Kiefer Sutherland 24 Season 8 Interview

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For Jack Bauer,
he's recovered from
the events that took place in season 7.
One of the things that I love about this year, is that season 7 and
season 8 are very closely connected.
I think the spread, the time spread between season 1 and 2 was almost a year and a half,
and each season has kind of represented that. This is maybe about six weeks.
He's ready to move on with his life, he's come to terms with a lot of the things that he's
done and a lot of the great losses and pains that he's experienced
both personally and physically. But he's
really ready to take on the life of being a grandfather and
spending more time with his daughter.
And so that's where he starts off.
President Taylor is getting ready to
start a massive peace initiative through a conference that is taking place at the U.N.
with President Hassan,
who is played by Anil [Kapoor].
And that's where all the trouble starts -- there is obviously a group from the country
that we call the IRK
that does not want this peace
to happen.
And that's where the day starts to go wrong.
Chloe O'Brian is certainly back,
Renee Walker is back, President Taylor is back...
You know, I think like many other seasons, there's a very good balance between characters that
are very familiar to an audience and brand-new characters as well.
Jack and Renee became very close during the course of season 7.
She was a major factor in his survival.
So he has not only an incredible respect and I think affection for her. But i think
there's a real sense of debt
and that plays out in the development of their relationship in season 8.