Túlélni Magyarországon - Bear Grylls Fake video (+ English subtitles !)

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In the following documentary, we will present numerous survival techniques, all of which have been laboriously acquired since the onset of human civilization.
No animals were harmed during the filming - at least, not any more, than we were. We do not recommend trying to reproduce these scenes at home, since we didn't do them at home either.
I'm not Bear Grylls. But now - as it turns out, I have to act like him.
I am here in the Carpathian basin in one of Hungary's most hostile environments.
It's not a rainforest, not a jungle, it is, however, the ultimate test for the real survivor.
I'm about to make exit from this safety-providing van, and venture into the wild.
As I'm approaching the forest ahead, I notice a single paraglider above the trees.
Let's make note of this, as he might be useful for something later.
This is an extremely dangerous place, so we have to be very, very cautious, because the unexpected can occur at any time...
So I'll begin to make my way into the forest, and due to the high level of danger, I will not be taking any crew or cameramen with me.
Look what I've found here. It's a mirror! This can be useful for many things, so it's a good idea to keep it.
For example it's very handy, in the event we have to give a signal, so that somebody might notice that we have hidden away here in the forest and nobody has found us yet.
And one other use is, as we are all alone, it will help us from feeling too lonely.
I can't afford to spend any more time here, I have to get moving. I'll put the mirror in my bag. I'm sure it's gonna be good for something.
I'm already begining to feel thirsty, I must find water soon.
There is a good method for getting fluid, but in order to acheive this, I must push myself to maximum.
I have to run like nobody can, because I'm fighting for my life right now.
Now I am completely exhausted,
theoretically, our feet should be all nice and sweaty, especially if we are wearing a very good quality pair of boots, which insulates well.
We can see how nice the sweat pours out of it.
We grab our trusty flask.
This is one of the most effective ways to quickly - before we become dehydrated - to gain some fluid.
However certain harmful bacteria might have still remained inside of it.
We had better look for some kind of filter immediately, and one of the best ways to do this is to use our underwear.
Unfortunately, I don't have another flask, so I'm going to solve this in a very simple way.
Woo, like the best springwater.
Now I have successfully gained some water, I'm just going to quickly dry my socks, and head on, because shortly, I will have to find some food - especially protein.
But first I need to choose the right direction.
I would start that way - as the sun rises in that direction, so west is that way...
Yepp. We have to go that way.
We have to keep quiet! We've managed to find an occupied camp.
We must find a way inside, in order to get some food now.
C'mon, let's go inside. C'mon.
The driveway is open, but this must be to good to be true. Not to be deceived, I choose the fence to get inside instead.
In the backyard, we should be able to find some food.
But like most family homes, it's no surprise to find a blood-thirsty watchdog.
Thank goodness, I have a ball, it's here in my pocket. here.
Fetch, boy! Fetch, boy!
Now that we have occupied the dog, our next move is to get to the food.
I just got very hot during the fight, let me get some clothes off.
Look at this here! Just what we need.
This is a very ancient australian aboriginal weapon, but it's well known in Hungary too.
I'm going to hunt our prey down with this one.
I don't really want to kill it, 'cause it tastes better if it stays alive. I'm only going to knock it out,
I'm going to whack it on the back of it's head.
We have to get this right, that's what the boomerang is perfect for.
I got it! I don't want to eat it just yet, so, this time, I won't bite it's head off, I'll just save it for later,
as we are going to need food as the day goes on, I'll put it inside my bag. Alright.
Let's get another one while we can, because the more we put away, the greater the chance that we'll survive.
Great! Ahh.. I've got the other one. I'll just put it in here with the first one. Now we have both of them, most likely that'll be enough. ... Shhhit!
The problem is, that they don't want to stay calm. I'll try to quiet them down!
I think we can carry on in this direction.
Let me have the camera.
There are some more cocks over here!
C'mon, we can cross here!
C'mon I'll help you! C'mon! Are you OK?
Ssssh! I heard something! I'll go forward to check it out.
Deep inside the forest you can always find things, which you normally wouldn't like to find, but are useful nonetheless.
Do you remember the paraglider that we saw?
We have come upon a dead solider. He must have been a paratrouper, judging from the parachute.
Let's search him to see what we can find - and use - later on.
It's a gun. There's only one bullet inside.
OK. It doesn't work anymore, but the spark could still save our lives.
What's even more important, that we'll need the rope.
And the parachute can be used as a tarp. It will come in very handy when we build shelter.
My backpack is almost full, I still have to make room for these accessories.
I did find the gun. Now I'll try to shoot an alarm shot. In hope that someone will hear it and come here to help, I absolutely have no idea where I am at the moment.
Well, dinner's not a bad idea either!
This is gonna be good for something later on.
I have to make fire, because I'm now quite cold, and as we know, a fire not only warms the body, but it warms the soul as well.
But making a fire is not so simple, I have to first look for some dry wood, and something with which I can get the flames going with.
When it's burning, I can finally eat a bit.
It's a good thing that I put the chickens in the bag, and now I really need to eat, especially for the proteins.
Proteins are the most important nutrient a survivor needs - one can't live without them.
We can gain sufficient amounts of protein from different parts of the chicken, but now I'm going to get from this part.
That's it...
Fortunately, they left this in here.
Now I'm going to have to eat it.
We have to eat the shell too, because it's simply full of calcium. I'm eating it raw, I'm not cooking it, beacause.
Well, I'm not cooking it because I'm here in this f*cking forest alone, and I need the all the nutriments I can get, and if I cook it, I will lose a lot.
Let's try the wing, maybe it's less.
ehh. it's pretty tough. I'll try to.
I can't break it like this, I'll try to chew it off.
Mmm. good. a bit tough though.
That's most disgusting thing I have ever done.
No matter. We need to eat, beause we need the energy.
It's extreemly important for us not to lose any of our hard-earned vitamins and nutrients,...
...so I'll use this chicken leg as a plug.
Jesus, that's big.
Maybe it's a bit extreem, but wanted to demonstrate this ancient bushman technique.
I have to just do it.
Let's get moving.
Oh, let's extiguish the fire.
Thanks. Let's go!
We need a little help here.
I'll show you a very old, proven technique to stop our hands from slipping on these steep walls.
We'll can utilise the chicken for this.
We are going to need two of them, for both of our hands. The chicken is conveniently equiped with a hole big enough for our hands.
So we pull one on one hand, and the other on the other hand.
That will do it.
This technique which is used in South Sumatra
was a big help.
The mountain climbing gloves made from the chickens made it much easier for me,
because the protruding legs are good for getting a hold in the underwood,...
...and in the rough cliff edges, preventing my hands from slipping.
OK, now I could really go for a long shower.
OK, I'll stop a bit to have some rest. That fish will come handy now.
I'll clean this branch. and use it as a skewer.
The best way is to stick the branch through a hole, and if the fish already has one, why make another?
I'm going to shove it through it's mouth.
There we are.
And I can force it through the whole length of its body.
It's stupid to start at its ass though.
If we don't have a need for the rest of the fish, we can just leave it here. Will be good for the Bears.
Soon the sun will go down, so it's time to build a shelter for the night.
It's a good thing, that I had enough forethought to pack my bag of very useful accessories. So it will be relatively simple to achieve this.
I'd like to put together a cosy shelter, because I had a very hard day.
I need a comfortable and calm enviroment for sleeping in order to gain sufficient energy for tomorrow.
Thanks to the mindful collecting of materials, and hard work, I managed to build a homey little abode.
I couldn't fall asleep right away, so I occupied myself.
But after I fell asleep, I was woken up several times by unfamiliar noises.
It's someting very scary. I got frightened, there's something very scary on TV.
I forgot to turn it off. I'll do that now. I need to get some rest.
I'll have to get enough strength to be able to carry on tomorrow.
I spent the night well, except for one thing; I forgot about the chicken leg.
Stay tuned next time. In the next episode,...
I'll show you, how to get into a house, if don't happen to have the right keys.
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Deleted scenes:
I found a mushroom. It seems to edible enough. Although I've seen a similar one in the jungles of Vietnam.
And after eating it, I saw violet elephants, but this one seems to be good. We can easily recognize it from here. From it's hat.
Just like me.
I'll put it in my backpack. Later, it might prove to be useful.
We've already got two chickens inside.
Most likely, he didn't die from that. But we'll keep this one.
Protein. I simply love it. I'm totally addicted. And this is an excellent source of essential protein.
It's a praying mantis.
The highest quantity of protein is in the bottom part, but first, I'm biting it's head off.
No matter. Done. C'mon.
Aaaah, I walked into the worst.
We have to be alert, there might be poisonous spikes.
But I've got all my inoculations.
Look at this. Most bodybuilders take this.
We should thoroughly check all of the pockets.