Punjabi Television BREAKDOWN

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The day is November 29, 2012 and this is your weekly program of Virsa Punjabi Friends TV Show
First of all, we'll be starting off with our first religious segment
Bhai Sahib Chapinder Singh's Sermon
and THAT was your religious segment for the week.
Now let's take a look at Balkar Sidhu's new song, Diamonds are my love.
Brown Leather Sofa, $699 with a free lamp and BULB free too
Brown new leather made sofa set. If you want it, take it... if not, then NO FREE PILLOWS.
Bring all the kids, Neighbours kids, collect em all!
No problem! 8 family's? NO PROBLEM. 15 Families, NO PROBLEM.
First was selling for $900, and now it's at $1300
First was selling for $900, and now it's at $1300
You didn't come to last week's sale, and now the prices have gone up...
Today's program is sponsored by Taco Depot
Where you can get many different types of Punjabi Style Taco's, New store just opened.
We are now showcasing a new singer with his band who is in our studio today
So please, take a listen to their brand new song.
Hey girl, with your moca skin, make all them Starbucks boys running
Starbuck's boys, Tim Horton's boys, Coffee Time Boy's... ALL DEM BOYZ. (x2)
You gotta stop drinking so much of that coffee girllll.
Gotta stop drinking, gotta stop drinking. Gotta stop drinking all that coffee gurlllllll.......
Hello, my name is Meera and this is your weekly Jewellery Segment.
We are joined today by Yo Yo Maple Syrup Singh. Thank you so much for coming on the show.
So what's your background. Where are you from.
My village is where lover's are born
Where romance happens, and where songs of love are sung.
That is my village, that's where I'm from... that is my background.
Your singing... or your rapping techniques, where did you learn them from?
Singing let me tell you... I was born with it.
No one taught me anything, because I'm number 1 in everything
Since the day I was born I was #1, I am #1 now, and forever will be.
Your new album... it was just released this past month.
- Yes, Hot Steamy Style. - Such a beautiful name
Can you tell us a little bit about this album?
My first song is, Pinki from Brampton. Second song is, beat all the children.
4th song is, GETTIN' GIRLS. And the 5th song, F**k you're family.
Bonus track, the one I won an award for... Bottles of Whiskey, we never leave EMPTYYYY.
Also I dropped a new religious album as well. Because I'm #1 and people follow me.
So that's why... God is great. Remember the God... buy my album btw.
Before we leave, I just have a little request on behalf of all the viewers.
If you can just showcase 2 or 3 lines from one of your songs.
- I usually don't do anything without getting paid... - plz bro lol
Wow, such an amazing voice, such sweet sweet lyrics.
We'll meet again, next week. When we sit down with Oprah Winfrey, and interview her... in punjabi.
Today I will be teaching you... how to save on RRSP's
Watcha gotta do is, take your money, and SAVE it.
Before we leave, we are debuting a new song: SKYPE. A brand new sad song.
So, we'll meet next week. Until then... *cheesy Punjabi Poetry*
Sitting on Skype girl... I remember YoOoOoOoOoOuuuu (x2)
Creeping your pictures on facebook girl... I love with YoOoOOoOoOoOouuuuuu (x2)
Sitting on SKYPE girl, I think of YoOOoOoOoOOOUuuuu (x2)