Examining public health

Uploaded by AuburnUniversity on 09.02.2012

We established 3 courses: the first one I am extraordinarily proud of, the second two
I’m just very proud of. The first one is about 15 lectures from about 13 different
lecturers, and what we have been able to do is to pull in faculty from many, many colleges
on campus and experts from off campus to tell our students in the Introduction to Public
Health that Auburn faculty are deeply involved in public health research and it is a vast
and dynamic field. I sort of got into it on an impulse; I heard
about the classes, I saw it through an email and it seemed interesting and I was sort of
deciding a new direction, I guess, to go with my career, where I was going to go after I
graduate. And so I was like, “Oh! That seems interesting,” and I took 2 of the classes
over the summer and now I’m doing the others during fall semester. I had the Intro. to
Epidemiology class and the Comparative Health Systems class over the summer and I really
liked them, so I decided to do the whole minor. It’s been great so far; I really like it.
I’ve had students come and say, “I didn’t quite know what I want to do, but now I know
where to look.” And I’ve also had students who say, “I don’t want to do that anymore.
I have found a place to invest my career in public health.”