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Welcome, my friends
We 've reached the end of the path
One of the most passional seasons has ended
And here, in "The Magic of the NBA", we celebrate Miami Heat's second championship!
that after beating OKC in the finals, declare themselves as NBA Champions
After an overwhelming victory on the fifth game, where Miami reached a 27-point difference
with a great contribution from veteran Mike Miller connecting from the three pointer
seven bombs for him, 121 - 106 the final score
the world salutes to the MVP, who lifts his first trophy, and also the Finals MVP.
Great year for Lebron James, lots of great moments
We bring you all the way to the finals, fifth game celebrations, and as ussual, our every week's Top 5
An emotional program you cant miss, a really MAGIC program that begins this way!
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The Magic of the NBA
So, we enter what has been the fifth game in the AAA
Where story almost always is protagonized by Dwayne Wade,
but not tonight, Mike Miller was the sharpshooter.
Seven three-pointers for him
Cole joins the party, also Battier.
Lebron James with 3 assists and 26 points ends the night with a triple double, unstoppable!
At his best, giving OKC not one chance
Lebron reaches his first ring, picked as Finals MVP, Regular Season MVP,
Great year for King James. We are preparing a special program for you to know all his story,
What matters the most, 121 106 the final score.
32 and 11 for KD, who misses his chance of getting the championship title,
All the joy is for Miami, the brand new champions of the NBA.
Oooh, my friends!
A new draw game begins, with the contribution of Momentum Store.
We bring you the world champion's jersey, the most valuable, the king!
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Even though we are preparing a special program about the life of Lebron James,
is imperative to remember all the way to the top.
Starting with the controversial show, were he announced his move to the Miami Heat,
where he became the public enemy for lots of people.
After a great first season, failure came with it when they lost to the Dallas Mavericks on 2011 Finals.
But this year was different from the beggining,
and culminated with one the most spectacular performances NBA has ever seen.
winning after all, his third MVP Award.
Dominating the series against OKC, and getting what he calls "those plays that change the game"
but none of this could have happened if the whole team wasnt as high as the scenario required.
So, this way the season 2011/12 ends.
Miami Heat becomes the World Champion after beating OKC 4-1, getting his second championship.
Great postseason for OKC
Lebron James gets his first champion ring after 9 years as a professional.
Declared: "This is the culmination of a dream, this means everything to me. I took a difficult call leaving Cleveland,
but i understood what my future was about. This is my dream, and im finally collecting its fruits.
This is the greatest day of my life."
Miami beats in the fifth game OKC, and will try to build a dinasty.
The fact is that we have a new champion, and we are also celebrating her in "The Magic"
Heat celebrates in the AAA...NBA Champions, Baby!
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The Magic of the NBA
We enter the NBA Finals Top 5, with James Harden
attacks the rim, and find Serge Ibaka,
but Chris Bosh, from nowhere, to block Air Congo and keep the ball.
Great play by Chris Bosh at the fifth place.
We now get into number 4
Wade cant find the basket, but there he is, Lebron!
ugh, uno, ugh, again, there you go, and one baby!
Miami's Lion gets the basket and the free throw against Collison and Durant.
Number three we see,
always talking about Lebron and Wade, now its Miller's Showtime!
Getting once, twice, and again!Bang!
once again! Give it to me! 3pt shooting baby! 7 of 8 from mars for Mike Miller
but that wasnt everythin, there you go, go get it! Wahooo!
Great performance by Mike Miller in the third spot of our weeks top 5
now with number 2, Kevin Durant!
Women and children first! Kevin Durant with the dunk! Again! Goin' up...and down, baby!
and in the very best play of the week
Mario Chalmers gives this alley oops to Dwayne Wade, that lifts and finish this way!
After this, we are now saying goodbye!
If you wanna communicate with us, you can do it to
look for us at Facebook, "La Magia de la NBA". There you will get all the latest news that are going on the very best world league,
We thanks as always to Charly Potenzo, and Gustavo Fernandez, Twitter friend of us, for all his support
week after week.
We congratulate every fan of the Heat, and specially to my friend, Gustavo Galeano
Huge fan of the king since his rookie season
We say goodbye untill next week, where we will announce our draw game of "The Magic",
and we will have our special program about the life of Lebron James
from his beginning in high school untill his consagratory night in the finals.
From Lucas Villar and your humble servant, Marcelo Craviotto, we hope u like the program,
and we are waiting for you next week with much, much, much more
of The Magic of the NBA! Bye! NBA CHAMPIONS BABY!
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Until next time!