Developing the Most Efficient Solar Panels | DuPont™ Solamet® and Sharp Corporation

Uploaded by DuPont on 12.06.2012

0:00:11:000,0:00:15:000 >> Tetsuro Muramatsu: For Japanese people it is very
important to coexist with nature.
0:00:21:500,0:00:32:500 >> Nobuyuki Morioka: Solar energy has been my life’s
work. I have installed panels for 40 years now. The power source at
Tsubosaka Temple is one of many I have installed.
0:00:40:500,0:00:40:500 >> Minoru Amoh: Together with Sharp, we are aiming to
achieve the best energy conversion in the world.
0:00:48:00,0:00:57:500 >> Minoru Amoh: We believe we can achieve this with
New Crystalline Solar Cells. The thought behind New Single Crystalline Solar
Cells is that higher conversion efficiency can be achieved by grouping the
electrodes together underneath to ensure nothing blocks out the sunlight.
0:01:02:500,0:01:12:000 >> Minoru Amoh: DuPont created highly reliable,
precision surface-ink printing. Without this kind of relationship with
Sharp,this technology could not be realized.
0:01:15:00,0:01:21:000 >> Nobuyuki Morioka: I am about to retire. I hope that
the good work with this type of cleaner energy will continue.
0:01:27:000,0:01:30:500 >> Motohiro Suzuki: I think we will see an increase
of solar panels in the future.
0:01:32:000,0:01:37:000 >> Motohiro Suzuki: My first installation of New
Single Crystalline Solar Cells was at this 24-hour convenience store.
0:01:38:500,0:01:53:500 >> Minoru Amoh: The next step for New Single
Crystalline Solar Cells is expansion to Asia and the rest of the world. Our
company has been working closely with Sharp for 10 years. We hope to
continue developing innovative systems together in the future.