El Camino Baby

Uploaded by mrufkaz2007 on 07.08.2012

That suppose to be an easy trip
But in a meantime
I am sweating all my sweat out
Little mole is riding in the hut - he is tuff
Snow leopard, she gave up the ghost already
This is bloody nice shit !
Another day, similar story
uphill from the morning
so what ? ... penance has to be...
let's go
how is your penance ?
I do not like your cycling
Why ?
Because you don't wait for me...
What you have there?
Are you taking wine for the way ?
Are you crazy ?
with water
very tasty
we get to final destination
wall... but not an ordinary wall
every student would like to have a wall like this
and we also
wine in one tap
good wine
Arek is after this already
What happened ?
If I could stick this changer
maybe we could travel a little then
use rock as a hummer !
that's exactly what we should do Arek
you said that's the best mattress Ida
please ... I washed your socks
dady lost me...
and we found each other in ...
Navaretta ... no ... what was that ?
chilled Arek is watching his cartoon
it is strait, and left. You know ?
I wanted to buy him T-shirt with bulls
but lady ask me for 7 euro
so we resigned
mama get herself a fan
for 2 and half
Souvenir from the lowest shelf
do you want to see ?
I catch this because Marek is not letting me to buy anything
plastic fantastic to remember... Spain
This man here, left me ...
I was crying as a baby
Second time on this trip
Third time I am saying ...
If there is roundabout you should wait
You never wait !
we're after Burgos, before Leon
it is very flat here
so cycling is easy
about 500 km left to Santiago de Compostella
mama is preparing a dinner
Arek is during his dinner, watching Pokoyo
Pokoyo just finished
wipe this from me
Arek what mama has on the head ?
Wipe me that !
What do you want me to wipe ?
Shit ?
tommorow we will be in Leon
after Leon mountains begins again
come here
Do you want to change nappy ?
what are you doing ? shit ?
behind museum door ?
perfect shadow there ?
60 km farther
mama has an accident, in hospital she get collar and we hit the road again
Leopard here, little mole
we're going uphill like on the beginning
but it's easier because is cold and is raining
but is better anyway
and maybe we are in better shape
don't we ?
hat's because you manage to found breakfast toda
yes, eggs...
yesterday on breakfast, dinner and today on breakfast
where dady are we going to sleep tonight ?
where did you see a place ?
11th of June, we get to the end
Fisterra, light house
I don't know if I am right but I think this is most western
piece of ...
Ireland :)
was it hard ?
was terribly hard
that's all I can say, that was...
penance ?
My great fight
maybe I was little to coarse for Ida
but we had to get going ...
so that's my excuse
what ? ... you walk away...
sunset separate for us...
one more night
Ship... nice ?
End of our journey
So ... we get back to base
How are you ?
First signs of influenza in us
influenza transformed from AH1N1 to ADHD extra !
Ida slapped a Galician bus driver
because he asked her to pay 3 euro for bike
That's not true
because he disapproved to take our bikes to the bus
he disapproved to take our bikes to the bus
then in that case it's ok