Tips on How to Get Interviewed on a Broadcast TV Show with Host/Reporter Barb Mitchell

Uploaded by netcastevent on 02.07.2012

Hi would you like to be interviewed on a local or national television program?
Are you a business with a unique story that is looking to leverage free media coverage
to promote your offerings?
Register to watch as I interview Barb Mitchell an experienced
broadcaster with 22 years in the news business as and national and local reporter, news anchor,
morning show host and documentary producer for global television CityTV and local Calgary
television station CFCN.
During my interview with barb we discussed several tips and tricks on how to engage the
media targeting the newsroom, ensuring that your information is prepared and newsworthy
and we also delve into the techniques of presenting in an interview.
Register now for this free video interview conducted live through a Skype interview on
I'm Kersten Kloss and thanks for watching. interviews you via a Skype Call and produces a web show about your product
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