Secretary Vilsack Fuels Up for the NFL Experience

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\f0\fs24 \cf0 School based about this program make sure they participate, make sure they
get outside, make sure you encourage them to get outside.\
\ Now I'm going to be watching you tonight.
Let's put it this way. \ \
We have a game here, I know most of you are from Dallas so I assume most of you are Dallas
Cowboy fans, and that's fine. \ \
But you gotta tell me who you're rooting for in the Super Bowl.\
\ How many of you are Steeler fans?\
\ Alright, how many Packer fans? [cheers and
applause]\ \
That's about even.\ \
OK, well I've got a coin here, let's see is there a Steeler fan in this row?\
\ Here you go!\
\ You Packer fans are out of luck, I'm sorry.
Maybe the football players or Wisconsin Dairy people will give you something.\
\ Steeler fan over here? Are you really a Steeler
fan, seriously? Your favorite team? Now the Cowboys? Good man.\
\ When did you become a Steeler fan? You're
smart, there you go.\ \
Over to this row. How many Steeler fans in this row?\
[over here]\ \
OK, if you're a s fan, you have to name me two receivers for the Steelers?\
\ Two receivers for the Steelers.\
\ Child: Mike Wallace and Hines Ward\
\ You're a Steelers fan? Are you really?\
\ OK, you tell me who their running back is.\
\ Child: "Rashard Mendenhall"\
\ You are a smart young man!\
\ Listen, you guys are going to meet some NFL
players, you're going to have a great chance to have a lot of fun today. \
\ We want you to Fuel Up to Play 60. \
\ We want you to be on your toes we want you
to be able to beat the rest of the world in this competition you'll be engaged in.\
\ Alright, have fun today guys!\
\ }