Photoshop Tutorial : Water Reflection Effect [HQ]

Uploaded by PerfectlyUnstable1 on 21.02.2011

First, open your file.
This one is provided in the des.
Duplicate the layer [ ctrl+j ]
Then go to Image>Canvas Size and follow my settings.
Tick Relative,Select the top middle box and set Height to 100 percent.
With the top layer selected, goto Edit>Transform>Flip vertical
Then grab your move tool and drag the layer down till its the opposite of the other.
Then make a new layer and fill it with white.[ Alt + Bckspc ] with white foreground
Then goto Filter>Sketch>Halftone Pattern
Then copy these settings.
Then goto Filter>Blur>Gaussian and set to 4.
Then Layer>Duplicate Layer and change Document to New
Save the new document as lines or whatever you want.
Close the lines document and delete the lines layer in the other document.
Now with the top layer selected, press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+E
With that new layer, goto Filter>Distort>Displace and copy settings.
Open the lines document saved before.
Hold Ctrl and click on the second layer's thumbnail to make seletion.
With the top layer selected,click the Layer Mask botton.
With layer mask selected, goto Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur and set to 4 again.
Then goto Layer>New Adjustment Layer and select Hue/Satuation and follow my settings.
Hit Colourize and set the Hue to 218.
Then set the Opacity to about 25%
Now Your good =], Save as jpeg and share your work.
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Please Comment,Rate and Subscribe for more tutorials.