.
Is the physician at home?
No, father has gone out to other village to check a patient.
Has Gauri hurt herself again? - How did you know?
He comes here only for her. Otherwise, I wouldn't see him for months.
Don't joke! - Will you keep standing outside? Won't you come in?
Come, Raja Babu.
Be seated; I'll be right back. - Listen, Kanak..
Raja Babu, you know, Kanak is too talkative.
But she's a very good person.
Kanak! - Coming. - What is she doing inside? I'll go and see.
What are you doing? - What's the matter?
Look, you know that Raja Babu is a very rich person.
Don't offer him something silly. It will embarrass us.
I won't let that happen. I understand.
These are made of jaggery. See how they are. - Wow! It's good.
I hope every day that you would come. But you..
What would I do here every day? I'd come on some errand.
Besides, I don't sit idle over there.
You always keep working.
Can't you come to meet someone even..
.. if there's no errand? - What's the need?
I wait for you every day.
My dear, I am trying to make way so that you wouldn't have to wait.
The way is ready. If you wish.. - I will do what we wish, Kanak.
Please, wait a few more days. - Come. - Come.
Give me. - Here.
Why all this? - I wouldn't let you go without having something.
Have some with me, brother Balram.
No, I'll bring another plate for him.
No need for that. This is enough for two. Please, take, brother Balram.
But.. - But what? Please, take.
How is your mother? - She is fine.
The medicine..
Yes! Please, give me the medicine that the physician gives every time.
Does Gauri sprain her ankle often? - No.
Only when she falls down from a tree.
Shall I bring more for you? - No, that's enough.
Why? Didn't you like it?
No, it was very good; that's why I ate it all.
Ok, we'll be off now, Kanak. Let’s go, Raja Babu.
Listen! When will you come again?
I pray to God that no one in our village..
..would fall ill and that I don't have to come here.
And what if I fall ill?
Your father has the medicines; you can take that.
He does not have the medicine for this. - You wouldn't fall ill either.
You're back, child? - Yes. Greetings, aunt..
How are you? - God bless you.
How are you, child? And where had you been?
I had gone to the physician's place with brother Balram. - Really?
Balram had gone there? - Yes. - Did you hear that, Balram's mother?
One finds ways when one wants something.
Now you should bring your..
..daughter-in-law to your home. - Daughter-in-law?
Yes. Balram is going to be married to the physician's daughter.
Did you see the girl? - Yes, granny. She is very nice.
Buntu? Welcome, child.
Rupa! Rupa! - Coming, mother.
No.. I just came to ask how's Gauri's leg now.
Did anything happen to her leg in the first place? I know her nature.
Nothing can happen to her.
She makes excuses of such injuries when she does not want to work.
She's gone away since the morning. - Why did you call me, mother?
Where is Rekha? - How would I know? I was reading my book.
Ok, go inside. - Fine.
Did you want anything from Gauri?
No. I was just roaming around the village.
You'd be bored alone.
How would you know what's where in the village?
Do one thing.. Rekha! Rekha! - Yes, mother? - What are you doing inside?
Go and show Buntu around the village.
No, there's no need for that. - Wait. - No.
Where do I take him, mother? - Go with him. - Ok. Come.
But.. - It's ok, child. She will accompany you.
You need someone to talk to on the way. Go and roam around. - Ok, come.
See; that's the temple of Lord Hanuman.
But it's no use going there today.
It's not His day, so we won't get any oblation there.
Tell me, have you tried the Jalebis at our village confectioner's shop?
They are very nice when hot.
But I don't like the sweets of your city; they are just like rubber.
Once father had got small pieces from somewhere.
You keep eating, but they don't get over, and you're still hungry.
Chewing gum.
You like Jalebis, don't you? - Yes, very much. I eat a lot.
Won't you eat today? - I will. Will you come with me?
No, go and eat them. - Ok, I'll be off.
Roam around here and see everything.
That's the river, that's the mountain.
That's the road and that's a Neem tree.
See everything; I'm going.
Did you eat the Jalebis so fast? - Jalebis? - Gauri?! I thought..
What instrument is that? - It's a mouth organ, not an instrument.
You have such weird names in cities for everything.
We say airplane, and you say Boeing.
We say instrument, and you say.. what did you call it? - Mouth organ.
Yes, mouth organ. Can I play it a little? - Ok.
I don't know how to play it. You try, Champa.
It doesn't play. You play it. - No, first.. come home. Granny was calling you.
Why? - How would I know? Go and ask her yourself.
Ok, I will. Come on, Champa.
Granny! Have I stolen mangoes or peaches from your orchard, granny?
Did I touch anything? Tell me. - Why? What's the matter?
Then why did you call me? - You are so silly.
I called you as you sprained your ankle. Tell me, how is your leg now?
Shall I dance and show you? - Yes, show us. - Ok, I will.
Hey player, play the instrument. - Hey dancer, first you dance.
First you play the instrument.
First you dance. - Play first. - Dance first.
Hey, listen.. - No. - No. - No. - No.
Why do you quarrel? Does music feel nice without dance?
First you dance; then Raja Babu will play the instrument. What say?
Champa, do you remember that song from the drama? - Yes. - Fine.
What are you doing?
"Radha will dance on the tunes of Krishna."
"Radha will dance on the tunes of Krishna."
"Whether she knows how to dance or not, she will."
"Whether she knows how to dance or not, she will."
"When the flute will be played in the jungles."
"When the flute will be played in the jungles."
"You will know how to dance. You will know how to dance."
“The body dances only when the heart tells it to.”
“Even the heart doesn’t stay quiet.”
“The body dances only when the heart tells it to.”
“Even the heart doesn’t stay quiet.”
"Without anklets. - Without rhythm."
"Without anklets, without rhythm, we will dance."
"Whether we know how to dance or not, we will."
"Radha will dance on the tunes of Krishna."
"Whether she knows how to dance or not, she will."
"You will know how to dance."
"All my friends enjoy the lovely tune with closed eyes."
"The tunes of the flute become anklets and give us rhythm."
"All my friends enjoy the lovely tune with closed eyes."
"The tunes of the flute become anklets and give us rhythm."
"Without learning. - Without knowing."
"Without learning, without knowing, she kept dancing."
"Whether we know how to dance or not, we will."
"Whether we know how to dance or not, we will."
"When the flute will be played in the jungles."
"When the flute will be played in the jungles."
"You will know how to dance. You will know how to dance."
You had already seen my daughter before.
I had decided the very first time I saw her that I liked her very much.
Have it. - No, you have it. I'll take one.
You know, brother-in-law, you won't find a girl like my sister anywhere.
Your time will pass very easily hearing..
..tales from my sister. - Really? - Yes.
Do you know how much my sister reads?
She keeps reading newspapers and novels all day.
Rekha! Rekha! - What is it? - Come here.
What is it? What?
Don't you know what should be told to whom? - Why? What wrong did I say?
Why were you telling him that sister keeps reading novels all the time?
Why? Is it a bad thing? - Yes. You shouldn't say that.
You should say that sister does household chores all day. Got it.
Listen! Keep all these things there and return quietly.
And you should say that my sister is very virtuous..
We are staying here from a long time.
This is our own house.
Here, have some sweets. - You, too.
She is my niece. - Is she?
What is your name?
Gauri. I will also become your sister-in-law. - I see.
You work in the city, right? - Yes; why? - So do you have a mouth organ?
Mouth organ? - Yes, the instrument.
You mean mouth organ. No, I don't have that. But.. why?
Granny’s grandson, Buntu, who lives in..
..that mansion has also come from a city.
He has one. - Really? Here.
No, you eat it.
I will eat. You also take some. - See, uncle.
Please, take; uncle won't scold you.
You know, I know a lot about your city. - Like what?
Boeing.. Ivro.. Eg.. English, English.
Get lost! Greedy girl! Why did you take from the guest's plate?
No, I gave her. She was refusing..
No, brother-in-law, you don't know how greedy she is.
She's an idler. Come on.. get lost!
You know, brother-in-law. My sister does not read novels at all.
She does all the household chores.
She works so much that she's fallen ill.
The physician says that she should have complete rest.
Is that ok, mother?
If all arrangements are made from your side.. - Yes..
We are ready. Whenever you say.
Very well; get an auspicious date fixed for the next month.
Did you hear that? Relative wants the wedding next month. - He is right.
Why delay a good task? Come on, son. - I'll be right back.
Please, come. - Come.
You know, mother,
Gauri took a sweetmeat from brother-in-law's plate and ate it.
What? - Yes. - Gauri! Gauri! I had refused her, yet..
What's the matter? Why are you calling Gauri?
Why am I calling her? Let her come; then I'll tell you.
I will give her a good spanking today. - Don't you dare hit Gauri!
Will you beat me otherwise? - I wish I could do that.
Then hit me. Why do you let that desire remain unfulfilled?
You don't appreciate my hard work.
And I can't even scold your dear niece if she makes a mistake.
Spoil her more; why should I care? - Shut up!
I've educated many people and made them good humans..
..but couldn't bring humanity in my own family.
Gauri.. You're crying? What happened?
Uncle.. I.. I was refusing him.
He insisted that I take the sweetmeat.
I know that, child. I know everything.
Don't cry, dear. Look here. - No. - Please, look at me.
Won't you listen to your uncle?
Look at me. Smile.
No.. - My dear child, smile a little.
No. - But how can I click your photo if you don't smile?
No, I won't get my photo clicked. - Why?
Aunt said that anyone who gets his photo clicked dies soon.
It's nonsense. - No, it's true. - It's totally rubbish.
How do you know? - How wouldn't I know?
Nothing happens by clicking a photo. If it did..
Don't you know there are many photos of my granny at the mansion? - Yes.
Sit just that way; I'll click. Smile.
What did you do?
Wait! Gauri! Gauri!
Balram! Please, listen! Listen.. - What do I listen to, mother?
You keep insisting that I get married.
But how can I?
Let me go to the city and make some good money.
I will get married as soon as I return.
Can't you earn without going to the city?
Don't those who live in the villages get married? Tell me.
They do, mother. But I don't want to live that way.
How much does one earn in a village?
I work all day; you too work hard. Yet, we are always short of money.
We can't even get our house repaired..
..or buy a buffalo or increase the farming.
Can all that happen living in the village?
If I go and earn in the city, we can fulfill these wishes.
Please, let me go mother.
Look, you've toiled all your life.
Relax and enjoy the rest of your life now.
You are my joy, child.
If you don't remain with me, what will I do with the worldly pleasures?
I am not going for good.
I told you I will return soon. - No, child, don't go!
Raja Babu, please, convince him. - Brother Balram..
Raja Babu, convince her if you must.
If a person wants to do something.. life and progress, is it wrong? Tell me.
Doesn't anyone ever go to the city? You guys also live in the city.
Granny lives here, right? - But, brother.. - But what, Raja Babu?
She has stopped me many a times before. But I won't stop today.
I will go today. - Balram! - Please listen, brother Balram..
I won't listen today. Goodbye.
Balram! - Don't worry, aunt. Don't you know brother Balram?
He won't be able to live without you. Just see; he will return soon.
Ok, ok.
What happened? You left for the city, didn't you?
But I couldn't go Raja Babu.
Listen.. can you come with me to my home?
Come and tell mother that I was going..
..but you convinced me and brought me back.
Ok, let's go. - Come.
Aunt! - Who is it? Raja Babu?
What are you doing out here, aunt? - What can I do, child?
Ever since Balram has left, I don't feel like going inside.
God knows where he might be wandering around hungry and thirsty.
Ok, auntie, what if I call brother Balram back?
Balram?! Where is my child?
Balram! My child! - Mother! - My child! Where had you gone away?
Why did you leave your mother crying?
Why do you cry now? Look, I've returned.
Say that you won't leave me now.
Yes, mother, I won't leave you alone.
You will get married and live here, won't you?
I will do whatever you say.
But you won't cry. - Ok, I won't cry.
Raja Babu?
What are you doing?
What's the matter, child?
Granny.. I miss mother very much today.
I am here, child.
Is there a difference between a mother and a granny?
Don't be sad.
Rain falls! Rain falls! Rain falls!
Rain falls! Rain falls! Rain falls!
Rain falls! Rain falls!
Rain, rain go away..
..come again some another day.
Gauri! - What? - Why are you getting drenched in the rain?
It's fun to get wet in such downpour. Come on. - No.
Please, give me the umbrella.
Gauri! Wait.. listen..
"Sona! Sona!"
"Rupa! Rupa!"
"Sona shines."
"Rupa giggles."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter. The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"Sona. - Shines."
"Rupa. - Giggles."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter. The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"It's a small boat of paper. - The waves of water are its sailor."
"It's a small boat of paper. - The waves of water are its sailor."
"Let's ride on a boat. Let's go to the other side of the river."
"Where the birds chirp sweetly."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"Sona. - Shines."
"Rupa. - Giggles."
"The clouds make a thunder. - Even the hearts of mountains are shaken."
"The clouds make a thunder. Even the hearts of mountains are shaken."
“But it is very smart. It makes a house.”
“The house shouldn’t shatter.”
"The raindrops fall pitter patter. Pitter patter."
"Sona. - Shines."
"Rupa. - Giggles."
"Red, pink, green, yellow. The rainbow has nice colors."
"Red, pink, green, yellow. The rainbow has nice colors."
"Look at this changing weather."
"Look at the sprinkle of colors."
"My heart stares in wonder. - It's wonderful."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"Sona. Shines."
"Rupa. Giggles."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter. The raindrops fall pitter patter."
What happened? I'm asking you something. Have you gone deaf?
I had told you to grind the pulses I had soaked.
You couldn't do that, but you could go out to fool around.
Very well. Just watch when you fall ill this time.
Either it will be your last day or mine.
Let me see if your father comes down from heaven to help you.
Mother! Do you know where she had gone?
I've found out. She was getting wet with ..
.. Buntu in the rain and was singing.
What?! Have you become so gutsy? You should think about your status.
Don't compare yourself to Buntu. - Aunt!
Shut up! Don't you dare answer me back!
You're dreaming of a palace when you can't even get a hut!
Stupid! Ill-fated girl! - No!
I am.. not ill-fated. - Gauri! Gauri!
I am.. not ill-fated. - No, Gauri.
Who says you are ill-fated?
Gauri! Child!
She has high fever. Where can I get a doctor in the night?
Mother! Where have you gone away leaving me alone?
Come to me once and tell me that I am not ill-fated.
Where are you going, Buntu?
Daddy, it's been 3 days; I couldn't go out due to rains.
I will go out and have fresh air now.
See? Didn't go out for 3 days because of rains.
Otherwise, he wouldn't stay home at all.
He used to say before coming here that he'd be bored in the village.
Now he is not your city guy.
He is the grandson of the granny who lives in the mansion.
Looks like you've cast some magic on Buntu. - What have I done?
Does he stay home with me? He fools around with Gauri all day. - Gauri?
She is not well. - Why? What happened?
I don't know. She has high fever. - Shall I go and call the physician?
I know where he lives. - No, the physician has given her the medicine.
Is Gauri asleep? - Yes. Why? Do you want to meet her? - Yes.. once..
It would be better if she gets some sleep. Rest will reduce the fever.
Rekha, go out with Buntu. Show him how the crops are sowed.
No, I've seen that before. I'll be off. Goodbye.
I am going back next morning.
Has Buntu gone to sleep?
Yes. Don't know why, but he returned very soon today.
He had the dinner and went to sleep.
Did you tell him that we are to leave early next morning? - Yes.
What I wanted to say is.. why don't you stay a day or two more?
You've come after a long time.
No, mother. I stayed here for 2 days;
that much holiday was enough for me.
Buntu is to get admission in a college now. I was thinking that..
Never mind. - Tell me, child. Why did you stop? - What do I tell you?
I know you were upset with me..
..when I left the village and shifted to city to start a business.
But it wasn't only me.
Mother, can you stop the changing.. on your own by living in a village?
Never mind that, mother. Why don't you..
..come and live in the city with us?
Have I ever refused to that? I will surely come.
The day you show me Buntu's wife, I will come and live there.
That's a good excuse, mother.
Buntu? I heard that you are going back today? - Yes.
How is Gauri now? - The fever hasn't gone completely..
..but she left somewhere early in the morning.
She didn't even tell anyone. - Where has she gone?
I thought she had come to your place, but.. don't know where she is.
I will go and check. - Goodbye. - Goodbye.
Champa! - You? - Is Gauri here? - No. She is not well. - Yes.
So, she's not here? - No.
I'm going back to the city today. My father is here.
Tell Gauri if she comes here, ok?
Brother Balram! - Raja Babu? Welcome.
Is Gauri here? - No. Why? - I'm going back to the city today.
Where is aunt? - She's inside. Mother! Mother! - Coming.
What is it? - Raja Babu has come to meet you.
He's going back to his city today. - Why? So soon? - Yes. Goodbye.
God bless you, child. Be happy. - Goodbye, brother brother.
What's this?
Come; I will see you off.
I'll be right back. - Yes, child. See him off.
Where is Buntu, mother? - Here he is. Come, child.
Let's go, child. - Ok. - Balram? How are you?
I am fine with your blessings, sir.
I shall leave, mother. - God bless you.
When will you come again, child? - During the next vacation.
When will you come there, granny? - I've spoken to your father.
When he will bring a wife for you, I will come there.
Keep quiet.
Come, child. Bye, mother. - Bye. - Bye.
What are you looking for? - Nothing, daddy.
Gauri is ill, but she's gone away from her home since the morning.
I see. Let's go.
Govardhan, look after mother. - Yes, sir.
Goodbye. - Goodbye, sir.
Come on, Birbal.
Stop! Stop! Stop!
Daddy! It's Gauri! - I see.
Gauri! - Hey Buntu! - He is my father. - Greetings. - Greetings, child.
You are not well, Gauri. Why did you come out of your home?
I looked for you everywhere.
You said you don't get Singhade in the city.
So, when I heard that you were going, I went out to get Singhade for you.
Here. - You have fever and you went so far to get them?
So what? If I have fever, it will go away.
You are wet. - Wouldn't I get wet if I go down in water?
Ok, Gauri, I am going. - When will you come back?
I’ll come next year during the vacation. - Dear, Buntu! - Yes?
Don’t drench in the water, or you won't recover.
Do come back next year.
Daddy! - Come, child.
Daddy, my summer vacation starts today.
So, what is your program for the vacation? - Program?
The program was fixed last year itself. - Really? With whom?
Well.. with granny. - I see.
But, Buntu.. - But what?
If I knew that you wanted to go to..
I would've informed mother.
Why do you need to do that?
At least I could have refused the driver a holiday now.
No need for that either.
I know the way, and I can drive the car.
I go to college now. And.. - And I've grown up. - Daddy!
"Rupa! Sona shines. Rupa giggles."
"Rupa giggles."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter."
"The raindrops fall pitter patter."
We will meet just tomorrow, Gauri.
Gauri? Champa?
Gauri! Champa!
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Like crazy.. the state of my mind is like a crazy."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
"For every guest.."
"They have spread themselves on the paths.."
"The greenery here tells me, stay in our arms."
"The song of cuckoo.. I feel..
intoxicated with the song of cuckoo."
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Look how the nature is smiling after casting a magic on me."
"It baffles us with different colors."
"The flow of river.. the flow or..
..river tells me, sing with me."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Like crazy.. the state of my mind is like a crazy."
"I feel intoxicated."
"Don't know what sort of breeze this is."
"I feel intoxicated."
Granny! Granny!
Granny! - Buntu?! What's this?
You didn't inform me about your arrival.
Is anyone around? Bring a glass of sherbet.
My child has come from hot sunlight. You've become so weak.
Why didn't you inform me?
I had told you last year that I'd be coming in the vacation. So I've come.
And your friends? - They haven't come with me. - I see.
Granny, I'll be right back.
Hey.. wait! - I'll be back in a while.
Crazy boy!
Buntu, you?
Wow! You look very good. When did you come? - Just today.
Where is Gauri? - How would I know? Must be somewhere around.
She's not at home. - Ok.
Gauri! Listen! It's me, Buntu! Gauri!
Listen! Gauri!
What happened to her?
Brother Balram! Brother Balram!
Who is it?
It's me, auntie, Buntu.
Are you not feeling well? - Yes.
Raja Babu, you?
Have your brought my Balram? - What?
Haven't you brought him along? Didn't you meet him in the city?
Brother Balram went to the city?
Yes, child. He went away this time.
No one could stop him. You stopped him last time.
Kanak! Kanak! - Coming, mother. -
Kanak? The physician's daughter?
Yes, child. I got them married with much love.
She hasn't witnessed any happiness here.
The poor girl looks really well after me.
Kanak! Child! Cut and bring a coconut for Raja Babu.
No, it's ok, auntie.
I'll be off now; I will come later. - Ok, child.
God bless you.
Greetings, Raja Babu. - Greetings.
Did you recognize me? - How wouldn't I?
Auntie told me that you are here.
Yes, Raja sir. This is my home now.
Auntie said you look very well after her.
One has to fulfil one's duty along with enjoying the rights.
When will brother Balram come?
Only God knows that.
I only know that he will surely return.
He cannot leave his mother. He will certainly come back.
Kanak! - Coming, mother. We will meet later, Raja Babu.
But.. - But what? She cannot fool around with you.. the village like before.
Yet, she can meet me and talk to me.
Or she can't do that either?
How can she? She has grown up now.
And me? I've also grown up. I go to college now. I drive a car.
But so what? Does one change so much in a year?
Gauri has changed a lot, Buntu. She is not how she was before.
She's become very quiet.
She used to remain outdoors most of the time tired of her auntie.
Isn't her auntie with her now?
She is. But her behavior has changed.
She has seen the consequence of spoiling her daughters. - What?
You know her elder daughter, Rupa?
She got married in a very good family.
But she was so arrogant that she couldn't mix with anyone there.
She quarreled and came back in just 4 months.
And the younger one, Rekha, is worse than her.
She's totally useless.
She has understood the value of Gauri..
..after seeing the behavior of her own daughters.
Now Gauri means everything to her.
That's all ok, granny. But.. but why did she run away?
I ran away from there. - Silly! What will Buntu think about you?
What can he think? Nothing. - No, he must’ve felt very bad.
That's ok. Do you expect me to talk to him in the fields?
So what? You roamed around so much with him last year.
Has it become bad to even talk to him now?
No, I can't do that.
Gauri! Look there.
Oh God! - Gauri! Listen, Gauri! Acting innocent, eh?
Champa? - You recognized me? - Yes.
Do you still do that? - No, I only say 'no' now.
I see.
The one you were talking to was Gauri, right?
She's inside. Go.
Gauri! Gauri!
I heard that you came here yesterday and went back from outside.
Why didn't you come in? - Just like that. Where is uncle?
He doesn't have holidays like you guys.
He's a teacher. He has duty all 12 months.
Be seated; I'll be right back.
You've really changed in a year.
But you haven't changed at all.
Why don't you go and meet him? Go.
He's come here twice since yesterday.
He will feel bad if you won't go.
No, auntie. Tell him I'm not at home.
No, I cannot lie. What's the harm in meeting?
I am working.
I will finish the work, child.
Please, go. - No, auntie. You are under my oath.
Ok, as you wish.
Not just anything. There should be a big house with many servants.
There should be no lack of food.
Only then can marriage be fun, right?
Auntie, where is Gauri? - Gauri is.. well.. Gauri..
Why are you chanting her name? She's inside.
Shut up! Always interfering. Go away from here.
What have I said to make you so angry? - Will you go or not?
Go. - Going. Why do you get angry?
Gauri is in the kitchen.
Her uncle will return any moment, so she's cooking.
Really? Ok, I'll be off.
Wait for a while, child. He must be on the way.
No, I will come some other day. - Ok, do come.
Greetings. - Raghu? - Yes. - Good that I met you here.
I was thinking of you.
Why? - Will you go and call Gauri? - What for?
I feel like eating mangoes.
She will come and cut down some for me.
That's it? Come with me; I can climb up the tree now.
Sister Gauri does not climb up the trees these days.
Come. - No, some other day.
There are many mangoes on the tree. - I know.
I can climb up. Come on. - No, it's ok. Some other day. - Ok.
What's wrong with you, Buntu? Why do you feel so irritated?
I don't know, granny. I think I will go back tomorrow.
I don't like anything in this village this time.
Don't like it here? Why? Everything is the same.
It's same village, same granny. - That's right.
But I feel very strange here.
I feel as if everything had changed.
Things are bound to change a little, child.
What you see today might not be there tomorrow.
Take me for example.
When I think, it feels as if it was just yesterday.
I had come to this mansion as the newly wed bride.
The day your father was born, we had a grand celebration here.
And then.. every one left me eventually.
I was left alone. Totally alone.
Granny! - Yes, child. Look at me; do I cry? I never cry.
When I see you all laughing, I, too, feel like laughing.
My happiness lies in your happiness. - Granny!
Do you think I can laugh if I see you sad this way?
No, granny, I won't make you sad. Please, smile. Smile.
You look very good when you smile.
"This village is very enchanting, O friend.."
"This village is very enchanting, O friend.."
"By your not coming and staying away.."
"By your not coming and staying away, this village looks strange, O friend."
"This village is very enchanting, O friend.."
"Where have those days gone.."
"That we spent here together.."
"Of those sweet moments and the waterfalls.."
"Now there is not even a sign.."
"Friend! O friend!"
"My village is still the same."
"My village is still the same, o friend."
"I left home to meet someone.
"I left home to meet someone."
"I don't know why I can't move forward, O friend.."
"This village looks strange, O friend.."
"Why did I leave the whole world..
..and for whom have I come here?"
"You don't know how..
..many dreams I had."
"Friend! O friend!"
"It's the same mango tree."
"It's the same mango tree, o friend."
"It will be the time of monsoon.
We will meet at the same place again."
"It will be the time of monsoon.
We will meet at the same place again."
"The village look the same, O friend.."
"This village is very enchanting, O friend.."
What are you doing here sitting alone? - What would I do?
But why are you alone? - Who would I bring along?
Granny prefers staying home.
Brother Balram is not in the village. And.. - And?
Listen, Champa! - What? - Give these photos to Gauri.
Gauri's photos?
Why are you laughing?
Gauri looks so young in these photos, like a kid.
She was better then. She used to roam around and play with me.
Here, you give them to her. - Why would I give her?
When I went to her home, she didn't come out.
She doesn't listen when I call her. You go and give her. - Ok.
I feel embarrassed. I was so shameless then.
That's why you pretend to be so..
Right? - Pretend? - What else?
Buntu is so upset. - Why? Did he say anything?
Don't I know even if he doesn't..
..just by seeing his face?
Who has he come to the village for? Don't you know?
For whom? - For you.
Cut your finger?
What happened? How did you cut your finger?
Wait; I'll bring some ointment.
I've told you to do your errands carefully.
Your mind is always somewhere else.
Didn't I refuse you to climb up the tree?
Why did you need to behave so heroic?
Can't we pluck the mangoes from down here?
Are you a kid now? Work carefully, dear.
Will you work this way in your matrimonial house?
Who will look after you over there?
Do you know Champa is getting married next Tuesday?
Yes, I know.
When will you think about Gauri's marriage?
Rekha is elder to her. Let's think about Rekha first.
If we can find a good guy for her.. - Don't think about Rekha.
She will have what's in her destiny.
You were talking about some guy for Gauri that day.
Yes, but let me arrange some money first.
Nothing can be done without it.
But we shouldn't lose such a good guy.
Do this. - Tell me..
Mortgage my jewelry with granny in the mansion
..and arrange for the money.
Then free the jewelry as and when you can.
But.. - But what? - We will get Gauri married in a family..
..where she can have a very happy life.
That's right. - So don't think any more.
Go to granny's place next morning.. and.. fix the wedding.
Sister, don't you miss brother-in-law? - Shut up!
Hear the story if you want to. - Ok, read.
The prince reached a hut wandering alone.
He felt a sense of relief seeing the hut.
He thought someone must be living here.
The prince called out, is anyone in there?
A girl came out hearing his call.
She was surprised to see the prince.
She had never seen such a handsome prince, and good clothes.
How did the prince look, sister? Like our Buntu?
Shut up! Listen quietly.
I feel sleepy now. - Ok, go to sleep.
The girl asked, what do you want, traveler?
The prince answered, I am parted from my friends.
I need a place to spend the night in.
And if possible, some food too.
The girl took him inside her hut and said..
It's a humble house of poor person. Come in.
You can sleep here if you like. And eat whatever I have.
That's enough for me.
The girl offered him a chair..
She asked him to sit.
Then offered him food. Then they began to chat.
They chatted for so long..
..that while chatting, it was dawn.
Why do you talk of the jewelry, master?
You keep it with you.
You can take as much money as you want.
But.. - No ifs and buts.
But.. to whom have you fixed Gauri's marriage?
I haven't yet. I am still having a talk with the guy and his family.
I wondered how I would arrange everything without money, so..
Don't you worry! But do keep this in mind, please.
Choose a family for Gauri carefully.
Gauri is Lakshmi (wealth).
The family she is married into will be lucky.
That's the blessing I need from you.
You know she an orphan..
Ok, I take your leave. - No, you cannot go like that. Govardhan!
Rupa! Rupa! - Don't you have any work to do?
Calling me all the time!
Ok, continue reading. Rekha, get up and go to..
Where do you want me to go? I won't go anywhere. Send Gauri.
Ok, don't do anything. Gauri will do everything.
Gauri! Gauri! - What is it, aunt?
Go to the mansion and call your uncle.
He left to meet granny without eating anything in the morning.
He hasn't returned yet. Go and call him. - But, aunt..
Ok, Rekha does not get up. Now you, too, are refusing.
Tell me, should I go now?
Please go, my princess. Go. - Ok.
Will you go this way? Change your clothes.
Okay, I'll leave.
Gauri?! Welcome. - What made you come here, Gauri?
Auntie sent me here to call you.
You left without eating anything in the morning. Come.
Does anyone return without having anything from this house? Come.
Go master, Gauri has come to my place after a long time. Come here.
You've grown up these days, right? - No, granny.
No? Then why don't I see you often these days?
You know Buntu is here, don't you?
He's not at home at present.
I've heard that you run away when you see him.
He is very confused with your behavior.
He says.. I will go away to the city.
How long can he chat with an old woman like me?
Listen; Buntu will be back in a while.
Go after meeting him.
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
"God knows..
God knows what.."
"Sort of monsoon is it this time.."
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
"The water falling on head has decked me up.."
"This old earth looks like a new bride.."
"The water falling on head has decked me up.."
"This old earth looks like a new bride."
"Within me too, unknown desires.."
"Within me too, unknown desires.."
"Have begun rising.."
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
"My heart dances like a peacock."
"My body trembles like the branch of a mango.."
"My heart dances like a peacock."
"My body trembles like the branch of a mango.."
"Seeing the clouds, the clouds.."
"Seeing the clouds, the clouds.."
I feel shy of myself. O God!"
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
"God knows..
“God knows what..
..sort of monsoon is it this time."
"My body gets wets. My heart gets wet."
"The breeze plays games with me."
Champa, you?!
You look very happy today. - It's the first rain of the season.
Why are you getting drenched?
Isn't it the first rain of the season for me, too?
Let’s go. I'd been looking for you. - Why?
I'm going to go away from this village.
Come home with me; I want to chat with you. - Ok. Come.
Keep quiet!
Gauri? Champa?
We were going back home..
..but it started raining too heavily, so we stopped here.
Why aren't you upset with me this time?
Speak up! - Shut up!
Granny said you've grown up. So, you won't talk to me now?
Say something.
Did you see the photos?
Did you like them?
She was saying that they were really nice.
Did I say that to you?
Are you the same Gauri who used to talk like a fast train?
What's wrong with her? Why doesn't she talk now?
She feels shy now. - Shy? Why?
Because of what your granny said.
Oh, she's grown up!
Then how come you talk so much? - Silly boy! I am not Gauri.
Champa has gone away.
God knows what's happened to this village. It's a strange riddle.
Some people are not in the village; while some are leaving it.
Those who are here don't want to talk.
I don't care if someone doesn't want to talk..
I won't flatter anyone for that.
I won't talk to anyone either. - Oh my God.
What happened? I hope you're not injured.
Isn't that talking?
Govardhan? Where had you been since the morning?
Aunt, Balram's mother died this morning.
So we took her to the cremation ground.
Brother Balram's mother? - Yes, Raja Babu.
She had been suffering a lot. She is freed today.
Buntu! Buntu! Buntu!
‘This coconut is not for sale.’
‘I gave it to you as you were thirsty.’
Come on, child. You served her enough.
It's no use thinking so much now.
No, father. He will surely return.
I've promised him that I will stay here.
But will you stay here alone?
I am not alone, father.
I have this house.
What will he feel when he sees a vacant house?
Raja Babu!
Raja Babu! - Brother Balram!
When did you come? - A few days back.
You see, I had gone to the city for a livelihood.
But couldn't stay there long.
I've come back to see mother once.
But, brother .. - She is very upset with me right?
She would be. I had quarreled with her before going.
Had you gone to my place? How is mother now?
It's okay.. mother will be fine as soon as she sees me.
Brother Balram..
What happened, Raja Babu?
I hope mother is okay.
Aunt is.. you are too late, brother.
Raja Babu?
Just this morning..
'You are my joy, child.'
'lf you don't remain with me..
..what will I do with the worldly pleasures?'
'I am not going for good.
I told you I will return soon. - No, child, don't go!'
‘Bharat has been crying.’
‘He embraced brother..
..and said he died.’
What happened? - I explained them everything.
What did they say? - They said they won't take any dowry.
They will come and see the girl, and if they..
..they don't want anything else.
Then consider this relationship fixed. Who can reject our Gauri?
She is flawless. - That's true.
When will they come to see her? - In a day or two. - I see.
I've already spoken to your brother.
You are his uncle; you can also see my daughter.
I couldn't get her much education.
There weren't enough facilities in the village.
Education is not that important.
A girl should be good at looking after the household.
Yes, we cannot deny that. Yet, meet her once.
Why not? I can gauge a person's nature with one look.
I've been a lawyer's accountant all my life.
Buntu! - Greetings, uncle.
Welcome, child. Sit down.
He is the son of the landlord of our village.
He lives in the city.
He's come to spend his vacation here. - I see.
Come, child. - Come, child.
What happened? - Gauri!
Looks like she got scared.
She's too young. - That's true. It happens.
She's a simple girl after all; she must be shy.
But.. she's good.
Buntu, why don't you chat with him?
Come on, we'll sit over there.
Fine; let the children talk to each other.
What say, Sudhir? - Yes, uncle.
I had wrapped the sari well around her, yet it came off.
What do I do now? - What do I do?
They've come to see her.
God knows what's wrong with her.
Do something; I don't know.
Where do you get lost, my dear?
How can you manage things in your matrimonial home then?
Walk carefully, child.
Here, take this. Take it carefully.
No aunt, I can't do that.
They will only have a look at you. - I beg of you, aunt.
Don't send me again.
Why are you crying? Ok, don't go.
Be seated. - Didn't get it?
That is why the plate slipped from her hands.
One feels a storm in one's heart in such a situation.
Like a lightening had struck.
You are still young.
And you live in the city; you wouldn't know all this.
Do you know everything?
Ok tell me, what is Avro? - Avro?
Do you know what are Mirage, Concorde or Met? So?
Buntu? - Aunt, he doesn't know Mirage, Met, Boeing, Avro..
What? - No.. nothing. Aunt, I shall leave now.
Sit down, child. Have something before going.
No, uncle, I will come later.
Have something, child. - Thank you.
I am going back to the city next morning.
But Gauri knows everything about them. I've told her everything.
Will you go away tomorrow?
Won't you stay a day or two more?
No, granny, my college is going to start.
Are you going for the college or.. - Or what?
Nothing? - No.
And Gauri? - What about Gauri? She is going to get married.
She will go away to her matrimonial home.
I will go too. I will study further.
I will leave early next morning.
Govardhan! Govardhan! - Yes, Raja Babu?
Govardhan is putting your luggage in your car. - I see.
Where is granny? - Madam has gone somewhere since early morning.
I don't know. - I had told her I'd be leaving early.
Where has she gone away now? So that I couldn't leave?
Fine. Tell granny when she returns that..
..I waited for her; then I left. - Ok.
'You have fever and you went so far to get the Singhade?
‘When will you return?'
Did you remember the Singhade?
I am going.
'That's it? Don't you want to ask anything else?'
What do you say? Shall I go?
Are you crying, Gauri?
Don't you want to say anything to me?
Your marriage is fixed, right?
But why are you crying?
Why would you know why I am crying? Or why I feel shy and run away?
Why would you know that..
When will you come back?
I won't come back just like that.
I will bring the marriage procession next time. - Shut up.
Granny, you?!
I saw it! I saw everything in this car mirror!
I went to her father this morning and talked about your marriage.
And I was sitting here to tell you about it.
What are you doing? Wait! Wait!
Well, didn't you say that you'd come to Bombay when you'd see my wife?
You've seen her, right? Now come with me.
But I haven't told anyone at home.