Audacity How to Edit Tutorial : Splicing Sound

Uploaded by buckydurddle on 18.09.2012

Hello musicians thanks for joining us my name is Andrew Mercer and this very shortly
to really show you have to say evading in audacity
it specifically i'm gonna show you how to
uh... take the best pieces of separate peaks
cmi find that the first half of one st making really good in the second half of
the mother take my political anyone combined together
to get the best of both
i wish i had to do that i'd get a little bit spoken word kaczynski's used to do
it with music is a lot more tricky but this is a good way to start
uh... principal stuff abcd kiev g
date onto a plate alone in our p hired so this is a i'll be able to be the same
either way
artists scene he's acting but
the court twice
records separate so what i'm going to do is on what i don't want second half of
the first take
so i'll just so that there were no space lighting over and get to meet the and
that's gone
and by i'm i want the second half of the second take i think better so i mean it
select the first draft of the second take
m_t_v_ back
so now i have uh... two separate things for the night lineup
i need to use my time fifty four
appearing to tools you can see when you go over to be the big
it's nighttime shift to a little take might the second half
house right over there
nemo so they have overlapping a little bit
uh... and that uh... big kisses three
quick and dirty we're doing this but that helps to uh...
making make it to uh... half blend together the better so
you could have overlapping a little bit
arts announced plans yet sent
abcd kiev g
date onto a plate alone in our p
q r s
team the
w x what
the until at the species
you could you know he's eating dude spoken word you can do it all kinds of
things but that's how you do it
now if this helps you give me a comes update get thumbs up
if you'd like it
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until after the the deals latitudes rails on how to to edit without getting
a lot of other music
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organized ickies ya see you next time