Naked Yoga

Uploaded by xtraonline on 16.02.2012

AARON STAR>> Do students have sex with each other? No, they don't.
I mean that's just not allowed in class. We have two rules. No grabbing each others penises
and no kissing.
AARON STAR>> Inhale deeply. And exhale deeply.
AARON STAR>> But I do encourage people to touch, like for example to maybe place your
hand on your partners heart or to give each other a hug or to support each other in a
yoga pose.
FRANK PRENDERGAST>> But they could be aroused.
AARON STAR>> Oh yeah absolutely. Some people are aroused the whole class. I don't think
I could really make a rule. Don't be aroused. You cannot be aroused, go down. It just wouldn't
FRANK PRENDERGAST>> Does it improve people's sex lives as well?
AARON STAR>> Absolutely. I mean if people can get in touch with their breath and in
touch with another person's breath and tune into that I mean your sex life will go through
the roof.
AARON STAR>> The person on the floor feel the breath moving in to the lower belly, the
space between pubic line and naval point. As much as you can, feel that point.
AARON STAR>> So much of who we think we are is in our clothes and so when you come into
the space you remove your clothes it's kind like you're removing sort of a sense of who
you are.
AARON STAR>> I kind of like, as I said earlier with this idea of creating a space for men
to come together to feel that bond, that warrior kind of instinctual bond that we have that
doesn't really get an opportunity to get cultivated in our culture unless we go to some sort of
back street party. Or circuit party and I wanted to create a place where people could
have that experience but be sober. And when you get forty men working their stuff out
um sweating together, stretching together, something so potent and powerful about that.
AARON STAR>> And most importantly move the corners of your mouth upwards.