Gönülçelen )) Episode 48 - Part 2/6 [English Subtitles]

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“are you asleep?”
I did not sleep
Is something the matter?
I changed some lyrics of the song.. Would you like to have a look
can I come to your room if its ok?
Of course you can
come on in
I thought we will start in the morning but I could not wait
I wanted to know your opinion
Let me look
he opposes me. For Hasret.. can you imagine?
Mrs. Nesrin maybe you should get some sleep ?
you'll feel better
I can not sleep, look at the state that I'm in
Huh! Shewket
He want us that we meet tomorrow
see she was in the house for 2 days
and everyone is at each other’s throat
Mrs. nesrin, I am sorry but I see this differently
Oh Jeren please! Please..
Oh good the message is sent..
stop beeping that thing Nakiye.. Can't you see my state?
Ok.. it has been sent anyway
If there is a chance we will meet tomorrow
Where Nakiye?
In the Park?
In the Park
we'll meet in the park
Let's go to the kitchen
oh yeah I forgot all about the tea
I will come back now, I'll be back
What shall I do tomorrow?
What do you mean what will you do?
when I will meet Shewket.. what if I get confused?
What if I could not control myself?
What will I wear this time?
Do not worry, I will help you, we will choose something
Come on let's make a calming tea.. Mrs. Nesrin needs it
Where is the Chamomile?
This is cumin
And what you want?
Ah Shewket you're the reason in all that's happenning
I wasn't like this before
I would grasp all that is said to me immediately
take it
Very beautiful
What happened? didn't you like it?
No.. I liked it
then why do you look upset?
I am scared of failure again
Well, this is not a problem
so is it normal to be afraid?
If this fear will make you work harder then it's normal
remember when you went on stage in a rehearsal you were scared
But you still went on stage and you succeeded
It seems ages ago
It wasn't that long ago..
and now you're stronger
You know what you are doing
You can use your voice much better than before
This song is my last chance
The album was not liked and no one bought it
What if they do not like this either?
I am wondering how that florist girl who stood up against everyone
now became a little fraidy cat.. ?
I am not a fraidy cat!
It’s just that.. I am..
this time I am with you Hasret
I will be with you
I will not let you be unsuccessful..
just let yourself go.. trust me..
trust yourself..
trust in your potentials
You can be successful if you want this
and if we fail
we can always start again
oh yeah.. there is no giving up when music is concerned
Never mind..
I feel a bit sleepy..
when will we wake up ??
I mean when will you wake up in the morning??
we will have breakfast at 9.. in the breakfast lounge
Good Night
Good Night
"My heart feels gloomy now without you"
"All alone in one corner"
"How could you leave so suddenly?"
"Our love is left half finished"
Can we start again?
"My heart feels gloomy now without you"
"All alone in one corner"
"How could you leave so suddenly?"
"Our love is left half finished"
Can we start again? ok?
"My heart feels gloomy now without you"
"All alone in one corner"
"How could you ..."
Nope this is not right
What's not right?
this composition is not good enough
this song won't achieve the breakthrough we want for Levent
that’s because I cannot sing it well enough
no no.. this has nothing to do with you
It's my fault
I think I'm not making you train for the correct composition
Murat.. Murat..
Good evening... Is it possible for me to have some sellotape?
Ok.. Thanks
eat something my dear
No.. I don't feel like eating my dear
Look .. I hard boiled some fresh egg
I went in the morning to the bakery and got you hot bagel.. eat
I don't feel like eating
girl ok..
I promise I will talk with Jafer
I will explain everything for him
I will tell him I forced her with difficulty to go on stage
and Balçiçek went on stage only to save my marriage
Look .. you will see.. he'll forgive you
So easily
if he wanted to forgive me, would he leave like this?
Look .. He did it deliberately ..
He went because he was surprised
He x-ed me out .. It's all over
he wasn't surprised as you think
Well .. I will still try to persuade him
Trust me I will solve this issue
Jafer will return to you again
I wish!
But I do not think so
I wish for this to happen
He loves you and a man in love knows how to forgive
Come on
80 + 30 = 110
if I pay brother Zafer and deducted some from brother Osman
we take 20TL from there
fine we resolve everything
Oh! Jafer you came and killed us
wow! what's up brother Tarkan
I'm like a stapler, thanks
of course my friend, this is our field
showbiz and Entertainment
of course
of course I will be responsible for the organization
Yes.. all of us.. we will all go of course brother
you open the doors for us and we will make all the places shine
Ok.. I will gather the whole team
of course brother.. all my respect. see you.. thanks
That's it!!
you're a king in the entertainment world
but who will sing?
Balçiçek would die and not go on stage
brother Cobra can you come down?
How are you?
why did you run last night? Where's our money?
where would I run to.. here I am..
my friends excuse me.. but I had to leave early
anyway, just give us our money so we can go
ok.. your money is ready .. I'll give it to you now
look I might do anything but not when money is concerned
these things are important my friends
money means promises and my promises are like a debt
this is not enough brother Cobra, this is 80TL it's missing 20TL
20TL has no value..
brother it's missing 20TL
20TL is a trifle amount and won't come between us man
today I owe you money.. tomorrow you owe me money
Cobra just give is the 20TL and let's have any problems
here.. Ok..
-hello - hello brother
how much do I owe you?
Good morning
Good morning
How does it look?
The other one was better
This one?
If you want you can put on his scarf
Look .. How beautiful
I think so
good .. We have chosen the outfit
What is left now?
my hair
your hair is beautiful.. how do you wanna style it?
I don't know Jeren
I'm afraid he won't like me
I think shewket like you since long time
you're stressing for no reason
so you say I should go like this.. I need to do nothing