Marlene & Rebecca - Part 50-2

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Hey. You pull a face as if tomorrow your life will end.
You act as if I have to be coerced to marry Tristan.
Girls, now .. We want to start the game.
- What kind of game? - Don't ask, I couldn't stop everything.
- The How-Well-Do-I-Know-My-Future game. - Do I have to?
Yes. It's fun.
I can hardly wait.
- See anything? -No.
I'll lead you. Careful.
We will ask you questions we also asked Tristan.
And we check if your answers match, okay?
A little ahead ..
Like this? Now you can sit down.
Okay, I'll get started. The first question is who has a better temper?
- Him. - Hm-mm.
- Who spends most time in the bathroom in the morning? - Tristan.
What is more important: good food?
or .. good sex?
That's my question.
Every night in your shelter with 10 pair of sweaty feet?
Without shower. You take it for the insights it brings.
Uh?? And hotels are forbidden?
Yes, you spoiled brat.
You probably would have had them carry you the whole way.
After all you told me .. at least could one have a wash?
No worries, I showered long and extensive before I came to you.
- Hmm. - Over there is something available.
After you ..
She seems to have a lot of fun.
We will too. But somewhere else.
- I'll talk to her. - That is a very dumb idea.
Very. Dumb idea.
What will you tell her in front of all these people?
Hey, you can't look yet!
Marlene? What's up?
Sorry, had just a feeling.
When do we finally go to this club you talked about?
- You mean where the waitresses wear these tiny... Guys ..
After this beer I'm out of here.
It's not even midnight yet and you are still able to stand.
This is a stag party.
Tell me why have we never celebrated your stag night?
Because I'm more shrewd than you and I hid on time.
Nah, very funny.
Guys, I have a big day tomorrow. I need to look good.
Don't give me that, you nerd. You just want to continue to write your vows.
- Do them freestyle! - Yeah, right.
You'll look Marlene in the eyes and words will gush out of you.
Right, and you don't want to tell your children, you bailed on your brothers at stag night.
- Hmmm? - So what's next?
You know what?
Let's go to the waitresses with the tiny.. know what ..
Yeah! We must go through.
Who yields first?
And who has the last word?
That's me.
And that ends the game.
So I'll just say that is .. 99% compliance.
You see, Marlene, you match perfectly.
Tjah, then I could marry 80% of you here.
Yes, perhaps, but do you want that?
So I think .. we should drink to this outcome.
- Absolutely! - Emilio and me never got this right.
Hey Kim, this tests just completely irrelevant questions.
It means nothing, nothing at all.
Are you okay?
Yeah! Sure!
Why don't you celebrate without me for a bit?
I'll be right back.
What is this about?
- And I didn't find the game that silly. - No ..
I believe at the moment it's all a little bit too much for her.
On the outside all is perfect, you know?
We are the dream couple and ..
Perhaps it is really true..
I love Tristan.
But to marry him tomorrow would simply feel so wrong.
This has to do with Rebecca, or not?
Mama, what do you do if you love someone ..
.. but simply not enough to marry him?
You have to tell him.
I know how hard this decision is.
But a wedding is a promise.
You should only give when you are really sure.
You are right.
I have to talk to him.
What do I tell the girls?
Let me worry about that.
Call me after you talked to him, okay?
Marlene, is it you?
Yes ?
Tristan ..
You are ..
a very wonderful man.
And I really wish I could say I Do tomorrow
But I can't and I'm so sorry.
because ..
because I love your sister.
- No, that's not possible. - With you any minute now.
Tristan we ..
How can I explain to you what I don't understand myself?
I only know one thing.
I can't marry you tomorrow.
Because it would be a lie.
She probably still is celebrating her hen night.
And looks forward to her wedding.
Don't drive yourself nuts, Rebecca.
It's good you stopped me from talking to her.
It would have been so painful and not changed anything.
I will crawl away in the farest corner of Düsseldorf tomorrow.
Your family will surely miss you and wonder where you are.
Then I have to work.
Okay ..
And then? How will it go on?
Marlene lives at Königsbrunn. You will constantly cross each other's paths.
Maybe I'll do it like you did.
Did it bring you anything, the pilgrimage?
Well, it has pushed some things in the right direction.
- I know for instance earlier what I want .. - But I know what I want.
I can save me that trip.
I have to forget Marlene finally.
I can only manage that if Ieave here.
You ..
You mean leave Düsseldorf?
And in fact tonight.
Good to see you.
One night before our big day..
Tristan I absolutely have to talk to you.
And I with you.
My brothers believe I have no problem ..
.. to improvise my love declaration before the altar ..
What if I don't know what to say from pure excitement.
- Tristan, I .. - I know you can't change anything about it..
- I just wanted to tell you that I .. - Please you have to listen to me ..
Marlene ..
I never thought I would ever say this at all.
You changed me into a new person. One who believes in love.
I know what I want now and ..
the reason is you.
I'm the happiest man on earth for having found you.
What did you want to say?
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