Best Dr. Horrible Laugh Wins!

Uploaded by geekandsundry on Oct 10, 2012


Hey everybody.
"Dr. Horrible" was on TV last night.
Who watched, huh?
I watched because I like to watch myself do things.
Is that weird?
Anyway, if you're new to this channel because you googled my
name and was like, who is that chick?
This is Geek & Sundry.
It is a channel of web series.
We have some really shows like "Tabletop." It's a board game
show hosted by my friend Wil Wheaton.
There's "Written by a Kid," where kids tell stories and
adults direct and star in them.
My weekly show, "The Flog," which is--
I just do things, you know.
"Sword And Laser," and just other cool boxes that I'm
going to point to.
And if you click on the boxes, it will take you to the shows.
To celebrate "Dr. Horrible" being on air and to clean my
garage out, I am giving away some of these QMX "Dr.
Horrible" Penny maquettes.
We're going to give away five of these, signed, to the best
"Dr. Horrible" laughs.
Just take a video of yourself doing a "Dr. Horrible" laugh
and submit it as a video response to this video, and my
five favorites will receive one of these lovely ladies.
All right.
Very nice to meet you, if you're new.
Hi subscribers, thanks for supporting, and I
will see you later.
I'm not going to do the laugh.
That's your job.