Bruce Almighty (2/9) Movie CLIP - Bruce vs. Evan (2003) HD

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- Find out tonight after the game. - Okay. Promos are approved.
Uh,Jack, shouldn't we be focusing on Pete's retirement?
- l mean, this is his lastweek. -Yeah,Jack. Anyword on the open anchor position?
Evan, when l know something, you'll know something.
Sory l'm late. Traffic was-- [ Groans ]
Did you guys already play the spots?
but we're gonna go with Evan's piece-- sex scandal in the mayor's oMce-- forsweeps.
Oh, yeah. Sweeps.
[ Evan ] And that's theway the cookie crumbles.
[ Snickering ]
See, youjust gotta remember that the newsroom...
is like a big cookie. [ Snickering Resumes ]
Doyou likejazz, Evan? Yeah.
Let me play something forya. [ l mitatesJazz Notes ]
[All Laughing ]
l can hold that note all day, buddy.
Bruce, we're gonna keep yourstoy in reserve. Now, can we get back to the board...
so we'll have something to put on the air tod___
Great choice,Jack. This is the Cadillac ofbolognas.
[ Chuckles ] Okay. Thanks.
Yeah. Sure, Bruce. What doyou need?
l'm startin' to get desperate, man. l'm pushin' 40, and what have l got to show for it?
l've hit some kind ofa ceiling here. There's an anti-Bruce barrier l can't get past.
And Evan is lovin' it, by the way.
Lovin' it. He gets the stories. He gets on sweeps. Maybe l should be more like Evan.
You don't wanna be like Evan. Evan's an asshole.
l can be an asshole.
[ Objects ClatterTo Ground ]
You gonna pick that up? Yeah. l'm sory. It's--
l'm losin' it. It'sjust this whole anchor thing opening up has got me nuts.
Hi, Susan.
Look, Bruce. You're a good reporter. You make people laugh.
All right. l'll tell you what. Today is the 1 56th anniversay _5the Maid ofthe Mist.
l wantyou at Niagara Falls in an hour.
That's always live. Mm-hmm.
But Evan always does live feeds.
l'm going live? During sweeps?
l've seen your outtakes.
And l won't forgetyou when l go national. Uh, can you--