Khan-Seb's load out

Uploaded by KhanSeb on 09.05.2012

Hello YouTube !
So, after I've been asked a lot of time about this
today I'm going to show you all the gear I usually use when I go to an airsoft game.
Before anything else : if you want to know all the details of my gear, read the video desciption underneath !
You'll find the details of each item I'm using, its name, its price, where I bought it, etc.
So it's important : please read the video description before asking any question... Thanks.
Ok, so... Let's start with the stuff I have on the head.
So, here's my head... As you can see I have a lot of things.
The black thing under anything else is an Heat Gear Under Armour balaclava.
It's one of the item made by Under Armour which is supposed to be used when it's hot.
It's made with "élasthanne", which has a great elasticity.
The good thing is that when you are sweaty, the whole balaclava is getting wet
which is more confortable than a cotton balaclava for example.
I can wear this thing all day, it's confortable enough.
My glasses : those are "Bitter End" glasses.
... It's not something everybody will approve.
As you can see it's not an actual lense but stamped steel.
Big advantage : no fog at all.
Some people think that shattered bb's may enter and injure the eye.
I'm not trying to prove anything here. If you don't think it's safe enough, don't wear this kind of protection.
I made my own test, it's my personnal belief it's safe enough to be use for games. But again, it's only my personnal opinion.
Next : my camera, of course.
It's a GoPro HD Hero2 camera.
I'm just using the head bang which comes with it.
I try to make it record what's in front of my eyes.
I put the camera as low as I can, so it's almost recording exactly like if it was through my eyes.
Not exactly through my eyes, but almost...
Then, there is my head set.
The name is "cavalvy elite II".
It's a clone of a... Real head set, I don't remember the name.
What can I say about it... Well, it does work fine, and it fits good enough with all the stuff I have on the head.
Here I listen to what is said on the frequency of my radio.
I can talk through the micro... It's that simple.
My mask.
It's a "stalker brassguard mask".
I've been maybe one of the first airsoft player in France to buy this thing.
At this time it was like a revolution, because you had only the choice between a full paintball mask or simple glasses.
Stalker masks have been the first to allow more flexibility when it comes to face protection.
The mask fits the face pretty well, which still allows you to use most of the sights you have on airsoft guns.
I don't think this particular model is still produced.
They're hard to find now I think.
At this time I bought it for like 50 €.
I bought it from an intermediary who bought them from a russian shop or something...
I don't remember the details well, but that's the idea.
The thing is I really don't know where you could buy the exact same one today.
My T shirt is what they call a "technical under wear".
I think this one is a Blackhawk!... Yeah it is.
This kind of thing is made to be worn under gear like ciras, chest rig or plate carrier.
If you can afford one, don't hesitate to buy one, it's much more confortable than a cotton T shirt.
A bit like the balaclava, the whole T shirt gets wet when you're sweaty, which makes it more confortable.
In general it cost at least 30 €, which is expensive for a T shirt, but you really can tell the difference.
Of course there is my vest... I've been asked a lot about this.
So... The name is "AEGIS II Body Armor", from the brand J*Tech. It's taiwanese.
I bought it directly on J*Tech website.
This plate carrier has a nice look, I like the fastex a lot.
I like the fact that it's bulky, but not as bulky as a ciras.
I can still put a lot of pouches on it.
But on the sides, I have nothing, which makes it lighter and more confortable.
Air can go through the side too, so it's not as hot under this thing than it is under a ciras.
Another problem with ciras is that it's so big and bulky that when you get hit on the torso, you don't feel it.
So it's more or less the same thing with this plate carrier... But at least I still feel bb's when I'm hit on the sides.
The black string here is from my PTT (push to talk).
It works with my head set and my radio.
Here's a button : I push, people on the same radio frequency can hear what I say.
I don't push : I hear what they say. It's that simple.
My motorola radio is in a Blackhawk! radio pouch.
Those are good items, with reasonnable price. Not perfect but good enough for airsoft.
This is my admin pouch.
This is a maxpedition monkey admin pouch... Or something like that.
Compared to other admin pouches, it's very large.
In general, I put in it my cell phone, my car keys, a pen, a small notebook and a small bb's loader.
There is scratches on the front, which allows me to put patches.
My nickname, my blood type... Yeah, it's really A+.
Here I have a redwolf patch... Just because they gave me one for free and I like this shop.
I like the look of the pouch itself.
You can even put a map in here, but I don't really print map in general.
My sling. This is a magpul dynamics sling.
It goes through, more or less, the straps of my plate carrier.
It's a 1 point sling. Those are my favorite type of sling.
Here's my Scar L Marui...
I can let it hang easily.
I can still handle the gun just like if it has no sling on it, I can even change shoulder.
And you can even go to a 2 points configuration if you need it.
In this configuration, the gun stays more steady, which is useful when you need to move fast.
I play a lot in cqb, so I make a lot of gun transition.
It's something I can easily do with this sling configuration.
In front of the PC I have open top M4 magazines pouches.
On the original pouch there is elastic straps, but I don't like them so I cut them.
I can easily access to my magazines and they still feel steady enough in my pouches.
So, those are M4 mag pouches... But I have also P90 mag pouches,
M14 mag pouches...
And MP5 mag pouches, that I also use for my MP7 mag.
I change the pouches according to the gun I want to use, which allows me to always use the same plate carrier
for all the guns I have.
Here, I have a smoke grenade pouch.
I put my tornado impact grenade in it.
The bad thing with this grenade is the pin, which is in the top of the grenade.
The grenade takes a lot of place, and it's hard to find a pouch for it.
It works good enough with this pouch, even if I can still pull the grenade without opening the pouch...
It's not perfect, but it's not like I ever lost my grenade because of this...
On the other side I have my G&G dummy flashbang. It's for decoration only.
It's in a flashbang grenade pouch... From Blawkhawk!, I think.
I bought it a very long time ago... I don't always put it here.
On my right side, there is almost nothing.
So I can easily draw my pistol.
That's why I don't put things on the right side of my torso.
Same logic here, that I let empty in order to have enough room to shoulder my gun.
I like keeping a low profile when I shoulder my gun.
If I need to, I just let go my rifle and I draw my pistol, just like this.
Here you can see my shemagh, which is more or less a scarf that people use in Afghanistan.
It protects my throat from bb's.
... Bb's impacts are very painful on the throat...
It also protects my neck from my sling and from my plate carrier straps.
On my back, there is what is supposed to be a radio pouch, but I use it to carry my fake M9 bayonet.
Just for the look. I can't even reach it with my hand.
Here's my belt. It's a 5.11 belt.
What I like the most about this kind of belt is that you can tighten it as much as you want.
Enough tight so the belt stays in place, and enough lose so it's still reasonably confortable to wear.
I wear it just in top of my pelvis, so it does not go down.
If you like drop leg holsters, you should buy a good belt.
There is nothing worse than wearing a drop leg holster with a bad belt.
So, on this belt, I have Blackhawk! double stack pistol mag holders.
Those are my PX4 magazines.
Very simple mechanism, which works very well.
It allows to make very easily tactical reloads.
... Of course, murphy's law, I can't do it well in front of a camera.
Then there is my dump pouch.
I don't really use it.
Fact is that I don't like how it feels to have a empty mag in the dump pouch.
I always feel like I'm going to lose it.
However, that's where I usually put my firecracker grenades.
That's also where I put my tornado when I used it.
And sometimes, when there is objectives to carry like flags or things like that.
It's always useful to have a pouch where you can put anything, even if you don't always need it.
So, now my holster. This is a safariland 6004 holster.
Those holsters are made for real pistols.
This one is made for PX4 Storm with flashlight. Here it's a surefire X300.
The very good thing about safariland holsters is that there is models for pistols WITH flashlight.
I also like Blackhawk! serpa holsters, but there is almost no models for pistols with flashlight.
Great thing about those holsters is that it's just so easy to draw your gun.
I play a lot of cqb, so I need to make easy gun transitions.
When you have a nylon holster, with button, scratch and stuff, you take something like 10 seconds to do that...
With this, it really only takes 1 second.
And because the holster fits the gun very well, the gun is not loose in it and there is no risk to lose a magazine.
Of course, it's very expensive.
It's made for a pistol and just one pistol, so if you want to use an other gun, you have to buy an other holster.
And in France, in Europe, it's really not easy to find.
I've been able to buy this thing with the help of a contact in the USA.
Without him, I would not have been able to buy this thing.
My Blackhawk! knee pad. Just on my right knee, because when I put a knee on the ground, it's always the right one.
Surprisingly, compared to other guys I know, I have no problem with my knee pad. It just stays on my knee, even if I run.
And my boots.
As you can see they are very used, I should buy new ones...
Those are M9 bates.
I like the zip on the side. You don't need to tie your shoes for half an hour each time you put them on.
Boots protect your ankles from sprains... Always a good thing to wear boots like this.
This gun is a Tokyo Marui Scar Light.
My old subscribers know a like Tokyo Marui guns a lot.
It's an ebbr (electric blow back rifle).
The last AEGs made by Marui which have specific features, like recoil, blow back, bolt catch, etc.
No upgrade whatsoever, but the inner barrel, which is a PDI 6.01.
It has slightly increased the FPS to 315 fps and the gun has even better accuracy.
The gun has very good performances with a low power, which allows me to shoot even players close to me.
I'm not a big fan of high power in general, I prefer to have weak guns I can safely use in cqb.
On the gun, I have a surefire M900A. I bought it second handed for a very decent price.
The sight is a fake Eotech 553. No brand, it's a china made one I bought on UNCompany for like 80 USD.
I'm not a big fan of cheap in general, but this one is really good. I have it for a very long time.
This is a fake AN/PEQ II made by G&P.
Mostly here for the look. It's a flashlight/laser combinaison.
G&P rail cover on the side.
Sling adapter.
G&P switch for the AN/PEQ II.
On my magazines, I have magpuls.
The point of magpuls is to pull your mag from your pouches more easily, hence the name.
And here is my PX4 Tokyo Marui.
It has an aftermarket aluminium slide, a surefire X300 and a 6.01 PDI inner barrel.
The original PX4 has already very good performances.
The PDI barrel is good, but honestly, it does not change performances that much.
So if you're not allergic to plastic slides, don't hesitate to go for a Marui.
You can still buy metal slides if you want, but they are very expensive... This one was 200 USD.