New Vegas Weapon Guide 1 - One Handed Guns

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We got a chupacabra with an automatic weapon
War... war never changes. Warfare may change, but reguardless of era
or time one rule remains constant. The better the weapon, the bigger the advantage. It's
for that reason, in the game Fallout New Veags, that the better the weapon you carry, the
less likely you are to die. The sheer number of weapons that can be found in the mojave
wasteland in amazing, and finding the right one for your tastes can be difficult. Amongst
the arms available though, a certain number stand out for their amazing power, or high
rate of fire. In this first part of the Fallout New Vegas weapon suite I'll be covering five
of the most prominent One handed guns in the base game of Fallout New Vegas. If your looking
for anything that doesn't sling lead and fit in one hand, you'll have to look at look at
the other weapon guides in thsi suite. Now let's get to covering the list.
The first special one handed gun of notice is Lucky, a modified version of the .357 magnum.
This revolver does more damage per shot than it's standard counterpart, but it's true value
is in it's highly increased fire rate. If that's not enough it has one of the highest
critical rates in the game. To find this littel hand cannon you'll need to head to primm.
Inside the bison steve hotel it can be found in a floor safe in the giftshop on the first
floor. The safe has a hard lock on it though, so you'll need a lockpick skill of 75 to...
well, get lucky.
Second on the list is Vance's 9mm SMG. This gun isn't the most powerful sub machine gun,
but it's useful none the less. Mainly due to how it uses the most readially available
ammunition in the game, 9mm. To get this weapon you first need a speech skill of 55. No matter
if you achive that skill level through level ups, or clothing, chem, or magazine boosts
you'll want to head to west side. West side is one of the slums around the strip, and
it has the arena, or thorn, outside. Anyway from the thorn enterance travel around westside
to the north and look for a small shack. Inside is a couple known as the wins. Talk to pauline
Win, and after hearing a plan she's cooked up, pass a level 55 speech check, and she'll
tell you to talk to Sammy who will give you to combination to their safe. After chatting
with sam their safe will be unlocked, and you cna just open it to take Vanc'e SMG. Or
if you have a 100 lockpick skill you could just steal the gun, but the safe doesn't have
a key, so talking may likely be the easier route in this case.
Third in line for one handed guns is The Mysterious Magnum. This gun is presumably the weapon
held by the mysterious stranger who sometimes shows up in vats, if you choose the perk of
the same name. It's a superior version of the 44 magnum, with both it's damage per shot,
and fire rate being vastly superior to the base model. This gun is held by the lonsome
drifter, who can be found camping out in front of a roadside billboard north of novac, not
that far from the El Dorado Gas & Service. Getting the gun from his is a simple as killing
him, but you can also get it off of him with a level 50 barter skill during the "Tallent
Pool" quest. If you want to acquire this gun the nice way, first go to the tops casino
and talk to tommy torini in the aces theater on the second floor. After chatting with him
about new acts he'll sends you off looking for new tallent. Once that's done you'll have
the barter speech check as an option when talking to the lonesome drifter, just keep
in mind that you have to listen to his story before he'll settle down, and give up his
coveted firearm.
next one handed gun is the souped up version of the Hunting revolver called the Ranger
Sequoia. This is hands down the most powerful hand gun in the entire base game of New Vegas.
It's per shot damage rating isn't much higher than the base model, but the high fire rate
makes the vinalla version look flat out caitiff. The Ranger Sequoia is held by veteran NCR
ranger's who wear the masks with red eyes. However there's no garuntee you'll find a
veteran carring one, and you also ahve to wait until fairly late in the game till you'll
see them. The only model with a set location is held by Cheif Hanlon at Camp Golf. Camp
Golf serves as the NCR's primary supply hub located north west of hoover dam, and south
east of new vegas. Cheif Hanlon can be found on the balcony of the house resort building
during most of the day. You can simply kill him if you want his gun, but it's also possible
to acquire it without pulling the trigger yourself. Doing things the nicer way requires
you to travel to Camp forlorn hope, which is south west of hoover dam and north east
of novac. If you talk to Tech Seargeant Reys in the main command tent, she'll send you
all over god's glowing green irridated earth on the quest Return To sender. This quest
eventually leads you to Cheif Hanlon at camp golf. When you talk to him about why you've
been sent there, he'll take you down to his office. In order to get his gun don't side
with him. He'll send you out of his office, lock the door, make a speech, and when he
finishes his rant you can walk back in and take his gun off the floor. This is certanialy
the more roundabout way of getting the gun, but it's the only way to get it without aggrivating
the NCR. Regardless of how you choose to get the Ranger Sequoia, it's definatly a gun every
player should consider getting.
The last one handed firearm in the base game of Fallout New Vegas is the most powerful
Sub Machine Gun in the mojave wasteland, albeit the least accurate. Even though the 12.7mm
SMG doesn't have a unique variant, it's power and scarcity puts it on the level of many
other unique guns. It can be purchased from the gun runner's just outside of freeside,
but only when your at a high level will you find it in stock. There is one set location
where it can be found tough. East of New Vegas and North of Hoover Dam is a location called
blood bourne cave. Inside at the back of the cave is a cash of loot behind a locked gate.
If you can't pick the very hard lock on the gate the key can be found sitting next to
a camp fire not far from a ledge near the enterance. Also there's a trip wire right
beihind the gate, so be very careful not to set it off, because it drops a lot of grenades
if you do.
Even though there are many guns in Fallout New Vegas, the five arms i just covered are
some of the most noteworthy single handed guns available. However if yoru searching
for the best shotguns, riffles, oversized, melee, unarmed, or energy weapons in the game
then check out the rest of the Fallout New Vegas Weapon suite from Visage Guides and
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