Undergraduate Research at UK with Zaheen Rabbani

Uploaded by universityofkentucky on 18.07.2012

I started out as a bio major because you know I wanted to go into medicine and it was the
right was for me to knock out my prereqs and still get the degree. But then I took an introductory
psych course during my freshman year of college and I really liked it. I took some more classes
and really liked what I was getting into and I was just like, why not, why don’t I just
pick up another major—psychology, and I did. It was a really nice balance between
the science heavy majors and then you have the social science aspect as well.
I’ve always been interested in research. That was actually one of my main reasons why
I chose this university is because of its research focus. I learned of Bio 395, which
is research for credit. And what that is is you work under the mentorship of the faculty
member at UK and you get class credit based on however many hours you put into the lab.
As well as well as gain valuable research experience and I really liked doing it as
well. I might as well continue this and see where it goes and I just never looked back.
I called some faculty. They didn’t have any positions available and then one of the
faculty suggested I you know go to talk to Dr. Reid. So I spoke to Dr. Reid about it,
he had a spot available. When I first entered the lab, the project
we were working on is how chemo-therapeutic drugs affect muscle function specifically
skeletal muscle function. Patients who undergo a lot of chemotherapy report losses in muscle
function. So my research focused on how, what treatment options are available and the main
goal was to prevent muscle atrophy or in a sense to inhibit to some extent in response
to these drugs. I probably learned more doing undergraduate
research than I would have in a textbook. I’ve learned how processes work. And I urge
everyone to do that. It’s a different mindset. It allows you to think critically and that
will definitely help you know in my future career. I’m going to apply to medical school
in the fall. I hope to do research there as well.
I think that most people are terrified at the thought of reaching out to faculty members
and saying hey, I want to do research. What can I do to contribute to your lab? And you’d
be surprised how many faculty members will welcome you with open arms and cause they’re
always looking for somebody to take under their wing and mentor them. My best advice
would be to just put yourself out there. That’s what I did and I’m here now and if I could
do it, I’m definitely sure everyone else could do it