The Guild Season 6 Production Diaries - Day 10

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Sep 26, 2012


CHRIS: OK so this location is Game HQ.
So this is the place that makes the game that all the
Guildies love.
And so at the end of last season, Codex got a job here.
So we get to reveal here.
So next Friday when we do the giant reveal of this place.
We've got all these little fun nooks and crannies.
and sculptures and statues.
And we actually visited a bunch of video game companies,
and every single one of them had banks of monitors with
game footage, and their logos, and stuff like that.
So we've got that fun stuff.
Banners and mannequins of maybe armor and weapons and
stuff from the game.
We've also got this freaking awesome dragon, that its mouth
really opens an talks and whatnot.
One other small thing that we've put in here is that,
since Codex's avatar--
her costume, that you see sometimes.
You saw her in the "Do You Want to Date My Avatar," in
that music she had on her avatar's costume.
And a couple times she's appeared in-game.
But we have her costume on a mannequin over there.
I don't think you can see it from here.
But we have her costume on a mannequin, because that would
also be from the game.
And I just love the idea of having this moment where Codex
is walking into this environment and sees her own
costume from the game here, and her own
weapon from the game.
And that really sells the idea that she was meant to be here.
This is a place that she's a perfect fit for.
They've got stuff in every freaking--
all over the place.
Al these cool dragons and sculptures and stuff.
The other thing that is nice about this
location is it's open.
So much of the Guild is shot in people's tiny bedrooms and
their tiny offices.
So it's so nice to be able to get the camera where we can do
movements, and we can get back away from the stuff and get a
lot more movement with the characters.
So we like that this place is so open.
I will try to show you my favorite piece.
I don't know if it's even hung yet.
I don't think it is.
But you can get a peek on it when this bad boy goes up.
This is my favorite thing.
ALYNNE: That is your favorite thing?
CHRIS: This is my favorite thing.
ALYNNE: I would have thought it was Sparkles, or--
CHRIS: The dragon is called Sparkles?
Sparkles the dragon.
No, my favorite thing is
definitely this dragon carving.
Because it looks really-- it looks legit.
It looks real.
ALYNNE: This was one of the other things that we borrowed
Can you show him Sparkles?
Have you seen Sparkles move yet?

Then the mouth goes.
Then the--
There it is.
It even has a freaking tongue in there.

Then they got from green to blue.
All right.
So that's your tour.
I hope you enjoyed the tour.
Now I have to go talk to Kim.
She is calling me away.
I have to work!

CHRIS: See ya!