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HARRY SHEARER: Welcome to Crescent City Stories.

The news crews are gone from New Orleans now.
Anderson Cooper is keeping 'em honest somewhere else.
New Orleanians used to mark the milestones since the
floods by simpler indicators.
The restaurants and eating places that have opened up,
and some longtime favorites that have given up the ghost.
The first new trees planted where only dead brown ones had
stood for months.
The day all the abandoned cars weren't parked here anymore.
And the people, gone or still dispersed, threads ripped out
of the fabric that make this city like no other.
Now people here mark the milestones by the times the
satellite trucks arrive for a day or two.
But it's still the day-to-day life here that delights, that
bewilders, that outrages.
The parts of New Orleans that look most like everywhere else
standing empty.
The new houses that are rising, even in the Lower
Ninth Ward.
The volunteers building houses for musicians, even though
musicians' credit often isn't good
enough for them to qualify.
The streets along the river, seemingly bustling, until the
store owners start telling you how slow business is.
The emergency room where they only ask you for your
insurance info after you've seen the doctor.
People who are raising their houses way off the ground just
in case the new levees aren't any better
than the old levees.
We're going to meet some New Orleanians I know, most born
and bred here.
They'll tell us a little bit about that day-to-day life
over the last couple years since the floods.
And, of course, there'll be music.
LEAH CHASE: I consider anyone who lives in
New Orleans a pioneer.
IVOR VAN HEERDEN: It's very significant to us that
President Bush always refers to us as those people in that
part of the world.
DAVID TORKANOWSKY: You might think you evacuate into a
hotel-- oh yeah, really rough.
But the conditions were, you know, not very hotel-like.
PHILLIP MANUEL: But not only am I still here, but I will
never, ever leave here now.

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