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Is it real?
At least that's what my father told my mother.
Why do you have it?
Your grandfather gave it to your grandmother before he left Spain.
She was pregnant and expecting me--
and she never saw him again.
It's beautiful.
I never imagined I would touch a real diamond.
Can I try it on? - Yes.
It's yours now, sweetie. - Really?
I don't know. Mom always wore it on this finger.
She said it wasn't real.
Your mother never heard the sound.
What sound?
The sound of the ocean.
When I was little--
one radio station played the sounds of the sea.
Giant waves.
The sounds scared me.
Why were you scared?
The bottom of the sea scared me.
All the creatures that live there.
Did you know that when an owl dies...
it spits out a fur ball?
You shouldn't go with the ponytail. It makes you look like a fox.
It scares away the owls.
I saw that movie.
Don't you believe me?
Once there was nothing here.
Just water. Saltwater.
Do you know what it sounded like?
And the wind?
And the two together?
What's over there?
When did the symptoms start?
I don't know. A couple of months ago.
You can get dressed.
Couldn't you have come sooner?
It did not hurt as much before.
The nurse will be by to take some blood samples.
Good morning.
Aren't you going take it?
Open and close your fist.
Is that a new syringe? - Yes.
Is it new? - Yes, don't worry. It's new.
Damn! - Sorry.
Have you done this before? - Your veins are just hard to find.
Be careful. - Sorry.
Open and close your fist.
Ouch! Damn!
Give me the syringe. - Sorry, but...
Please give me a syringe.
Where did you learn that?
Did you fast for eight hours? -What do you mean by fast?
Didn't they say that? -No. They're fucking lying...
Don't stab me again.
Let's go outside now.
Thank you.
Your eyelids are still your heart as well.
Your eyelids are still your heart just...
Why don't you leave?
What's keeping you here?
Did they tell you about the accident? - Did you hear anything?
I only heard Luis.
The boy furthest away... - Luis?
Luis is doing well. I helped him on his way.
He told me that he repented and asked for forgiveness...
for stealing a watch.
What are you talking about?
You are a disgrace. You fool. You come here to talk nonsense.
My son was not a thief. Now, let me explain. I came here because ...
Go away! Luis, tell him to go. Show a little respect for our son.
Hai was asking for you.
Tell him I'll drop by tomorrow.
Dad, I tried to call you. - Sorry, I'm a bit late. Let's go.
Take your bag. Ready?
Thanks, Lili. Tomorrow at five o'clock?
Say goodbye to Lili.
And Li. -Bye.
Fish is gross. We always eat the same thing.
What would you prefer?
A burger with fries...
and a chocolate milkshake.
With pleasure.
And the lady?
Fried eggs with sausages--
and a potato frittata with cream and cinnamon.
And look at all the fries.
French fries here, there, and everywhere.
And a large chocolate milkshake.
What would you like, madam?
Fried egg. - Fried egg...
With sausages. - Sausages...
And a potato frittata.
Frittata... - With cream and cinnamon.
As ordered.
What did you have for lunch today? - Rice and chicken.
Dad, did you know...
that if an space suit gets a hole, it explodes?
Tomorrow, I'll ask Lili to make something else for you.
It isn't Lili who cooks. - So I'll tell Jung.
It's because of gravity.
Stop kicking the table, Mateo.
And don't cram all that food in your mouth.
I've told you a thousand times. A thousand times.
Don't make a mess. Put it in your mouth again.
Food in the mouth, Mateo. Come on.
Food in the mouth, right now!
More milk? - No.
Stop it!
Leave the table and go into your room.
I told you to go to your room, not to rinse off your plate.
What's wrong?
I peed my pants.
I'll wash them tomorrow, Dad.
Just a moment.
Can you turn it down a bit?
Turn down the music and stop singing.
Yes, I'm here. Sorry about that.
Yes, the cemetery called again.
No, they're going to build a mall.
Right on top of Dad.
They have offered me money.
Good money.
They handle the coffin and everything.
It's a good deal.
There's no way to prevent it, anyway.
We should definitely have Dad cremated.
Okay, let's do it.
Yeah, okay. I'll call you.
Okay, next week.
Take care.
See you.
Who's being cremated? - No one.
Don't lie.
I'll give you a Thai massage.
If you don't tell me... - My father!
He's going to be cremated.
Which of you takes after him the most? - I don't know.
I don't remember what he looked like.
Give me a kiss.
I want to go.
I'm gonna go now.
Stop, I'm leaving. What the hell are you doing?
Where are the others? I met Chinaza on the way here.
Where? - In El Fondo.
I sent the idiot away.
Where are Cheikh and Mamadou?
Keep them under control, or we're screwed!
I told you, they can't sell here. It's off limits.
Understood? Do you understand what I'm saying?
Elsewhere, no one buys.
I also hear you've started selling drugs.
Pack up, guys. They're coming.
Watch out for cops. Run!
I have something to show you. At home with me.
in your home? Jeez...
It's stuck.
Won't open.
Thank you, Ige.
It's no use lowering the price if nobody wants them.
Are they all like that?
Most of them.
It's been a lousy month. You have to talk to the Chinese.
Maybe I can get umbrellas.
Screw that! It never rains here.
Yes, it rains.
Can you sleep, with the baby? - No none can.
Keep it down, will you. I have a guest.
Who made this? Was it you?
Who made this shit? Would you even use such a shit bag?
We make no money faking these goods. It's now or never.
20 construction workers at 1300 euros each...
That's a lot of money.
I have to think about it first. - Why? We think too much.
We'll lose the contract with Mendoza.
What about the workers? Should they keep on making this shit?
I don't know what you are saying, but you have to do something quickly.
I can't continue selling crap.
The idiot must be good for something. - That idiot has done far more than you.
For your friend in the police.
Have you talked to Mendoza?
Yes. My brother has a contact at a building site in Badalona.
They need lots of workers. How much is this?
How much?
It's no laughing matter, Hai. How much is it?
What's wrong with you? It's a sensitive issue, and I have a family.
We aren't at home in China.
Thanks, I know.
Why did you come here then?
Because I love you.
You're a strong man.
An important man.
Do you love me?
Say you love me. I know you love me.
How many times have I told you. Am I speaking Chinese?
I have explained it to them ... - They can't sell here, Uxbal.
You'd better fucking learn to speak African.
You should also talk to your people and get them to calm down.
That's what I pay you for.
Listen, Uxbal. We've known each other for quite a while now.
But next time you screw up you you're done.
Is that clear?
Okay, moving on...
October and November.
Next time they pay late, they're fucked.
Clear? Or should I translate?
Daddy's home! - Mom picked us up from school barefoot.
I took my shoes off too.
Well? - Well what?
Why weren't you home? - I can't be in two places at once.
Mom's making spaghetti.
Turn off the TV.
Sit down and eat.
Why is the shower on?
None of your shirts was ironed. Neat way to iron, huh?
Coming to eat?
Lili called, she was worried.
We agreed that you would call if you wanted to pick up the kids.
Sorry, but a client canceled.
Then call my cell!
Want some frittata? It has apple in it.
It's like a potato frittata, but juicier, and sweet. I bought it from Miguel.
Won't you eat something? - No, I'm not hungry, honey.
Miguel's daughter told me that they were out driving...
yesterday, when a motorbike cut them off like a goddamned maniac.
So Miguel yelled: "Die, you idiot!"
Five minutes later, they saw the bike lying on the road--
and the rider was completely crushed in a pool of blood.
Miguel was so shaken that he drove to the hospital.
I don't get why he was shocked. If anyone did something like that to me...
Quiet, Maramba, enough already.
If you could stop talking, maybe you'd get hungry.
Please put out your cigarette.
And take your foot off the table while were eating.
Do you want to stay and watch a movie, Mom?
It's late, sweetie.
If I don't say anything, how can I get you to stop taking them to funerals?
Telepathy? That's why Mateo still wets the bed.
I haven't taken them in a long time.
That's not what they say. Just because you have custody...
Are you here to see the children, or to interrogate them?
Mom, the spaghetti's tasteless.
You almost finished it anyway. - Go.
Leave now. Let us eat in peace.
I'd better go.
See you, sweetheart.
Be good, sweetheart.
Sorry. You did good.
I did good? - Yes.
I don't need your praise. I'm not a dog.
You turned the kids against me. - No, Maramba, you do that yourself.
It's like it bothers you to see me happy.
It's only with you that I find it hard to be myself, and feel good.
Do you remember what happened the last time you felt good?
Should I remind you?
You don't need to remind me.
Why are you laughing?
At least I laugh. And I like seeing people smile.
I'm happy if I'm happy and depressed if I'm depressed.
I just wanted to...
I love you.
I love you, I said.
Yes, me too.
You don't have any money on you?
A little more? - No.
Maybe, now that you're selling the grave... - Who told you that?
Tito. - When did you see him?
Don't start, please. I gave him a massage. He had a sore lower back.
It's not a grave, it's a niche.
Nobody told me to fast.
it threw off the results.
No, sorry. Fasting is merely a formality.
What now? - Excuse me?
I would like to know what's going to happen.
It depends on how your body responds to chemotherapy.
In your case, it's been so long--
that it has metastasized from prostate to bone and liver.
Which means...
But how long? Roughly how long?
With medical treatment we can maintain your quality of life--
for a few months.
Dad, I learned a trick.
Think of a country that starts with D.
Dad, look at me.
Ready? - Yes.
Now think of an animal that starts with I.
Hippopotamus doesn't start with I.
Are you ready? - Yes.
You're guaranteed to be thinking of iguana and Denmark.
How'd you know?
Dad, how do you spell "beautiful"?
Just the way it sounds. - As in?
No, it's nothing, don't worry.
Just get the kids, and take them home to your place.
I don't know.
Until I'm released. In a couple of days, probably.
Times are hard.
We'll stop making bags and copying movies.
You were right.
Construction is good business.
The laborers will keep working for Mendoza.
Pay them what we agreed.
You won't regret it. We lend a helping hand...
and it's safer for us, too. Do you understand? There's lots of money to be made.
Uxbal asked me for money for heaters in the warehouse.
People shouldn't freeze in the basement.
Okay, I'll see what I can do. Where are you going?
I gotta go home.
You came to blows over to a negro?
How much was bail?
I'll pay it back, as fast as I can.
Never mind. I'll take it from the money we get for Dad's niche.
It's all set?
We just sign the papers from the cemetery, and we get the money.
But first we have to cremate him. Then we do what we want.
We can bury him in the urn with Mom's ashes, and save money.
Have a look at these.
Careful, it's Dad's papers.
How are the Chinese at the site?
Mendoza's freaking out.
Most of them don't know a damn thing about construction.
None of them speaks Spanish, and they all look like alike.
Did you tell Marambra about the cemetery?
She called me a while ago. She called trying to get a hold of you, or something...
but I didn't tell her anything. I haven't seen her in a long time.
Take it.
It's not necessary. - I need to know what my son said.
The day before the accident we'd quarreled.
It's the last thing I...
Your son died in peace. He was scared so I helped him.
He told me where he had hidden your watch.
Behind a leg, under his bed.
I'm terribly sorry. Really.
Who is it? - It's me.
I thought you were coming by tomorrow. - I was nearby, so...
Come in.
Thanks for helping with the kids. I can take them now...
The kids are sleeping. - What did you tell them?
That you were with your brother. That it was something to do with work.
I'll get them tomorrow before they leave for school, okay?
You're welcome to stay here.
I can make coffee or tea.
There's also wine.
Don't look at me like that. I swear, I haven't started drinking.
I opened the bottle for a friend. You remember Laura?
Here you go.
Thank you.
Did they hurt you? - No, I'm okay.
Ana told me about something she'd dreamed.
You came home to the apartment, and the bedroom was filled with sand.
Like a dune, which piled up almost to the ceiling.
You climbed on top and began to dig... - I'm leaving.
I asked her where Mateo was.
She didn't know...
but she thought he lay buried under the sand.
Why are you leaving?
Stay here.
I think you will look at me differently.
It's probably not a good idea.
We both know what will happen. - There is room for all of us here.
You can see the ocean from the kitchen.
Then we'll have breakfast together, like in the old days.
I'll make you toast with eggs...
Be quiet for a moment. - The children need me.
They can't wake up to a different father every weekend.
Always dredging up that crap.
It's not just about the kids. I need you.
I haven't relapsed once in five months.
Give me a chance, my love.
You've said the same thing so many times.
I haven't been manic for a long time. I'm different now, I promise.
Are you taking your pills?
You told me to stop taking them, when I was breastfeeding Mateo.
You're obsessed with those damn pills!
The doctor said that you should...
The doctor would say anything to get rid of me.
None of that shit can cure my manic depression.
Now I'm trying with a light box. - With what?
Phototherapy. It's fantastic.
And much cheaper than medicine. Want to see it?
Isn't it amazing?
I started a couple of months ago.
I feel wonderful. But not like before.
It's different now. I feel normal,
like everyone else.
No, stop...
Stop Marambra...
It doesn't matter.
You're very tired.
And I'm getting old. - You're not; what are you talking about?
About me. Away, at the police station,
I couldn't stop thinking about...
getting back to you and the kids gain.
The kids and I need...
Do you remember when we fucked in the small closet?
I'd just arrived in Barcelona, and you visited me at work--the dry cleaner's.
You took me in the closet.
And then the owner came and found us...
Get up!
It's half past seven. There is bread and tea outside.
Come on!
I always find myself in all kinds of crap.
There are four minors. I don't pay in advance.
If we are inspected, where do I hide so many damn Chinese?
It's our only condition, Mendoza.
I don't pay a thing until I know whether they're worth anything.
That's normal practice. Right, Uxbal?
One week's probation.
Half of them are sick and frozen.
They have never ever seen a drill before in their lives.
That doesn't exactly help to cut costs.
The alternative is to hire unionized construction workers.
Once you've crunched the numbers, call me.
When do you need the money? - About a week from today.
Stop looking like a scared Chinaman. I'll pay next week.
But then I need the papers no later than Friday.
Okay, okay.
It's a deal. - Good.
How long are we here for?
I don't know. A couple of days.
Can I invite Lili?
It's too hard. I can't take it anymore.
It smells horrible.
Maybe I should throw out the fish. It's been thawed out again and again.
Don't touch the fridge when you're barefoot. Especially if the floor is wet.
The power comes and goes.
The stairs are tough, right?
The neighbor's wife says that the stairs helped her with her belly.
As if I couldn't see she'd had surgery done. They cut her belly--
and pulled the skin so high, her navel ended way up there.
The doctor had to make her a fake belly button.
Too bad there's no electricity, after I just bought ice cream.
Have you tasted the mango? It's wonderful. There's also chocolate.
Ana, get spoons.
Let's see. I bought you one with chocolate chip cookies in it.
It melted. - It tastes better that way.
Is that chocolate?
Don't be gross.
Should we take a trip to the countryside for Ana's birthday?
Just a weekend or a Saturday.
Sure. Where? - I don't know.
The Pyrenees? The kids have never seen snow.
They have never been outside this neighborhood.
We can go camping. One of my friends went.
No, I'd rather have a dog. A small one.
No, honey. They shit all day long and cost a fortune.
Getting away is much more fun. Let me try some.
I have to try it.
What are you doing, Marambra? - Want a taste?
Use the spoon. Don't be so... You are so disgusting.
Good, huh? - Want to try it?
Go for it.
Stick your fingers in there.
Come on.
Good, right? - Give it a rest.
You're one to talk. Don't you remember how you proposed to me?
What did he do?
If you're telling the story, tell about how you gazed at me.
You and your gazes. I hadn't even seen you.
Hadn't even seen me? - I'm the one telling the story, not you.
The day I met your father at a party, he said--
that I had the most beautiful nose he had ever seen.
And, of course, I believed him.
Then he took my hand to read my palm.
He said I'd get married to an insufferable man--
but I would be loved very much.
Who knows how many girls he'd tried that on, but it worked on me.
He said if I let go of his hand, it wouldn't come true.
And all of a sudden, before I knew what was happening--
he lifted my hand up to his nose--
and stuck my finger in his nostril.
He picked a booger and put it in my hand--
so I would always carry a part of him with me.
A black, hairy snot. It was disgusting.
So you shouldn't say anything.
It's not true. Do you think I could've thought of something like that?
What do you want?
Did you come to apologize?
Money? Don't give me fucking money.
Apologize to them too.
Just seeing you... If you didn't have kids, I'd kill you.
They knew what they were doing.
They didn't have residence permits, and they sold drugs.
Ekweme and the others knew they couldn't be here.
The police won't allow it.
Do you understand?
Take the damn money.
What about me? What should I do with my child?
I don't know, Ige. I don't know.
Here. Drink this.
How's your wife?
Fine. Better.
And the kids? - They're doing well.
And you?
You're dying.
So it seems.
Have you taken stock of your life?
Are you ready to say goodbye?
Yes, I think so. I'm working on it.
You think so? You need to be sure.
Take control of your life. Don't leave any loose ends.
I don't want to die, Bea.
I'm afraid to leave the kids in the lurch.
Do you think you're the one looking after the kids?
Don't be naive, Uxbal. The universe will provide for them.
Yes, but the universe doesn't pay the rent.
When I was on Ana's age--
my mother died. I barely remember her.
My father died without me ever meeting him.
I don't want that for my children.
Then tell them that. Tell them everything.
The dead will never be at peace if they are in debt to the living.
Why is this happening to me? Am I being punished?
You can pack up and go--
or hang in there, like fools do.
It's a long hard road, Uxbal.
Death is not the end of everything, you know that.
I won't die, Bea.
Yes, you'll die.
I see it, and there's nothing I can do about it.
Get your affairs in order, Uxbal. It's all that matters.
Chemotherapy is poison.
What did you eat for breakfast?
Coffee with milk.
You've always been such a sweet boy.
Remember what I said the day we met?
That we got our gift for free--
and we must pass it on likewise.
Give this to the kids when needed.
What is it? - Protection.
When you must leave them--
give each of them one.
He said he felt like a muddy sea inside.
That his eyes felt like jelly,
and his hair was on fire.
Get up. It's half past seven.
How many heaters did Uxbal bring? - Six.
How's Ana?
Hi, Lili.
How are you?
The heaters will make sure that you don't freeze.
Ana's fine. She wants to see you.
We moved in with her mother, and she misses you.
I miss her too. She loves to play with Li.
Uxbal! Hai wants to talk to you.
See you, Lili. - Bye. Say bye.
Not a day longer.
If I'd wanted them to sew 16 hours a day and to exploit them...
Exploit them? - Yes, exploit them.
Do you know what they earn in China?
50 fucking cents a day.
Millions of Chinese would suck my dick every morning to stay here.
You forget that it was I who negotiated the workers' salaries.
And as I can see below, they obviously get jack shit.
But it's none of my business.
Just give me my share. We'd agreed...
Agreed what?
Agreed what?
You fucking asshole!
It's my money, asshole.
It's mine!
It's my money, dammit! Mine!
Fucking leeches. If you're not starving, it's because of me.
If those Chinese bastards have work, it's because of me.
If the two of you are not sitting in jail, it's because of me.
If you don't give me half of Mendoza's money, I swear...
What will you do? Who do you think you are?
You twist everything for your own benefit.
I'll be deported tomorrow. You have to stay here with Samuel.
We're not staying here without you. - Samuel is Spanish...
He's not. Samuel is Senegalese like me. We'll go back with you.
We'll be united again. We're still young.
Stay here.
Stay here with him and get an education.
Go back to work at the chicken factory. I'll send you money.
Even if I cut off the heads of one million chickens--
we'll never afford a house here. We don't belong here.
Why would you go back to Senegal?
There are no jobs at all.
A policeman came by.
He says we'll be evicted. All of us. We have until Monday.
Let Uxbal handle it.
I trust him.
I have already spoken with him.
Let him help us.
Why do you look so sulky? What happened to you?
Why did you do it? You didn't have to go that far.
Is that why you asked me to come? To give me an earful?
What could I have done? They do whatever the hell they want.
What did you expect?
Were you the only one who didn't know that they sold drugs?
I warned you, Uxbal. We had to stop the negroes.
There's not enough money for everyone. Should I live on my miserable salary?
Or would you steal from me?
They're going to be deported. There are women with small children...
You damn well aren't Mother Teresa. - You know what I mean.
You're the one exploiting them, so spare me the bullshit.
I don't exploit them. I help them find work.
Upon payment, like everyone else.
Would you care for anything? -No thanks.
Do you remember Victor, Julia's son?
He moved to Murcia to tame tigers in a circus. He fed them.
They danced for him and licked his face.
I saw the show with my daughter.
She wanted a tiger to take home. They seemed to love him.
Just last month, I saw Victor's mother.
One of the tigers had torn off a piece of his face him, and killed him.
He fed them every day. Every day for six years.
But he made one mistake.
It's dangerous to rely on a starving man.
Let alone one whose children are starving too.
That has nothing to do with it. - What are you talking about then?
We have to help Ekweme. He's being deported. You have to help me.
I don't sit in parliament. I can't help you.
I can't fucking continue to play United Nations.
I have a daughter to feed. Do you understand?
Take care of yourself, Uxbal.
Or take an Alka Seltzer. Chinese food can be toxic.
There are so many illegal workers
--that they end up living high off the hog while we eat rice.
Dad, did you know--
that when an owl dies it spits out a fur ball?
No, I didn't know. Not so loud, you'll wake Mom.
Dad, is Mom mad at us?
Who's that?
Your grandfather. - Let me see.
This was the last photo taken of him before he left.
My Mom always kept it in her purse.
Where'd he go?
To Mexico.
He didn't travel there, he fled. - Why did he flee?
Because your grandfather couldn't keep quiet.
Back then, Franco persecuted and executed people who couldn't keep quiet.
When he was 20, he fled Spain to avoid the death penalty--
but died two weeks later in Mexico, of pneumonia.
Did you love him a lot?
I didn't know him. I never met him.
It sucks not having a dad.
When are we going up to see the snow? Mom says we should go by train.
Call the window seat. - Okay.
If we are going up to the snow--
you have to start saving as much energy as you can, because there's plenty to do.
Now off to bed.
Careful, it's heavy.
Damn, it's sealed with zinc.
Give me a hammer and chisel.
Dammit, he's embalmed.
We'll take it like that.
...placed Mateo Fernandez Gama's remains--
in Dept. 27, Saint Joseph, the year 1966.
Excellent. Everything's in order.
Your father died in Mexico.
That's why he was embalmed, before being shipped here by boat.
I'm telling you this because formaldehyde might cause--
the cremation to take longer.
The body will be driven to the Montjuic crematorium.
You'll want to get an urn, I suppose.
Here are his personal effects. They were in the coffin.
May we see the body?
If you want to, but people normally wouldn't...
but if you want to, then I'll call Montjuic right away.
Tony, please open the bag, so the deceased can be identified.
Sorry, the door was open.
I'll be back shortly.
The fridge tends to hum--
but if you whack it on the back, it'll stop.
There's hot water--
but it's best that you wait to shower until after ten o'clock. Okay?
That's about everything.
Kids' room.
You can stay here, if you want.
The rent's been paid for the next few months.
Are you...?
Are you okay?
I didn't know you had massage clients in the middle of the night.
You frightened me.
You should see the sky.
It's studded with stars.
It's fucking annoying that ants always come crawling in here.
Ana says you caught them smoking and that the mattress was on fire.
Where have you been? - Don't I get to have a little fun?
Not with two children home alone--
who have no idea where you are. And dressed like that.
So it's my fault? Now I have to ask you for permission to be their mother.
This is what happens when a seven year old smokes.
Things catch fire. Or maybe you didn't know that Mateo smokes?
You mustn't leave them, or throw a burning mattress out of the window--
and then force them to bring it up again. He's only seven years old.
But he can already hurt others like he was 40.
He wanted to open the fridge...
and his feet were wet.
And he called me a whore.
The more love I give him--
the more nasty names he calls me.
He said it was my fault we separated.
Did you hit him?
It's the only way he'll learn.
I bought train tickets.
Four seats in first class.
I found a cute guest house where we can stay overnight.
The kids are so looking forward to the trip.
They talk about the Pyrenees--
as if we were going to Disneyland.
Honey, what you're seeing there, aren't stars.
It's your nervous system.
If you would only hold me...
We're ruined.
We could've...
Calm down. It was your idea.
What happened? Where are they?
Where are they? - You fucking pig!
You're a fucking murderer. - Shut the fuck up!
It was your idea too. - We gotta go.
I don't want to go to jail. - No one's going anywhere.
Where are they?
Downstairs. In the basement.
We have to decide what to do with the one who's alive.
There's one whose alive?
There were two, but we couldn't... One already died.
Reporting this would be suicide.
Promise me that nobody will find out.
I'll give you all the money you want. Just say how much.
Help me, help me.
What are you doing?
Help me!
Uxbal, let her be. She's dead.
What do we do?
You have to help me.
I don't know. Lock the damn warehouse.
Wait, Marambra. Please Marambra, listen to me.
Listen to me for a moment.
Take the train tonight; We'll see again tomorrow.
Don't change the plan. Don't change a damn thing.
Take the kids, and head for the Pyrenees.
Yes, tell Ana that I'm sorry, that we'll celebrate her birthday when you get back.
I tried to pray, but I don't know who to pray to.
You haven't slept at all, have you? Out with it.
I bought the damn heaters because they were the cheapest.
Because I needed the fucking money.
I knew full well that the heaters were bad.
It's my fault, Bea. It's my fault, it's all...
They're all dead...
25 people, Bea. There were women there.
And children... Lili was there.
I wanted to ask her to forgive me, but she was already dead.
I don't know if I should go to police. I'm really scared...
It was an accident, Uxbal.
Take it easy.
You know what to do, Uxbal.
Go find them--
and beg their forgiveness.
No, not that...
Not that...
Here comes the prodigal son.
What happened to you? I've been trying to reach you.
I left a thousand messages. Why aren't you taking my calls?
Why aren't you taking my calls? - Come here.
This is my long-lost brother.
What are you having?
I don't know. - Clara!
Mendoza went nuts. He almost cut my balls off.
Clara, one... Two Jack Daniels.
The Chinese didn't show up for work. These kinds of delays cost a fortune.
What happened? - There was a problem, Tito.
What the hell? Why didn't you come to me?
Because... I don't know.
Come here, Clarita.
Drink, we'll talk about this tomorrow.
Listen... I've got to talk to you, Tito.
Here, you've got to yell or touch each other.
Check her out.
Damn, you were thirsty.
Look behind me. The girl in pink.
I fucked her in the ass. She loves cock.
She's just a little girl.
I don't have anything.
Here it is.
Is Chepas here?
What's wrong with you? Look at him.
How long is it since you last went out?
It's been at least two years. Look at him now.
He looks like the fucking Dalai Lama.
Hello, beautiful.
No, don't give him anything.
Let him suffer.
Look at him.
Now we can talk. Want something to drink?
Get Chepas's stuff. I'm going to the restroom.
Are you looking to party, girls? - What for? We know you're gay.
Your brother's an idiot. Do you know that?
Your brother's an idiot. - Yes.
Yes, he is.
How many kids do you have?
How many kids do you have? - Two.
Where are they now? - They went away.
They went up to the snow.
Who with? - With their mother.
Why didn't you go with them? - I can't.
Why can't you?
Why can't you?
Because I'm dying.
I'm dying of cancer.
Mateo. Sweetie?
Little buddy...
Why are you here all alone?
I peed my pants.
Don't worry about it.
What happened?
Mommy punished me.
She left me here. She only took Ana.
They went up to the snow.
What happened to your face?
I've been very bad.
Let me explain.
It was Ana's birthday and Mateo... - Don't talk to me, Marambra.
It's good that you're leaving.
I'm really glad you're clearing out. You hear me?
You son of a bitch!
You are a fucking son of a bitch! You can't even look at me, huh?
Give me the picture, Marambra.
Come on, Mateo.
The children are staying here.
I'll pick up their things later.
You can't take Mateo. I'm telling you right now.
Come on, sweetie.
Please let him stay. - Let go of him now.
Let him stay. You're acting crazy. Let him stay.
Get out, for heaven's sake. Out. Get the fuck out.
Let go, Marambra. Let go of Mateo. Let go of Mateo!
Let go, Marambra.
I can't.
Let him go, dammit!
Marambra, let go of Mateo. Let him go. Let him go.
Let him go. Let him go. Let him go.
Ana. Ana!
Take your fucking ring!
You can have the kids' room.
We'll be moving into mine.
How old is he?
A year and two months.
I mean, it'll be two months in four days.
His name is Samuel.
Named for Eto'o? - Yes.
Ekweme was Barcelona fan. - Who is Ekweme?
His father.
Tell him to be quiet. Make him stop.
Go to sleep, Mateo.
Daddy, why is Ige living with us?
Because she doesn't have a home.
And she has a little kid.
Should I answer it? - No, I already told you.
Where are the kids?
I dropped them off at school.
Why didn't you wake me? - You were sleeping like a log.
Ana said she knew the way, and it was fine for Mateo.
What time is it?
I don't know. It must be around one.
I can pick up the kids, if you like.
He lost his mind.
Liwei betrayed me. The whole thing was his idea.
You yourself knew what kind of man he was.
He dumped the dead bodies 300 meters from the shore.
Shimuya swore the corpses sank to the bottom.
Liwei thought you would betray us. I was scared, too.
They have taken my family. My daughter, Suyin.
To cap it all, Liwei came to me-- crying like he'd been whipped.
This is insane. I don't get it. What do you want me to do?
What do you want me to do?
We can't stay here. Get out of here, as fast as you can.
What do you want? - You are not innocent, Uxbal.
What? - Don't play dumb.
You have to try to put a lid on it.
My family won't talk, I swear.
You have to hush up anyone you know who knows anything.
The news has shocked the entire nation.
The latest news is that the vast majority of victims were men--
but among them were the bodies of two women and three children.
These images might be unpleasant for some. The search for bodies continues...
No, I don't know.
It's not clear. No, it's not clear.
What? Really?
Near the Chinese warehouse. Damned if I know.
A family, or something. Hang on, someone's at the door.
No, no, no! Don't hang up.
What the hell are you doing here?
I just heard. - Why didn't you tell me?
Are we talking about the same thing? - I don't know.
Are we talking about the same thing? This sucks ass.
Want something to drink?
Marambra's bag? - Give it a rest.
I don't get it at all. They murdered them, Uxbal?
You fucking pig. Damn, Uxbal...
You pig.
She was hysterical, standing there and crying.
What was I supposed to do? Leave her standing outside?
You're partly to blame, Uxbal.
If I see you near my wife, or my kids--
anywhere less than a kilometer away-- I swear on our mother--
I'll kill you. I'll kill you, you son of a bitch.
I can't move.
I feel like if I moved my neck--
my head would fall off.
Easy. Nothing's going to fall off.
If I close my eyes--
the thoughts come.
They scare me so much.
I called you. I called you several times.
I can't give the children what they need.
I'm so sorry I was mean to Mateo.
I do what I can to survive.
I want to be faithful.
But I also want to have some fun...
like a whore.
Don't say that, Marambra.
Forgive me.
I never knew how to help you.
I still don't know.
Something... I've never known.
But we've hurt each other so much.
Send me away again.
At the clinic they have to strap me in tight...
Easy. It's going to be okay. Going to be okay.
She is at the same place where we visited her before.
Do you remember?
And she...
We must give her space to rest.
Are they taking care of her? -Yes.
She has 2O people taking care of her.
She sends you many kisses. She loves you very much.
Can we visit her? -Yes, of course, sweetie.
But right now we must let her rest.
Make a wish, honey.
Give me your hand. Give me your hand.
Don't stick it up your nose. -Give me your hand.
What's this? A booger?
This is a gift from your dad.
Will you take good care of it?
You promise?
Will you take good care of it? - Yes.
Should we have some cake now? Sit down, Ige.
The first thing to do...
Mateo, don't be gross.
is to eat this delicious chocolate cake.
The kids are very fond of you, Ige.
You and Samuel.
You have a home here. And you can stay for as long as you want.
No, Uxbal. I'm very fond of the children too--
but when I've scraped together enough money, I'll go back.
This is no place for us.
Ekweme told me that...
Wait a minute.
This is enough for rent for a whole year--
and much more.
It's all for the children. Do you understand?
Take the money, Ige. Take them.
Take them.
Ige, please...
Can't you stay here, please?
I need your help.
Take the money. Take them.
What is it?
Why aren't you in school? -Don't lie to me, Daddy.
Come here.
Does your brother know anything about this?
You can't leave us.
I won't.
Look into my eyes.
Look at my face.
Promise me you'll remember me.
Don't forget me, Ana.
Don't forget me, my darling.
Yes, it's me. I came back.
Daddy, are you okay?
Yes, dear.
Does it hurt?
I can't sleep. Turn on the light.
The ring looks funny on your hand.
Can I see it?
Is it real? - Yes.
At least that's what my father told my mother.
Why do you have it?
your grandfather gave it to your grandmother...
before he left Spain...
She was pregnant and expecting me--
and she never saw him again.
It's beautiful. I never imagined I'd touch a real diamond.
Can I try it on? - Yes.
It's yours now, sweetie. - Really?
Mom always wore it on this finger.
She said it wasn't real.
Your mother never heard the sound.
What sound?
The sound of the ocean.
When I was little--
one radio station played the sounds of the sea.
Giant waves.
The sounds scared me.
Why were you scared?
The bottom of the sea scared me.
Did you know that when an owl dies, it spits out a fur ball?
All the creatures that live there.
You shouldn't go with the ponytail. It makes you look like a fox.
It scares away the owls.
Don't you believe me?
Once there was nothing here.
Just water. Saltwater.
Do you know what it sounded like?
And the wind?
And the two together?
What's over there?
Dedicated to my beautiful old oak tree, Héctor González Gama, my father
:o3 subs by scroungehound 04.28.2011