STAR WARS™: The Old Republic™ - Choose Your Side: Trooper vs. Sith Inquisitor

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Male Trooper: Protecting the Republic from its enemies is our duty.
Woman: I’m glad I can depend on you to do what’s necessary, Lieutenant.
Charles Boyd: I think the fantasy of the Trooper is about being yourself, only something more.
You’re a highly trained elite fighting machine. You’re unstoppable. You’re an officer.
You have extreme responsibilities, major decisions to make; you decide how things get done.
Male Trooper: If you try to take me down I’ll wipe your squad out.
Daniel Erickson: The Trooper is shoot first, ask questions later. The Inquisitor is always
thinking, always calculating, always trying to figure out what the best path is.
Inquisitor: What do the artifacts do, exactly?
Sith: They will make you more powerful than you could imagine. I have foreseen it.
Daniel Erickson: People are going to get pulled to the Inquisitor story both want to be the
mastermind and really pull the strings behind the scenes, or people who really just want
to shoot lightning out of their hands.
Inquisitor: Tell us where they took it!
Cameron Winston: The appeal of being a Trooper is that you get to be the defender of what
your ideals are against the face of really just pure evil. I mean the Empire are the
bad guys, for sure, and you get to be, in a very real way, the defender of the peace.
Austin Peckenpaugh: The Inquisitor starts as a slave but quickly she finds that she
has her own path that has nothing to do with being a slave in the past. She fits in quite
well with the Sith. That whole attitude of “yes, I belong here, everyone should recognize
that” is pretty awesome.
Charles Boyd: The Trooper is a guy who isn’t born with superpowers. He’s an everyman
thrust into these crazy situations.
Daniel Erickson: When you’re playing an Inquisitor, especially when you’re playing
as an Assassin, the combination of stealth and a heavy hitting lightning ability is just
something you cannot underestimate.
Austin Peckenpaugh: She’s very sneaky, very stealthy, and has a lot of up-front damage
on demand.
Cameron Winston: Two words: massive cannon. I’ve got it. You don’t. That’s really
the bottom line with the trooper.
Austin Peckenpaugh: Double-Bladed Lightsabers, the Force.
Charles Boyd: Rocket launchers.
Daniel Erickson: She’s got stealth.
Charles Boyd: Grenades, Missiles.
Daniel Erickson: She shoots lightning out of her hands, and she is the evil that nobody
Inquisitor: When I finish my ascent, all will bow. Or face my might.
Charles Boyd: Inquisitor, Trooper, they get into a fight – Inquisitor eventually is
going to get tired swinging the lightsaber, shooting all this lightning and stuff. Trooper
doesn’t get tired, he just reloads.
Austin Peckenpaugh: The Inquisitor has all of the advantages here. She gets to start
the fight on her terms, she gets to control the Trooper. The Trooper’s heavy armor is
just slowing him down.
Daniel Erickson: Once she shows up and the Trooper actually turns around that giant gun,
all she’s going to do is stun him, take off and then come out and do it to the poor
guy again and again.
Cameron Winston: I know that the fight is going to start when I’m not ready for it.
So I’m going to need to be able to push her away with Concussion Charge and when I
have her where I want her, I’m going to hit her with an explosive Demolition Charge.
Cameron Winston: Truth of the matter is I don’t need to hit her too often in order
to take her down.
Austin Peckenpaugh: The Inquisitor has a lot that she can use to take down a trooper. She
still has Force Lightning, so even when she is out of range or finds herself in a tight
spot, she has those long-ranged attacks.
Cameron Winston: It’s absolutely going to be the Trooper. We’re coming -- And we’re
bringing guns.
Daniel Erickson: The Inquisitor’s going to win.
Charles Boyd: Trooper’s going to win. No question.
Austin Peckenpaugh:The Inquisitor is going to win this fight because she’s got everything
on her side, including the Dark Side of the Force.