[Eng / CN Subs] Hello f(x) Ep03 100501 Part 4

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Let's see the ratings
Ratings 8.3
Eh? What is this?
Amber you're the best! Hahaha I'm the best!
This is the "Amber you're the best" blog, filled with Amber's photos
The one who made this blog seem to be Amber unnie fan
There's a review, let's look at the review
At Africa... Thai language lesson
This is the sawadeeka
We look like we learned Thai seriously
(Sulli still remember)
Sulli nonsense talk... What did Sulli said?
Nonsense talk why am I so pretty?
Why does people think I'm pretty?
Although I think I'm pretty but why is people saying I'm pretty?
I don't remember this
Here... wait...
But why did you wrote that?
During elementary school there was this notice board at the back of the classroom
to put your essays, this is what I wrote
now that I remember I thought
If I write what should I write about
but I can't remember I wrote such content
Why say I'm pretty when there's lots of prettier people than me
I really don't like people like that even saying my name is pretty
Am I really that pretty?
(Members are hyped by Sulli's words)
Expected from our Sulli, the nonsense Sulli
I also agree she's nonsense Sulli
Here is what netizen thinks of Victoria's pitching
I see "Thanks to the pitching the competition was more interesting" sort of responses
(Victoria so cool)
These are photos of Victoria at the baseball tournament
PD: Do you have your own thought in pitching?
I had tried practicing, at that time all of them were about the same
it was caught easily
when it was the real pitching I moved aside a little
a little pity that they caught it like this
Look at the leg
Look at the leg, this is really a high kick pitching
We looked at a lot of responses
We also look at the responses
of the first episode of Hello f(x)
We're almost like living beside the computer our members were looking at the reponses from Korea
and I'm responsible for the China side
This is f(x)'s first TV show
so it's like we didn't talk much, a little shy
but also very shiny and mysterious, was worried and want to be flavoured by everyone
This is when we went to Thailand
Ah in this scene Sulli kept eating and eating
When unnie was interviewing I kept eating, what should I do?
Krystal's fan also leave us a deep impression
Thailand red pants fan
So cute!
It's Krystal passionate fan
I rememberd this red pants fan
I said to take a rest but he still follows
In Thailand we said "It's okay to stop following us" everyone was worried
The red pants fan also gave us our own CD
that's right, f(x)'s Chu
that was brought in Thailand
When we received our CD it felt good
Sulli what was your reason you want to ride the elephant?
Although I kept saying elephant
but it's only words that I said I want to ride the elephant
when I rode it I was lost
after riding it I thought it was interesting
f(x)'s passport reveal!
Didn't we say we reveal our passport photo
I revealed Amber's passport photo
I also said Amber's real name is Amber Josephine
Amber is killing my neck
The response of the fans are good
What do they say?
Amber's passport photo is so pretty
Say it's cute, the response to Amber is she's cute
Wait... Wait... Wait... we revealed Amber's passport already this time it's Victoria
Yes... Yes...
I'm leaving
Victoria unnie hurry reveal your passport
Victoria you almost disappointed us
f(x) must not break their promises
She brought her passport means inside she wants to reveal it
This I changed a new one because the old one is finished
Let me take a look at it first
What?? Why is your face like that?
So pretty!
So pretty like a goddess
Song Qian! Song Qian!
Victoria unnie Chinese name is Song Qian
Victoria unnie is really pretty
The good stuff always last the shortest
I should finish this quickly so I can change a more prettier photo
Please continue to watch Hello f(x) and please leave lots of messages
Be anticipated before our come back
f(x) come back!
Shouldn't we get prepare to Japan?
For the Japan trip they started learning again
f(x) next schedule is Boys Over Flower event at Japan
Who's interested in Japan?
I haven't been to Japan before Me too
I like Japan
I want to eat crepe
Sushi, I like sushi, I really like sushi
eating sushi in Japan....
At the end it's all about food
Sulli recently been studying Japanese
Where are we going (Japanese)
What does that mean?
This mean where are we going
(Looks like Sulli has worked hard for her Japanese)
Please give me some sushi
(Can't lose)
PD: What does that mean? Please give me some sushi
(Related to food again)
Tha Thai fans are mostly young who liked us
I think the Japanese likes formal and agile more
LA chA TA, Chocolate Love, Chu are all fast beat songs
Japanese fans might...
like this...
I think it'll be like this
Ah f(x) like this
Amongst us who has a Japanese friend?
(ME) Then we let the Japanese friend to post messages online
saying f(x) is coming f(x) is coming...
(Search no.1 in Japan?)
Our loved [something-drink]
we can't survive without it
this is my energy
enery [something] is my energy
So embarrassing
Now they know how to joke and play around
We should do our best for the Japan performance
1 2 3 f(x) f(x) Fighting!
I wonder what the kids ate at night?
What happened to you all? Someone please stop them!
(This is f(x))
See you in Japan
(Follow us to Japan)