Environmental Technology - Durham College

Uploaded by DurhamCollege on 05.08.2011

I was president and co-founder of the environmental committee at my high school for two years.
And then from there I got interested in environmental. So I opened the college book, went to 'e'
for environment, found environmental technology, and here I am.
My move to Oshawa was a very big one. My family was a little worried that I was leaving to
the big city and going to change. But, they're very proud of me and very happy that I found
something that I really enjoyed doing, and that I love just absolutely love my campus
and my teachers.
I fell in love with the campus. It's beautiful. And it also has UOIT the University right
on location. So if I decide that I want to further my education to University, I can
do so without switching locations.
I knew it was a small, growing campus. And coming from a small northern community, I
liked the home town feel it almost had. The teachers knew you by name, you weren't just
a number. Very comfortable.
My favourite course was definitely environmental sampling. We got to go out into the creek
and actually do the water testing and sample the water, and learn how to prepare samples
Where else can you get a class where you can go out and stand knee deep in a creek. It's
all just so interesting. It just intrigues my mind that I want to learn more. I want
to know more. I want to go to class and get that experience and knowledge.
I love being in the outdoors. I love helping people and helping things change and grow
in order so we can sustain development. So in a way, I was developing myself as well
as helping to sustain the environment.
Success is to me something that you're good at that you are passionate about, that you
really love doing, and that you know you can accomplish. Success really does matter here.
They really want to succeed.
The Durham College slogan is 'success matters' and from talking to other students and those
who have gone to other institutions and come to Durham College after or go somewhere for
a year and come here, and every single student I talk to always says, success does matter
to Durham College. It's true! Everyone will tell you that.