Midyeciler 2/3 - Ellerin Turkusu Kanal B

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...I couldn't get the taste of mussel even from the best fish.
When we eat the mussel...
...you eat a mussel that was made by an expert..
...you cannot taste the same taste from the best fish...
...you get addicted.
I started this job when I was 11, now I am 29 years old.
I have been doing this job for 18 years.
We have a firm order, mussel order, imagine; 40 sacks, 50 sacks.
You cannot return without having that amount.
If there are no problems.
Maybe it takes 3 hours, if there are mussels...
...maybe we do it in 5 hours, how many hours it might take.
Sometimes the work of 3 hours can increase to 8 and maybe 10 hours.
We are now pulling our trawl.
The friends are taking the trawl inside.
After the part that we call knife edge touches the ground...
...it cuts the mussel and...
the mussel goes into the bag at the wired back side.
The big ones, the huge ones are going to be cleaned out...
they will be stuffed, and we take the big ones andů
ůthrow the small ones back into the sea, to let them grow more.
After you throw the small ones backů
ůthey stick to the ground again and continue growing.
More we take out the mussels out of the sea...
ůthey will reproduce more.
When the mussel grows, if you don't take them...
ůthe mature mussel dies below these mussels.
When the mature ones start dying, the mussel numbers decrease.
Here is Garipce Village.
We worked here for 3 months, the number of mussels decreased...
...we cannot find enough number of mussels we expected, what we do?
ůthere is a place called Caka, down in Sariyer district...
After 3 months, there is a cove there; we stay there for 3 months.
After 6 months, the mussels grow here again.
We come back again here.
It is not like a factory, there are no machines or robots.
It's all about human force; you clean mussels out one by one, by yourself.
You pack it and send to the restaurants.
After the restaurants wash and clean them, they sell them.
We do the hard part.
The mussels arrive to the restaurants cleaned out; they fry, cook and serve it.
They are distributed to everywhere in Turkey.
They are distributed to Ankara, Antalya and Izmir.
They are distributed to everywhere in Turkey.
There are only few people who don't eat this.
Why they don't eat?
Because they probably don't know the taste.
That's why.
Just like everyone eats fish, mussel can be eaten too.
When it is in the sack, it can live up to a week in thereů
...when you put it in the sea.
This happens in winter.
We throw them to the sea in summer...
ůthey breathe by themselves and they can continue living.
After cleaning out, the mussel dies.
If you don't clean out, the mussel will live.
So the mussel thrown into the sack might live again.
7 or 8 thousands of mussels might come when it is a good time for mussels.
Now we will throw the small mussels back.
To grow.
If we destroy them, we will be unemployed.
I have been in this business for 24 years.
Maybe more than 25 years, it might be 26.
I have been working here for 26 years, I am opening mussels.
I am also fishing but that's a daily job.
We work like this. We don't have anything else.
Sleight of wrist, it means moving fast.
If you can move fast, you can open more.
Not everyone can open this, it is very hard.
To open it is very hard; most of the people would open it from the middle.
When the people, our friends, our wives come here...
...I tell them to try to open or they want to try...
...they cannot do it, they do it this way.
When you open this way, it is not good...
ůI show them how they need to open, I teach them.
To let the inside of the mussel go out undamaged.
They cannot do it the way I show them, they destroy it.
It is destroyed like this and...
ůI tell them that we cannot send it to the restaurants anymore.
They of course get sad, because they cannot do it.
We cannot do anything since the people don't know how to do it.
We love our job a lot, if we leave this job...
...we cannot do anything else, we don't have possibilities and...
ů there is nothing else we can do.
We cannot stay till night without doing nothing or just walking.
You need to do something else.
Well, nowadays we don't have many things to do nowadays.
The business is not going well nowadays...
...in the restaurants and the cafes.
Before, we used to do double or triple of the quantity we do now...
...we can only do 500 now.
They sell on Saturday and on Sunday...
...the other days they are not working and we cannot come, and work for 3 days.
No Mondays, no Tuesdays, no Wednesdays, no Thursdays...
...we start working on Friday and then work Saturday and Sunday.
We cannot work other days since we don't have any other possibilities.
This job needs a lot of effort.
Most of the workers eyes got tired or bad.
The workers eyes get tired and at the end they cannot see.
They open with a hair inside.
Some people might not see this hair that needs to be taken out and...
ůif you send to a restaurant like that, it will return back.
They will ask us what kind of mussels you are sending to us.
Since this will go into the mouth of the customer...
ůyou need to be clean while opening this.
You need to open carefully, everybody eats this.
There are a lot of people that benefit; they are some people that eat it.
That's why you need to be careful.
You need to be very careful.
I do it every day here.
On the stove. Just like this on the stove.
I fry them just like this, I come to here on Saturday and Sunday...
ůI also save some for myself to eat at home.
After I sell to my customers, I take them to my house and fry them.
The vinaigrette taste very nice.
Tomatoes, onion, parsley and then carrot and potatoes.
Very nice, just like that.