Home Alone?

Uploaded by HopelessProd on 15.11.2010

Okay we re done that then! A boop eh de boop eh doop eh de boo boo boo.
Home alone...
Its a time when the animal comes out of the cage...
When the Eskimo runs free...
When the Smurf goes green...
This is my time.
I am a giant and I make a lot of noise ah ga boo ga!
You know what I havent done in a while?
My shriek for help...
What do you want from me?
Why would you want that from me? I never said I had that.
And I dont know why you would associate that thing with me.
Even if I did have that, how would I give that to you? Because thats kind of weird...
I dont even think thats legal in North America.
So...uhm...what, what, why? Why would you want that from me, really?
I dont know what you would do with that.
How would you even do that?
To me. Its kinda, its kinda weird. I dont know if Id be...
I dont know if Im legally obligated to tell you that I dont want that to happen to me.
Anything else Id be glad to give it to you so...
What else do you want from me?
Where the frick are the cookies?!
In the jungle! The mighty jungle!
The lion sleeps tonightuh!
Jugglin tomatoes! Jugglin tomatoes!
In the kitchen jugglin... (interrupted) What the hell are you doing?!
Oh my God! Oh my God! You scared the Smurf outta me man!
Why in the name of Zeus are you being so OBNOXIOUS?!
Im sorry. I didnt think you were gonna be home today.
Well I am home. And you know what the best part of being home is?
Instead of sleeping in like I deserve, I get to wake up an hour earlier than I usually do because youre yelling and screaming like a goof!
Again, Im really sorry!
I hope a steamroller runs you over.
Are you planning on going in to observation as a career? Cause youre really good at it.
Why would you use a shoe string?
What is wrong with shoe strings?
Theyre shoe strings!